What Are The Most Expensive Anime Figures You Can Collect And Buy?

Most Expensive Anime Figures
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For the anime lovers out there, there is no penny to be spared when it comes to investing in their favorite merchandise.

Reaching enormous prices, anime collectibles have become one of the priciest hobbies out there. Below, we outline some of the most expensive figurines money can buy!

The Eight Different Types of Anime figures

There are around eight main categories of anime figures, as listed below:

  1. Character Figures
  2. Prize Figures
  3. Scenery Figures
  4. Scale Figures
  5. Garage Kits
  6. Figma / Action Figures
  7. Nendoroid
  8. Funko Pop Figures

Of these eight, three fall into the highest ranking price level: Scenery, Scale, and Garage kits. We will mention a few others too in the list below.

So let us go forth and Ask Genie will lay down the law when it comes to Anime investments.

The Top 17 Most Expensive Anime Figures:

The following are some of the most expensive anime figures you will find on the market:

1. The solid gold Monkey D. Luffy

One of the most well-known and loved characters in the anime world is the sweet and silly protagonist of the beloved series, One Piece. Monkey D. Luffy, as he is known to fans, comes as a figurine made of nothing less than solid gold, with a price tag of a hefty $200,000!

So, if you want to place one of these solid gold primates on your mantelpiece, best you make sure you're not only rolling in the dough but also have a good house alarm and security system!

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2. The life-sized Mumei figure from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

How about an anime figure that is equal in size to a small child? 

This figure of the protagonist Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress will set you back a mere $24,000! Don't be too indecisive though, as only ten of these figures have been made worldwide, making them not only mega pricey but also very rare.

3. The vintage dismantled Astro Boy figure

Astro Boy is undoubtedly one character that needs little introduction for anime lovers and is known for popularizing anime globally. But this figure is a little different in that it'll set you back up to $25,000 due to the fact that production is very limited and its age.

Some contemporary characters have also drawn inspiration from Astro Boy, like Mega Man, for example. This figure holds great importance, so it's no surprise that it comes at quite a cost.

This vintage figure has LED lights and is currently on sale, with the owners hoping that it gets sold to a museum. On top of the $25,000 price tag, there will likely be hefty shipping fees. Although, that's unlikely to deter a true super fan!

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4. Gigantor

Although it boasts a price tag of $13,000, this Gigantor figure certainly isn't the most expensive on our list. But due to its enormous popularity within the Iron Man Franchise and the fact that it is a one-of-a-kind, limited edition model, this figure is a sure-fire hit amongst the die-hard, older anime collectors.

This Gigantor figure has a lot of character due to some minor wear and tear and, impressively, is the only original of its kind still available. This figure is quite a steal, and anyone would be lucky to have it in their collection.

5. Life size Megumi Kato

Yet another child-sized anime figure, the five-foot-tall mold of the protagonist, Megumi Kato, from Saekano (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend), holds her own in the anime figure world.

This anime figure comes with an eye-watering price tag of $19,000. Furthermore, only ten were made, so consider yourself lucky if you get your hands on her!

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6. Lala Satalin Deviluke

The first of the Deviluke sisters to get her own doll from the ever popular To Love Ru-'s, Lala was also kept to a limit of ten, and fans had to enter a lottery to purchase her. With her pink hair and soft aesthetic, it truly feels like the figure maker has brought this girl to life. Coming in at around $27,000, you'll need deep pockets to add her to your collection.

7. Super Sonico Poly Jumbo figure

The Super Sonico Poly Jumbo figure is the largest from the Super Sonico SoniKoma manga. You can expect to pay around $2,000 for The Super Sonico Poly Jumbo figure that comes at a crazy 36 inches tall, which means that it is only half the size of the 'lifesize' girl.

Initially a mascot for Nitroplus (a music festival), she emerged back in 2006. Eventually, she became a mascot for her very own franchise, and this included music products, manga, toys, and video games.

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8. Momo Belia Deviluke - the bridal version

Max Factory created the life-sized figure of Momo Belia Deviluke. She is dressed in lingerie, and for only $27,000, she could be all yours! The figure fully captures the character and is a very accurate representation of Momo Belia Deviluke.

A lot of work goes into building and designing these figures; therefore, only ten were made. So owning one of them is pretty rare, and you'll be lucky to get your hands on her!

9. One Piece Luffy Pure Gold

This figure was made and designed by a supplier of precious metals, Tokurirki Honten. The One Piece Luffy Pure Gold was made to commemorate the release of the One Piece Film Gold. These figures come from the protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy.

This expensive anime figure is made of solid gold. The figure comes in two sizes. There is the 7-inch one (mentioned above) which costs 20,000,000 yen, so around $187,477, and it contains 2.9lbs of pure solid gold.

The smaller one was made to be 4 inches tall and only cost $6,095, and included 1.1 ounces of pure gold.

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10. RX-78-2 Gundam figure

This incredible figure has been crafted from pure and solid gold and is made by the same people who made the Gundam Converge. The RX-78-2 holds its original design and shape, just like the traditional Gundam Robot.

This figure is 5 inches in height and is the epitome of high-class anime collecting. It comes in at a whopping $200,000 and is highly desired by collectors and fans worldwide.

11. Evangelion Desktop Army Shinji Ikari Kaworu Nagisa Eva 13

This figure is listed as the "Evangelion Desktop Army Shinji Ikari Kaworu Nagisa Eva 13," but it is, in fact, a box containing three figurines. These figures show the characters as chibi versions from Hideaki Anno's highly popular Neon Genesis Evangelion anime.

In this version, the characters are in the black plug suits featured in You Can (Not) Redo. And with great attention to detail, Evangelion Unit 13 (the mech) has been made to fit both figures too. This is based on the double-entry system you would have seen in the anime.

You can preorder this set for $170,991.

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12. Life-sized Crow

Shingancrimsonz's Crow comes with a price tag of about $23,000. The amount of quality workmanship and effort that has come into the design of this figure is outstanding, so it is no surprise that it comes at such a price.

The figure also has very life-sized proportions. Crow is dynamically posed and is the dream figure for otaku worldwide.

13. HY2M 1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam

Companies in Tokyo are currently spending millions of dollars on building a life-sized Gundam Robot. But in the meantime, a few other companies have designed human-sized robots - so if you want your very own Gundam, now is the time!

The HY2M 1/12 RX-78-2 Gundam is about 1/12th of the giant robot, but if you think about it, that is 1/12th of something that will cost you millions of dollars. Thus, a Gundam model goes for anything between $4,800-$12,000.

So, if you’ve wanted a human-sized robot for quite some time, this purchase can genuinely make your dreams come true, and at least it will feel like you have a small part of the giant robot in your home!

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14. Gold Gunpla Kit

The Gold Gunpla Kit is the most expensive figure out there. These kits were first made in collaboration between Sunrise and U-works to create models whose pieces were made in 24k gold.

Hold on to your seats because one of these anime figures will cost you $240,000. This popular anime figure comes in a 1/100 scale that is true to the standard for all Gundam model kits.

Only 20 were made and released, making them rare collector's items. The smaller version will cost you $36,000 and is considered a limited edition as only ten exist.

15. Demon Slayer GK resin limited statue figure

The Demon Slayer is essentially a collection of all the show's characters clustered on a single pedestal. The water dragon is particularly magnificent, having been made using a resin hybrid to give a translucent effect.

This anime figure came out in early 2022 with a limited supply, as there are only 199 in circulation! This figure is relatively large, measuring 21 inches by 18.5 inches. LionYangxz made it, and it was promoted by FavorGK, which distributes resin figures.

This piece of anime merchandise can be bought online for $2,188.

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16. Life-Sized Neon Genesis Evangelion characters

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the biggest and most influential names in the history of anime, so it's no wonder why this anime figure is so popular. The figure has also had some extreme marketing from Gainax, its production studio.

And rightly so, as these figures seriously raise the bar regarding superfluity, even according to their own standards. So if you are in need of or really want a 1/1 scale rendition of Asuka, Kaworu, and Rei, then you're in luck, as you can easily own one today!

One of these fantastic figures could be yours for $5000.

17. Tetsujin 28 5F766

Tetsujin 28 5F766 was created by Art Storm as a hybrid series. The figure was made from a combination of vinyl, metal, resin, and various electrical parts like moving fists and working lights.

Kito Eisaku is the sculptor, and he designed the figure to have the same style and proportions as the manga; the eyes of the mech can even light up! The figure is on sale for $2,420 on eBay.

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Purchase One of the Most Expensive Anime Figures With Help From Spin Genie

These prices may be mind-blowing for some, and for others, they could make total sense. Those that are obsessed with and understand anime will see the value in these collector's items.

They may not be for everyone, but looking past the effort, creativity, and workmanship that goes into designing and making these figures is difficult. It's easy to admire art, and these anime figures are undoubtedly an art form in the eyes of many.


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