10 of the Most Expensive Houses in Winnipeg, Canada Revealed!

Most Expensive Houses Winnipeg, Canada
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The city of Winnipeg, named for the nearby Lake Winnipeg, is the capital and largest city of Canada's Manitoba province. Winnipeg is a thriving metropolis with a keen arts scene and a dedicated sports fanbase.

Winnipeg has a diverse economy with over 200 downtown neighborhoods catering to different needs. The city can be very affordable, but it also has some of the most expensive homes in Canada.

The average price of a property in the city is $392,507, but the more luxurious places go for considerably more. Let's take a look at some of the most expensive homes in the city, comparing square feet with downtown accessibility and modern contrivances with good ol' architectural style.

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What Makes These Houses So Expensive?

The Manitoba Real Estate Association estimate that at least 40 homes sell for over $1,000 000 every year in Winnipeg.

In recent years the demand on the custom housing market has increased with more and more homeowners valuing spacious rooms and plenty of extra square feet to expand on over pretty much everything else.

The two main elements driving up property prices in Winnipeg are custom designs and modern contrivances. It isn't the property or where it is located that has suddenly skyrocketed in price, but what's in the home.

The desire for an outdoor and indoor pool for the Canadian winter, a wine cellar, more living space, and access to a private beach are some other sought-after attributes in the area.

Why Winnipeg?

Winnipeg is a desirable city to live in - in fact, the most expensive house and the most expensive condo are both located on the same street! The city has a thriving modern scene and plenty of open, green spaces that make Canada, Canada.

Yet it appears to be the stark contrast between properties that draws buyers to the city. Do you want a waterside haven with an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and a game room? Or a high-end, inner city condominium on a prestigious street with a private elevator and heated underground parking spots. Winnipeg has it all.

If you're willing to spend, you can get precisely what you're looking for.

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And, if you can't find it, build it!

10 of the Most Expensive Houses in Winnipeg

Let's take a look at some of the most expensive homes listed in Winnipeg over the past few years, in no particular order.

10) 104 River Road

Cost: $1,898,800

With a space of 4,808 square feet, this balanced homestead enjoys five bedrooms and five bathrooms. 

A grandiose staircase leads upward into a vaulted ceiling. This expensive house features a classical Canadian kitchen and a more modern, open-plan living area. The ground floor is connected with a polished, cherry-hardwood floor.

The house is located on the riverfront for a gorgeous view and features large windows throughout the property to maximize natural light.

9) 18 Hermitage Road

Cost: $1,950,000

A custom-built home with 0.75 acres of private land, this house features a classic design with a sleek, modern interior. Nestled on the waterfront, this house features large windows to enjoy the natural Canadian light all day long.

The four bedrooms and four bathrooms make this the ideal house for a family to spread out and enjoy their space or for a couple who enjoys entertaining. 18 Hermitage Road also boasts a spacious recreation room and a modern, stainless steel kitchen.

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8) Ninette House

Cost: $3,950,000

Located in Ninette, this aptly named Ninette House is situated on 102 square feet of land overlooking Pelican Lake.

The spectacular, three-story house is built in a traditional waterfront style with attractive windows for ample light and a clear Pelican Lake view, as well as a second-floor balcony for alfresco dining. There is also a very comfortable two-bedroom guest cottage.

Ninette House shares 9.7 acres of land with 33 campsites; users have access to a private beach and playground.

7) 242 Oak Forest Crescent

Cost: $1,595,000

This 0.59-acre riverfront lot enjoys a breathtaking view of the Assiniboine River and easy access to its picturesque shores. With close proximity to the Assiniboine Downs neighborhood, 242 Oak Forest Crescent is a desirable mixture of open space and privacy and downtown accessibility.

The house features five bedrooms and four bathrooms, making it ideal for a family to spread out, with space to entertain relatives for holidays. The house features a few custom finishes, erring toward the modern style. These include granite countertops and sleek steel appliances.

Large windows throughout the house are once again a key feature. Perhaps this recurring design is a nod to the waterscape views many of the most expensive homes in Manitoba enjoy.

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6) 1 Wellington Crescent Condo

Cost: $2,499,900

A return to the sought-after Wellington Crescent with this super pricey, plush, expensive condo! This condo - that's right, a condo, not a house - is nothing short of absolutely magnificent. Take a private elevator to the 8,000-square-foot property, and back down to the heated underground parking; this condo comes with four parking spots!

This property, the most expensive condo in Winnipeg, is decorated in classical style with metropolitan accents. It features a French mid-19th-century crystal chandelier and custom stained glass ceilings. A polished marble fireplace and countertops in the kitchen offset the rustic, cherry-hardwood floor.

This Wellington Crescent condo includes timeless sash windows which offer a view of the neighborhood and open for natural airflow.

5) 206 Highway

Cost: $1,950,000

Located in the sleepy Beausejour area on the outskirts of Winnipeg, the signature attraction of this 5,262 square-foot homestead comes is the opulent in-ground pool with waterfall features. I mean, could there be a better place to relax? This is most likely the cause of the seven-figure price tag, but that comes as no surprise.

Adding to the cost is the open-plan living space with the custom fireplace. The house is expertly decorated with a contrasting, rustic grey stone wall with gloriously modern windows which extend to serve two floors. The house includes six bedrooms and six bathrooms, perfect for large families or keen entertainers alike.

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4) 123 Handsart Boulevard

Cost: $2,890,000

Handsart Boulevard is among Winnipeg's most sought-after neighborhoods in the Old Tuxedo area. The Town of Tuxedo is considered the wealthiest area in the city, with the highest property prices. That prestige alone is sure to hike up the local housing market.

So it isn't any surprise that one of the most expensive houses on the list is located right there on Handsart Boulevard, Tuxedo. With 6,000 acres of living space and five bedrooms and six bathrooms, there is ample space for a family to spread out and enjoy their privacy.

This expensive home is keenly focused on space, with an open plan living space and a large kitchen for preparing meals and gathering with family and friends. There are also six fireplaces to this place, which is a clever way to take on those cold Canadian winters.

3) 26 Burnley Place

Cost: $1,650,000

Another custom build in the costly Tuxedo area of Winnipeg, 26 Burnley Place is a uniquely styled home designed by architect Lloyd Secter in 1990. The house boasts a modern façade, matched inside with a host of top-of-the-range appliances.

Simplicity is key to this build, with maximum space achieved through a minimalist design. The open plan living and dining room enjoy an 11-foot ceiling, with windows nearly as tall for ample natural light. A curved glass wall separates the kitchen from the dining area, restricting noise and cooking odors while allowing the natural light to filter both ways.

There are four bedrooms, with four full bathrooms and a half-bath. The master suite is set slightly apart on its own floor, with a walk-in closet and sleek en-suite with a jetted tub sunken into the black marble floor.

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2) 24 Dearsley Place

Cost: $1,699,000

For the first time on this list, we have encountered a piece of real estate with, wait for it, seven bedrooms. Yes, seven.

With six bathrooms to facilitate those seven bedrooms, this is yet another modern, stylish condominium.

Unless you require seven bedrooms, that's just extra rooms for whatever you choose: offices; a games room; a home gym; hey, even give your condo a wine cellar! There is also a generously sized living space with floor-to-ceiling windows providing a clear view of the picturesque neighborhood.

The second most expensive condo on the list is located in the South Tuxedo area of Winnipeg. Arguably the price has been clipped compared to the Wellington Crescent condo because this particular home is car-dependent. There are onsite parking spots because very little is walkable.

The Most Expensive House in Winnipeg

1) 1063 Wellington Crescent

Cost: $9.9 million

The custom-built mansion at 1063 Wellington Crescent is an Art Deco, European-inspired build with 28 spacious rooms spread over 27,000 square feet of private land. This expensive house is located just 13 minutes from downtown Winnipeg, sitting proudly on the Assiniboine River.

Wellington Crescent is hailed as the most expensive street in all of Winnipeg, and the 1063 Wellington Crescent house remains the most expensive listing the Manitoba Real Estate Association has seen.

The Wellington Crescent house features all of the modern luxuries, including a large outdoor pool and a heated indoor pool, as well as a hot tub for those cold Canadian winters. There are six bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, a two-story main room with large windows and custom stained glass ceilings for maximum natural light.

Oh, and a guest cottage.

That's right: a separate, 1,000 square foot two bedroom guest cottage nestled at the back of the grounds - a more than adequate dwelling all on its own!

Inside the main house is a wine cellar, a game room, and a gym.

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Where is the most expensive home in Canada located?

The most expensive home in Canada is located in Whistler, British Columbia, and is on the market for $39 million.

What are the best Winnipeg neighborhoods to invest in real estate?

There are plenty of great areas in Winnipeg, but some of the best areas for real estate investors include Charleswood, River Heights, Tuxedo, Fort Garry, and Corydon.

Discover a Life of Luxury 

The most expensive home features an iconic blend of classic architecture and internal décor, cleverly drawn into the modern world with just about every modern contrivance and luxury. The most expensive home sold in Wellington Crescent is an excellent example of the high-end luxury driving up house prices in Winnipeg.

1063 Wellington Crescent has just about everything, up to and including an indoor pool and outdoor pool. The other properties on this list fluctuate in price according to just how many of these contemporary luxuries they have; and how many bedrooms they have, with bathrooms to facilitate.

And, of course, location will always be a factor, often the factor. Wellington Crescent and the general Tuxedo area feature more than once on this list, which is no coincidence.

However, the greatest draw to the city of Winnipeg appears to be the variety of properties on offer. Whether you favor classic, mid-century style, or a decidedly modern build, for the right price, you can purchase or build just about anything which takes your fancy. Throw in some floor-to-ceiling windows, too; the waterscape scenery is not half bad.


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