9 Of The Most Expensive Dirt Bikes You Can Buy

Most Expensive Dirt Bikes
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Calling all adventure seekers and freedom chasers! The dirt bike world offers people a sense of freedom, mental stimulation, stress relief, exercise and the opportunity to live on the edge.

Journalist and avid biker Hunter S Thompson says that "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!" Faster, Faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."

With the freedom of the off-road, dirt biking can be a great escape from the mundane. That is why we at Ask Genie have created this guide to show you what real tranquillity is like.

A Guide To The Most Expensive Dirt Bikes

From a fully-fledged motocross machine to the cleanest e-dirt bike, there is so much variety to choose from. Motocross or Enduro? Kid-friendly or adult-only? Brand new or secondhand?

The following guide will take you through 9 of the most expensive dirt bikes on the market to give you a taste of what could soon be transporting you across rugged terrains.

1. KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition - $11,699

Retailing for $11,699, the KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition redefines what a racing bike is. With developments based on worldwide feedback from Red Bull KTM Factory Racing riders, this bike has been designed to satiate the avid motorhead's needs.

With only 400 units in existence, the model might be hard to find, but with an all-new heavy-hitting engine weighing in at no more than 59 pounds, this holeshot champion is worth the hunt.

The engine has been rotated backwards by 2 degrees to improve mass-centralization and anti-squat geometry. Ergonomics and comfort have been prioritized with a race-tested high grip Selle Dalla Valle seat cover and impact-protected handlebars. This dirt bike exceeds the industry standard and offers supercross fanatics their favorite mount.

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2. TE 300i Rockstar Edition - $11,799

When searching the Husqvarna company, you'll find a variety of high-quality chainsaws, lawnmowers, and generators. Scroll a bit further, and you'll discover equally trusted motorcycles. 

Disclaimer: these bikes do not come armed with chainsaws or lawnmowers.

This 2-stroke TE 300i Rockstar Edition was designed to replicate the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory racing bikes while making it available to the public. The bike offers riders a class-leading experience with electronic fuel injection, increased power delivery and enhanced torque.

Besides maximum manoeuvrability, the bike is produced with the same graphical design and advanced technological developments as the Husqvarna race cars. The bike is ergonomically designed to blur the lines between bike and biker.

With highly advanced upgrades such as a 300-cc 2-stroke engine and a controlled twin power valve, paying $11,799 to complete your Husqvarna collection (time to park a racing bike next to your trusted lawnmower) seems too good to be true.

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3. Alta Redshift MXR - $12,000

In 2010, Alta Motors established itself as a trailblazer with its off-road electric motorcycles. As both hybrid and electric vehicles have gained popularity in the past decade, so have these electric powerhouses. These lightweight and noiseless motorcycles revolutionized the electric enduro dirt biking scene.

The Redshift MXR has been added to the Alta electric motorcycle lineup, which already boasts the Supermoto (SM), the Enduro (EX), and the Motocross (MX).

Leading sports gear manufacturer Acerbis is responsible for the Redshift's body panels and upholds its reputation for resilience and design. With an eye-catching finish of orange, red, and white, this bike's graphic design reflects the power of the machine.

The Alta Redshift MXR motor is a worthy contender with a 50hp electric engine that can outride its petrol counterparts. At a premium of $12,000, one of the most expensive dirt bikes offers one of the most powerful electric motors in the off road industry. This dirt bike is quiet but powerful.

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4. 2018 Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica Bike - $13,000

The Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica racing dirt bike made its debut in 2006 and has since evolved into a two-stroke sports bike. The Unicam four-valve engine weighs an average of 44 pounds and provides superior power. 

With performance improvements ensuring fully adjustable suspension and exceptional holeshot  acceleration, the 2018 Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica is a worthy consideration for the dirt bike enthusiast.

The chassis has been designed to optimize comfort without sacrificing power. For $13,000, this lightweight and dynamic replica is any dirt biker's dream come true.

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5. Norden 901 - $13,999

The Norden 901 offers adventure riders unrivaled bike riding performance. This beast has two sides: ergonomically designed for luxury and  ready to go off road at a moment's notice. Within the light steel trellis is an 889-cc parallel-twin engine perfectly suited for enduro traveling.

But there's no need for your day-long travels to be uncomfortable. The compact ergonomics of the saddle provide stability and easy mobility.  Luxury comes in the form of a built-in phone system, available Bluetooth pairing, and the option of using Ride Husqvarna app support.

Professional explorer Mike Horn, 5-time Dakar Rally Champion Cyril Despres, and aerospace engineer Lyndon Poskitt can all advocate for this 2-wheel wonder. An off road journey through the Icelandic landscape was evidence of the bike's ability to enhance any adventure.

Although an expensive dirt bike, $13,999 seems a fair price for what Lyndon Poskitt calls "the perfect motorcycle."

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6. Kalk& - $14,500

"All power, no compromises." Ride Cake specializes in gravity sports such as bobsledding and skiing, but it's their clean and high-performance electric e-bikes that have put them on the map. In 2019 Ride Cake's e-dirt bikes hit the market to encourage off-roaders to join the zero-emission community.

Ride Cake's multipurpose Kalk& is designed for both off-road adventures and daily commutes. This nimble, speedy street-smart bike has 252Nm of raw electric instant torque and reaches a top speed of 56mph.

The Kalk& weighs in at about 174 pounds, but this feather-light motorcycle can stand its ground. Powered by all-electric drivetrains and fitted with dual sport motorcycle tires, these vehicles are the perfect electric pushbikes for both paved and unpaved roads.

This electric e-bike offers a greener experience and peace of mind with decreased noise pollution and zero carbon dioxide emissions. Enjoy the quiet outdoors without the hassle of oil changes and fuel fill-ups. Kalk& adopts a minimalist design, prioritizing elegance over extravagance. For $14,500, this expensive dirt bike could be yours.

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7. Harley Davidson MT500 - $26,500

The iconic Harley Davidson; a symbol of both status and freedom. Harley-Davidsons have been around for a long time, and they've become synonymous with durability and power. Known as "hogs," these dirt bikes can outplay any terrain.

The Harley Davidson MT500 flagship bike is finished in military green ABS plastic for durable and indestructible bodywork. The 4-stroke engine provides unrivaled power but manages to keep noise to a minimum.

Rumor has it that only 500 Harley Davidson MT500s were built for the US military. Harley Davidson attempted to find a way into manufacturing military vehicles, and the MT500 seemed like the way to go.

The dirt bike features quickly interchangeable twin storage units on both sides of the fuel tank and a waterproof rifle case located at the rear, the perfect fit for an SA/80 Bullpup. Unfortunately, these gasoline-driven dirt bikes never secured a military contract as militaries worldwide made the switch to diesel, a less flammable and explosive fluid.

The handles and seats are ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable experience, no matter the terrain. A superior suspension system also contributes to a smoother ride. Although optimum for motocross, the Harley Davidson MT500 is the most expensive motocross bike available at a premium of $26,500.

Exclusive and limited to 500 units, MT500s are a vintage rarity. With steadily increasing value, the MT500 may one day be the most expensive dirt bike out there.

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8. Supreme Honda CRF250R - $44,999

Established in Japan in the late 40s, Soichiro Honda started the eponymous brand and made a name for himself by selling cheap bicycles. Within 20 years, Honda had become a worthy rival, and their motorbikes were racing against the world's best.

Present-day Honda is no longer cheap and no longer limited to 2-wheelers, however. Their lineup includes everything from garden equipment to heavy-duty trucks.

A partnership between lifestyle brand Supreme, Honda, and Fox Racing, the Supreme Honda CRF250R resulted in one of the most expensive dirt bikes in the world of motorcycles. The 2020 limited edition bike was originally sold for $25,000, but buying one today will cost you around  $44,999.

Ready for both off-road trails and tracks, this mid-sized Honda collectable offers HRC launch control and a Showa spring fork for smooth maneuvering. Wrapped in Supreme red, the signature color and logo will ensure this trendy bike catches your attention.

Dirt bikes have never been so fashionable with collaborations between clothing brands and motorcycle manufacturers.

Notable collaborations include Ducati's release of limited edition machines with Diesel, Italia Independent, and Neiman Marcus. Alternatively, fashion brands like Forever 21 are joining forces with Honda to create retro-styled apparel.

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9. Husqvarna 400 Cross - $230,500

The Husqvarna 400 Cross is a motorhead's dream. A highly sought-after collectable, this dirt bike takes the prize for the most expensive dirt bike.

Tom White, a motorcycle philanthropist and owner of the Early Years of Motocross Museum, said, "The combination of Husqvarna's precise handling and incredible horsepower made this machine a powerful motocross weapon."

During the 60s and the 70s, the Europeans were responsible for setting the trends and kicking off the evolution from cumbersome motorcycles to lighter and yet more powerful machines. Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna presented the 400 Cross with a single-cylinder engine and a lightweight steel frame.

In 2008, the bike sold for no more than $1500 because no one knew that the motorcycle had starred in the 1970 film, On Any Sunday. The relation to its rider, American actor and avid biker Steve McQueen, increased the price to $230,000 when it was resold in 2018.

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Why are dirt bikes so expensive?

Dirt bikes are costly investments but not without cause. Natural inflation and new technology all contribute to the final price. Off-road riding has also become a more popular activity since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and with higher demand, you can expect steeper prices.

Subsequently, the demand for secondhand bikes has also risen, so you can rest assured that a well-maintained bike will resell for a good price.

What is the difference between supercross and motocross?

Although both supercross and motocross racing represent dirt biking events, that's about where their similarities end. Supercross takes place on a constructed indoor dirt circuit, while motocross races take place outdoors on natural terrain. Although motocross circuits are longer, supercross makes up for it with shorter, higher-intensity performances.

What are the best dirt bike manufacturers?

Some of the best dirt bike manufacturers include: Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Suzuki, GasGas, Beta, TM, Sherco.

Who is dominating the dirt bike market?

Although dirt bikes originated in the United Kingdom, Japanese manufacturers quickly took the lead in the early 1970s. Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki are consistently found on any list of top motorcycle brands. Japanese manufacturers are known for their reliability. With spare parts readily available and repairs often being cheaper.

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