What is the Most Expensive Gaming PC you can Build or Buy?

Most Expensive Gaming PC to Build or Buy
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A gaming PC is just what it sounds like - a PC manufactured with gaming specifically in mind. You might wonder how gaming PCs differ from any other system; I mean, you can play video games on just about any computer setup, right?

Well, yes, but if you compare a standard PC to a gaming PC, you will be able to see the difference between the two systems. For one thing, gaming computers are built with a high-end motherboard and a high-end CPU, which allows them a rapid processing speed to handle intensive gaming graphics.

Gaming PCs are designed with a power supply that is adequate for their intensive workloads and the massive amount of power needed for gaming. Plus, they are built with some sort of cooling system to prevent the computer from overheating.

Gaming computers are advanced versions of your standard PC; designed using high-end components and built for intensive workloads. You can buy a gaming PC ready-made... but many hardcore gamers choose to build their own which can come at an extra cost.

Let's take a look at the most expensive gaming PCs in the world to see how much that extra cost can be.

What Makes Gaming PCs So Expensive?

Okay, so many of the gaming computers out there are super expensive.

The quality of the components will be a major contributor to the price; a gaming PC built using the most powerful motherboard and CPU, with the maximum RAM allowance, will cost you an arm and a leg.

The second contributor to the cost is aesthetics. That's right; competitive gaming is partly about the gaming and partly about having a setup that looks good. Gaming PCs are often bedazzled with coloured lighting strips and built with a transparent shell so you can see the pieces inside.

Enthusiasts are drawn to the customizability of gaming computers; choosing your own processor and storage capacity and making sure you hook up the necessary power to facilitate a high-power performance can become a bit of an art.

But, provided you are willing to spend some serious money, you can pretty much become your own ideal PC manufacturer!

A few of the main components

Reading through the specs is a bit like reading a whole other language. Here are a few of the major components to look for:

  • CPU/Processor - determines how fast your PC can handle tasks
  • Graphics cards - gaming and graphic tasks require a powerful graphics card
  • Cooling - gaming PCs require cooling vents or fans to prevent overheating. Many use a liquid cooling system instead, which is virtually silent
  • RAM - the larger the RAM, the more tasks your computer can perform at once
  • Internal storage - gaming takes up a lot of storage; look for a PC with a large storage capacity or the option for upgrading internal storage
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Six of the Most Expensive Gaming PCs in 2022

Not every gaming PC is quite so costly, but we're going to take a look at some of the most expensive gaming PCs on the market you can purchase in 2022, from ‘cheapest’ to most expensive.

6) Velztorm Partix CTO Gaming Desktop

Cost: $3669.00

The cheapest gaming PC on our list is this somewhat flashy model by Velztorm. This manufacturer is known for its eye-catching, vibrant lighting, and the Partix is a prime example. Featured in matt black, it has a half-transparent chassis with internal components lit with neon technicolour.

One reason the cost of a gaming PC is higher than ordinary computers is the lighting. A gaming PC is part computer and part disco, which matters to many dedicated gamers who value the perfect setup in functionality and style.

Velztorm is a relative newcomer to the gaming PC market, focusing on processing power. Their colourful display and liquid cooling system have quickly drawn attention away from competing high-end brands.

The Velztorm Partix features:

  • 8-core AMD Ryzen 7-5800X processor
  • GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card
  • 8TB SSD + 6TB HDD

Full specifications for the Velztorm Partix custom gaming PC.

5)  8Pack Cryocube

Cost: $10,725.25

So named for its iconic, frosty aesthetic, the 8Pack Cryocube is a gaming beast. Built with a white and transparent chassis for that full, arctic vibe, the tower itself is illuminated from the inside with strips of blue RGB lighting.

The Cryocube features an EK water cooling system that moderates the temperature and keeps computing power constant without allowing the system to overheat. The entire system is kept ice cold, with two 360mm radiators to vent out heat.

This pre-built machine features:

  • a tuned DDR5 RAM
  • 12th GEN Intel core i9 129000K CPU
  • Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card

Here are the full, frosty specifications for the 8Pack Cryocube.

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4) Aventum X

Cost: $15,000+

The Aventum X from Digital Storm is another gaming behemoth built for strength and processing muscle. This towering system is packed with a serious cooling system, so processing speed remains constant, and the Aventum X can handle maximum turbo gaming capacity without drag.

The black chassis features transparent side panels with blue-coloured lighting. Water cooling loops are installed behind the motherboard, with internal fluid ports designed to carry coolant around the chassis and keep the components ice cold at all times.

The black and blue colouration is incredibly futuristic and ideal for anyone looking for a little less technicolour. With the illuminated blue Digital Storm logo on the front as well, there are some serious Tron vibes.

The Aventum X features:

  • Up to 64-core Digital Storm processor
  • Nvidia RTX GeForce graphics cards
  • 64 terra bytes of primary storage
  • Eight hot-swap storage slots, facilitating additional storage space

Check out the full, fabulous, and super complicated specifications for the Aventum X.

3) ConceptD 900 Desktop

Cost: $22,999.99

The ConceptD 900 by Acer is a gaming computer designed with open-world RPG games in mind. The primary computer function of the ConceptD 900 is to handle the extreme graphic content and rapid screen refresh of current and upcoming RPG gaming.

That said, the graphics cards' capability makes the ConceptD 900 more than adequate for non-gaming computational operations, including content creation in the film and video industry and graphic design.

This computer remains one of the most expensive PCs for its ability to handle multiple, intense computational tasks at once. Sure, it technically classes as a gaming computer, but the sleek design, the industry-leading security, and that super powerful Intel Xeon Gold processor make it more of a hybrid, creative workstation which can also handle some serious gaming!

This system by Acer does not have the instant, eye-catching pizzazz of others on this list. With a plain black chassis and no LED lighting, it's almost bland. However, if it is just the CPU and graphics processors that appeal, the ConceptD is a competitive model. (And you can always add your own custom pizzazz, right?).

The Acer ConceptD 900 features:

  • Windows 10 pro
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6148 processor Icosa-core
  • 1 terra byte SSD

Take a look at the full Acer ConceptD 900 specifications.

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2) HP Z8 G3 Workstation

Cost: $31,700.99

Okay, so it doesn't have the most catchy name, does it? Nor does it exactly catch the eye when you compare it to some of the futuristic, LED-lit gaming PC models we've covered thus far. However, what it lacks in aesthetic appeal, the Z8 G4 by HP more than makes up for in power, which is why it ranks among the most expensive gaming computers.

Similar to the ConceptD 900, the Z8 G3 ranks power over glamour. It combines industry-leading editing capabilities with the visual prowess to run even the most immersive games at an almost scarily realistic level. This is what you're paying for when you buy this high-end gaming computer: digital processing power in a class of its own.

The Z8 G3 from HP calls for a sleek, clean design sans glitz. Vents placed strategically throughout the system enable plenty of airflow to prevent overheating.

The HP Z8 G3 features:

  • Intel Xeon 3206R processor
    (this can be customised for the Intel Xeon Silver or Intel Xeon Gold processor)
  • Nvidia RTX 400 graphics cards
  • HP Chassis Intrusion Sensor
    (featuring the industry's first self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection for maximum security)

Check out the full HP Z8 G3 specifications.

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The Most Expensive Gaming PC

Prices fluctuate according to trends, and, of course, if you opt to design and build your own idealistic model, you can sink endless dough into the cause.

But, right now, the most expensive gaming PC on the market is the 8Pack OrionX.

1) 8Pack OrionX

Cost: $41,519.96

A powerhouse among computers, the 8Pack OrionX is the current zenith of the 8Pack range; a collection of hardcore gaming supercomputers designed by English gaming and electronics expert Ian "8Pack" Parry and built with the most extreme enthusiasts in mind.

The 8Pack range is renowned among the high-end gaming PC market and instantly identifiable by a few carefully placed logos which illuminate when the machine is switched on!

The 8Pack OrionX is the most expensive gaming PC right now because it includes two systems in one. Each individual system is designed for any competitive gaming situation, with the processing speed and power supply to handle it but equally able to contend with day-to-day computer tasks.

The computer is kept from overheating by a custom cooling solution that uses three cooling loops, each managed by their own Aquaero 6 from Aqua Computer. Two of the loops run silver and grey coolant, with the third identified by red coolant. The clear acrylic panels make the whole thing visible, turning function into a very cool show!

This dream gaming PC features:

  • 18-core, 36-thread CPU on the primary system
  • 8-core, 16-thread CPU on the secondary system
  • Four graphics cards, totalling a whopping 48GB of memory
  • Windows 10 pre-installed

Go ahead, and read the full specifications of the market-leading 8Pack OrionX. This model is a keen example of contemporary, high-powered gaming PCs. It has usurped the market by simultaneously being twice as powerful, with two systems sharing a single chassis and allegedly the quietest system ever.


What is the most expensive computer ever built?

The most expensive computer ever built is the SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment) system costing an estimated $4 - 12 billion.

What is the world's best gaming PC?

The best gaming PC currently on the market is the Alienware Aurora R13, which is popular for overall gaming.

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So, What is the Most Expensive Gaming PC You Can Build or Buy? 

The gaming computer industry is a big one, so whether you have the funding or inclination to go high-end or you're happy to chill within the budget-friendly range, you're sure to have a fair few to choose from.

The power and graphics capabilities within the PC are, of course, the primary contributor to the price. As we have seen on this list, computers built with fathomless processing speed and the rapid refresh rate required for graphics work and the immersive world of RPG gaming are the models which consistently rank highest with the... um... most significant price tags.

The secondary characteristic seems to be aesthetic; though notably, many of the most expensive gaming PC models listed, such as the ConceptD 900 and Z8 G3, have minimised the glitz and glamour, dialling back on the coloured lights and futuristic cooling loop of the 8Pack builds for a more sleek and streamlined, dare I say professional appearance.

Last but by no means least, the customisable aspect of each PC is bound to add or subtract digits to the price tag. Building your own from scratch will enable you to hold back on super pricey processors and focus on building the right PC for your precise needs.

Likewise, if you see the chance for an upgrade, supercharging your custom build will need a bigger budget, but whether you favour power or aesthetic, it's sure to be worth it. After all, the 8Pack OrionX combines power and style, and that's why it's sitting in top place.

But, the gaming PC market is cutthroat; it's certain to be knocked off that perch before long!

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