What Are The Most Expensive Sid Dickens Tiles You Can Buy?

Most Expensive Sid Dickens Tiles
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People will pay almost anything for a piece of artwork, and Sid Dickens's memory blocks are no exception. Some of these are collector's items, and everyone wants their hands on one of them. These prices may be expected by some, but to others, they might sound outrageous.

Here at Spin Genie, we’re on a quest to find out what the most expensive Sid Dickens tile is. 

So, without further ado, let's look at some Sid Dickens memory blocks!

Sid’s Story

Sid Dickens is internationally recognized for his seductive dark tones, carved multidimensional tiles, and historical, symbolic, and even gothic motifs.

For over 25 years, Sid Dickens has become a world-renowned artist with a long list of celebrity collectors clamouring for one of his pieces. Dickens primarily makes tridimensional tiles and memory blocks, which are wall plaques with a specific and often personal image carved into them. His pieces usually convey gothic elements with dark tones and enchanting imagery.

Sid Dickens made his mark in the 90s for his unconventional, groundbreaking, and rich memory blocks. 

His main studio has become somewhat of a source of inspiration and tranquillity for Dickens as it sits amongst the wildlife of Haida Gwaii, Alaska. It is here, in his studio spaces, where he conjures up his memory blocks through unique experimentation with an unusual blend of materials and processes, which results in some innovative finishes.

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The Top 20 Most Expensive Sid Dickens Tiles

The following are some of the most expensive Sid Dickens memory blocks. Some blocks are old, while others are from Sid Dickens' newest collection.

20. Sid Dickens Memory Block 2019 - Spring: Transformation Collection T466 Cherished

The price: $238

The T466 Cherished memory block from the Spring: Transformation collection captures two sweet little birds sitting on the branches of a tree. The tile also has the caption "friends," which could make for a lovely little gift to someone you cherish greatly. 

19. LE22-31

The price: $250

If you want to inject some tranquillity into your home, why not look at getting this beautiful LE22-31 memory block that captures a peaceful, natural landscape. The tile displays a mountain by a lake which feels very serene. The colour scheme is very warm, and the plaque would work in any home style. 

Upon viewing, some may establish a zen-like quality to the image, which could be Dickens’ way of paying homage to Asian artists and culture. The edges of the tile are a bit darker and add a more mysterious element to the graphic. The LE22-31 is a wonderful natural piece.

18. LE22-14

The price: $250

The LE22-14 is another gorgeous floral piece which boasts a bunch of stunning yellow flowers. This bright but subtle memory block can look great in anyone's home.

If you love flowers and gardening or have collected some other floral memory blocks, this would be a great addition to your wall. Again, only 150 tiles like this are available, making them quite the collector's item as not just anyone can get it. Once this beauty is sold out, that's it.

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17. LE22-33

The price: $250

This specific tile is authentic and unique, and only 150 tiles in this style have ever been made.

The LE22-33 tile has a black background with a stunning organic floral detail. . This memory block is, however, somewhat different from other nature-inspired pieces Dickens has created, as the leaves and flowers appear a lot more colourful and psychedelic. 

16. Sid Dickens Memory Block T350 Joy 2015 - FALL: KINGDOM

The price: $262

This tile is also part of the nature collection and has a stunning textured royal embellishment on the lower left-hand corner. Dickens uses typography with this piece as he displays the word “Joy” and its subsequent dictionary definition underneath. 

It is simple, and the black font makes it all the more striking. If you’d like to add a little bit of joy to your home, the T350 memory block is for you!

15. T467 Tranquility 2019

The price: $280

The T467 Tranquility memory block is part of the spring transformation collection and captures a gorgeous bird between a scene of leaves and small flowers. This tile is simple yet striking and has a very natural and organic aesthetic. It is another piece that feels somewhat William Morris-inspired!

This is a true piece of artwork, and the details and shadows are impeccable, but you may need to lower your desire for this tile as there are not many available!

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14. Sid Dickens Memory Block T01 Red Hearts with Script 1998 - COLLECTION

The price: $320

From one of Dickens' older collections, this tile includes five full-textured, deep red love hearts. Using some old script as the background, the tile features some cracks to make it appear more vintage and rustic.  It is a very romantic piece yet feels somewhat whimsical with the cartoon love hearts. 

The T01 Red Hearts with Script memory block is not a tile you can easily find since it dates back to 1998. Tiles from Sid Dickens's newest collection do come at a price, but, as you can expect, the older works are like prized gold today.

13. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks T-544 JOLLY 2021

The price: $320

This Jolly tile is part of the holiday collection and is a stunning portrait of a very happy Santa carrying a bag of toys. To help get you in the festive spirit, the T-544 Jolly memory block from 2021 would make a great recent addition to your home over the festive period. 

The portrait of Santa Claus is quite vintage and certainly conveys a warm and cheery feeling! 

12. Sid Dickens Memory Block T-176 MOON SHELL 2006 - FALL: CARTHAGE

The price: $320

Ever wanted to bring the calmness of the sea into your home? The T-176 Moon Shell memory block of 2006 could bring you some tranquillity immediately. This textured tile is made from different sea shells and looks like a mosaic of the sea. It is not easy to get your hands on this tile since it is from an old collection, however. 

The grey and brown wash make it seem as if you have found this artifact from an archeological dig, with the shells giving the illusion of fossils. For those wanting to add some element of adventure and history to their home, this memory block will do just that.

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11. Sid Dickens Memory Block T-192 OPAQUE 2007 - FALL: ODYSSEY

The price: $320

This beautiful Sid Dickens memory block gives the impression of an old door. It is sprawled with different but complementary colours, like blues, blacks, and even a hint of orange. The door looks scratched and worn out, adding vintage appeal to the memory blocks. From merely looking at a small fraction of this door, you can begin to imagine all the walks of life it has seen and interacted with. 

Boasting somewhat of a gloomy atmosphere, this T-192 Opaque memory block from 2007 is a much more subtle piece but can work to complement your home nicely. 

10. Sid Dickens Memory Block T513 White Tulip 2020

The price: $320

This 2020 memory block is from the Oceanic Collection and has the most beautiful deep sea blue. Featuring a white tulip as the main image, the tile feels like part of a William Morris design which often incorporated romantic, floral and nature-inspired imagery. With a colour palette of cerulean blue and white, this image may appear cold at first, but a tulip helps offset that feeling and evoke a sense of love and romance. 

The T513 White Tulip memory block is a great plaque for those seeking something vintage-looking.

9. Memory Block by Sid Dickens T485 Waxwing 2019 - Fall: Season of The Soul

The price: $320

This textured memory block is spectacular and boasts a picture of a sweet blue and brown bird perched on a branch with little berries. The T485 Waxwing is an excellent addition to your collection if you’re an avid nature lover. Why not bring some gentleness into your home with this delightful bird image?

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8. Sid Dickens Memory Block T25 Queen (Silver) 1998 - COLLECTION

The price: $320

Sid Dickens enjoys using a lot of classical gaming imagery, from chess pieces to numbers on a dice. Many of his tiles also resemble playing cards. This tile boasts a royal crown fit for a Queen, with delicate shading, detail, and depth.

The black and white striping at the back even makes it look like a postage stamp. The tile also has some silver-coloured detailing on the crown itself. The T25 Queen memory block is great for adding some whimsy to your home! 

7. Sid Dickens Memory Block T256 Winged Sage 2011 spring, Through The Looking Glass

The price: $320

The Sid Dickens Memory Block T256 Winged Sage is part of the 2011 Spring collection. This memory block captures this beautiful bird on a branch with some leaves.  There is a washed-out effect on it, and written on the back is a quote from Emily Dickenson, which reads:

"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul."

The tile will look stunning amongst other nature-themed Sid Dickens memory blocks.

6. Sid Dickens Memory Block T06 Treble Clef 1998 Collection

The price: $320

 Bold, striking, and stunning, this T06 Treble Clef memory block is a great piece for music lovers. The textured note is eye-catching and looks like it’s breaking through the tile. It can look amazing alongside other Sid Dickens memory blocks that have a musical theme or take on various symbols.

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5. Sid Dickens Memory Block 1999 - Holiday: Angelic Dreams T45 Piano Keys

The price: $320

The Angelic Dreams T45 Piano Keys is an older piece, and since Dickens only makes a few of each block, you'll be lucky to get your hands on one of these today. This one forms part of the retired memory blocks and looks like a close-up of an old grand piano.

It is a simple image of piano keys, yet you see the rustic detailing that makes the image look vintage and worn. Music lovers will find themselves enamoured by this piece!

4. Sid Dickens Memory Block T-177 Watermark 2006 - FALL: CARTHAGE

The price: $340

This T-177 Watermark tile is stunning and dates back to 2006. It is part of the Carthage collection, and you would be lucky to find a tile from this collection today. There are a few still available, but you are sure to pay a couple of bucks for one of them.

3. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks Exclusive LE21-21 Signed - Limited Edition

The price: $460

This exclusive LE21-21 signed memory block costs a whopping $460. It is a limited edition, and there are not very many available as this is one of the few Sid Dickens blocks that come with a signature. 

Sid Dickens produces hand-painted luxury objects, and this tile captures a beautiful blonde woman in a white dress draped in the American flag holding a shield.

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2. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks LIMITED EDITION 21-04 Memory Block - Signed

The price: $460

Many of Sid Dickens' memory blocks take on the theme of playing cards, and this tile is no exception. This limited edition 21-04 memory block boasts the king of hearts with his sword and red cape. The red details truly make this memory block stand out.

The border around the block makes it look a bit like a polaroid picture, and the cursive typography adds a historical element, as if the text was taken from an ancient scroll.

1. Sid Dickens Memory Block T-155

The price: $510

The most expensive Sid Dickens tile is the T-155, part of the Newton 2005 Spring memory blocks collection. There is currently one available on Amazon. 

This tile has an old aesthetic and looks like it was part of a page from an ancient book or a piece of carved stone. Dicken’s created this tile with a more natural theme in mind and uses neutral colours to suit almost any home or wall. This piece is timeless, and a must-have for those Dickens fans out there.

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