Which Are the Most Expensive LEGO Sets You Can Buy?

Most Expensive LEGO Sets
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When LEGO was first produced in 1949 as kids' toys, no one would have suspected that these fun building blocks and miniature figurines would be worth thousands of dollars.

In this article, we will look at the world's most expensive LEGO sets. These are not simple sets that you can purchase at your nearest toy store. These are sets linked to blockbuster movies, like Star Wars Episode IV, or some original sets from bygone years.

With LEGO, rarity is the most significant factor that determines the price. If a desirable set is also rare, then it will be precious.

Keeping this information in mind, we have compiled a list of the 15 most expensive LEGO sets currently in existence.

The 15 Most Expensive LEGO Sets in the World

1) LEGO Ole Kirk's House (2009 Limited Edition)

Price: $10,733

The LEGO Ole Kirk's House is the most expensive LEGO set, and one of the rarest LEGO sets currently in existence.

This limited edition set was released in 2009 and given to those who attended the 2009 LEGO Inside Tour. There are only 32 sets, each market with a unique number.

This cute model is based on the house in which the founder of LEGO, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, was born. This set contains 910 LEGO bricks and is a highly accurate and extremely rare replica of Kristiansen's birth house.

This LEGO set should not be confused with the smaller Ole Kirk's House set, which retails for $500, so if you are interested in purchasing this set, make sure you have the 2009 Limited Edition and that you're not paying an arm and a leg for the $500 version!

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2) LEGO Castle Original from 1978

Price: $9,286

The Original LEGO Castle was released in 1978 and contained 767 bricks and 14 figurines. This older set was only released in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia. It is affectionately called the "Yellow Castle" by those who collect LEGO sets.

The price of this set has steadily increased over the years. Daniel August Krentz designed it, and the best part about this set is that there is more than one way to build it.

This quirky set comes with three color variants in terms of stickers and several different knight figures that come in various colors.

Since the release of the Original Castle in 1978, there have been subsequent upgraded castle sets, and the 1981 version sells for about $5,500.

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3) LEGO H.C Andersen's Clumsy Hans Limited Edition 2015

Price: $7,375

This set's high price and rarity are because LEGO never sold it in retail stores. The H.C Andersen's Clumsy Hans was only sold to 80 people, called LEGO Ambassadors, in 2015. The owners of these sets tightly held onto their models, resulting in prices soaring. One set recently being sold at auction for more than $7,000.

This set comprises 714 LEGO bricks that build a statue of Clumsy Hans sitting on an animal (many suspects it to be a goat). Each one of the 80 sets has been numbered from 1-80.

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4) LEGO Cars Limited Edition 2010

Price: $6,766

Unlike others on this list, this LEGO set does not have an official LEGO name but simply goes by "cars." This set contains three vehicles: two sportscars and a white jeep, and each of the cars have a different style and color.

LEGO gave this set to those who attended the 2010 LEGO Inside Tour, making it an extremely rare set, with only 33 in existence.

Steen Sig Anderson created the Cars set, and he was inspired by two cars that were made by Kjeld Kirk Krinsansen when he was only a child.

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5) LEGO Moulding Machines Limited Edition 2011

Price: $6,733

The LEGO Moulding Machine is based on the real molding machine used by LEGO to create LEGO bricks. This limited edition set was designed by Mel Caddick and was given to attendees of the 2011 LEGO Inside Tour. There are only 68 of these sets in the world.

In 2021, LEGO recreated this set and sold it in stores worldwide at a much more affordable price. These updated sets look almost the same as the expensive 2011 version but are a much brighter green.

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6) LEGO Star Wars Cloud City 2003

Price: $6,159

There are plenty of LEGO Star Wars sets circulating the globe, but the most expensive of these is the LEGO Star Wars Cloud City set from 2003.

This set was created by Bjarke Lykke Madsen and was based on the Cloud City on planet Bespin featured on The Empire Strikes Back.

This LEGO set contains the chamber where Han Solo was famously frozen in carbonite, including the landing platforms that align with the LEGO Cloud Car or LEGO Slave One Spacecraft belonging to Boba Fett.

Although more recent versions of LEGO Cloud City are available with more Minifigures, this 2003 set costs a lot more than the newer versions and came with the following Minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Han Solo in carbonite, Lando Calrissian and a Stormtrooper.

This 2003 set is the costliest Star Wars set today, and its price continues to increase.

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7) LEGO Trains Steam Engine with Tender 1980

Price: $5,627

This classic LEGO Train set was released in 1980 and was only available for purchase until 1982, which significantly increased its rarity.

This set has 263 bricks and two Minifigures: a construction worker and a man with a button-up shirt.

What makes this 40-year-old set even more unique is that it is the only LEGO train with red wheels. It even comes with a 12V battery which drives the train forward, although no tracks are provided, so your train will have to go off the rails! The battery also powers the front lights and the lights at the end of the tender.

There is no current knowledge of the number of this train set in circulation. Still, the price for this LEGO set continues to increase, indicating that it might be relatively rare.

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8) LEGO Piper Airplane Limited Edition 2012

Price: $5,379

As with most of the expensive LEGO sets on this list, the LEGO Piper Airplane from 2012 is also a limited edition set. The design of this set is based on a real airplane acquired by the LEGO group in 1962.

The 795 bricks build a red and black airplane with white wings and also come with ground crew Minifigures. It takes about two hours to build this entire set.

LEGO produced only 53 sets, and these sets were given to the attendees of the 2012 LEGO Inside Tour. Despite lacking flamboyance and looking fairly simple, the high price of this set is due to the limited numbers available.

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9) LEGO Command Center 1979

Price: $5,257

This 1979 LEGO Command Center was one of the first LEGO sets to become incredibly popular with LEGO fans. This relatively simple set was created by Jens Nygaard Knudsen, and it is incredibly rare - there has not been a sale of this set for a couple of years, which increases the price.

This set contains only 173 bricks but was the first set to feature a creator base, which is these days standard for space-themed LEGO sets.

This set contains the Command Center, two space rovers, two red astronauts, and two white astronauts.

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10) LEGO Fire Station 1957

Price: $5,047

Later versions of this classic LEGO Fire Station set will set you back $2,000, but this 1957 set is much more pricey than that.

This set consisted of 111 pieces and was only sold until 1962, but since then, it has been re-released and remains in production today.

The 1957 model continues to see an increase in price. This model contains a Fire Station building with a white sign declaring it as such. The printing on the sticker differs across the world and is available in multiple languages.

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11) LEGO TMNT Antonio's Pizza Rama Limited Edition 2012

Price: $4,276

Who would've thought that a plastic LEGO pizza slice would cost thousands of dollars? This pepperoni pizza slice comprises 57 LEGO brings, and the set comes in a pizza box with the logo of Antonio's Pizza - the pizza famously devoured by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This release was incredibly limited, and there is not a lot of information available on this set, only that it is quite rare and very expensive.

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12) LEGO The LEGOLAND Train 2014

Price: $3,576

Although there are several LEGO trains available today, the 2014 LEGOLAND train is exclusive as it was handed out to attendees of the 2014 LEGO Inside Tour.

The design of this set is inspired by the real train that chugs around the Billund LEGOLAND in Denmark. 350 sets of this LEGO Train were given to guests of the 2014 Tour, and since then, the price of this exclusive set has continued to rise.

Unlike the other train set on this list, the LEGOLAND Train comes with a railway track and platform. The set is completed with seven Minifigures: a Train Operator, a Male in Plaid Blue Shirt, Female Attendant, and the aptly named Male, Female, Boy, and Girl.

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13) LEGO Factory Market Street 2007

Price: $3,538

The LEGO Factory Market Street was only for sale for two years. This set was designed by Erik Brok, who was a large fan of LEGO, and sadly passed away before he could see his dream LEGO set come to life.

This large set consists of 1,248 bricks which build a three-story building, a garage, and a balcony. This set can be built in several ways, making it a fun set to construct.

Apart from the buildings, the set also comes with Minifigures and can be combined with some of the other LEGO Factory and Modular Building sets, like the Grand Emporium, Palace Cinema, Cafe Corner, and the Pet Shop.

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14) LEGO Darth Maul Bust 2001

Price: $2,804

Darth Maul might not be the most popular character in Star Wars, but for some reason, Star Wars fans were incredibly excited about the LEGO Darth Maul bust released in 2001. This set is targeted at the real fans of Star Wars, who would not mind this large bust on display in their residences.

This 3D model of Darth Maul was released shortly after The Phantom Menance and consists of 1,868 bricks, making it one of the larger sets available.

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15) LEGO Grand Carousel 2009

Price: $2,729

The LEGO Grand Carousel is incredibly hard to find in mint condition, which is the reason it is so expensive.

This set forms part of the LEGO Advanced Model Range, meaning there are parts that can move through battery power; the carousel spins around and plays carnival music. This detailed set comes with 11 Minifigures that can be placed on the carousel seats.

The 2009 LEGO Carousel was only for sale for a single year, although a newer model was released in 2017.

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Honorable Mentions

Here are some LEGO sets which might not be the most expensive sets but still deserve acknowledgment.

  • LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collector Series 2007: $2,642
  • LEGO Star Wars Death Star II 2005: $2,623
  • LEGO Rebel Blockade Runner: $1,330
  • LEGO Taj Mahal: $1,206
  • LEGO Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix Hogwarts Castle 2007: $699
  • LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 2019: $699

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LEGO sets continue to be popular with kids and adults alike, and limited edition collector's items or sets tied to Hollywood films are sought after by many.

So, if you are looking for one of the most expensive LEGO sets in the world, any on this list will suffice, but you have to act quick - these sets are incredibly rare and are not often found for sale.

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What is the rarest piece of LEGO?

The rarest piece of LEGO is the 14-Carat Boba Fett Figurine. There are only two available, costing $15,000 each.

Which LEGO set is the hardest to find?

The 2007 Ultimate Collector's Item Millennium Falcon is the hardest set to find for sale.

What is the largest LEGO set ever?

The LEGO Art World Map consists of 11,000 pieces and is the largest LEGO set ever made.

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