28 of the Most Expensive Restaurants in Calgary, Canada

Most Expensive Restaurants Calgary
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If you happen to be in the bustling metropolis of Calgary and are looking for some fine dining restaurants, then this city has got you covered.

Whether it is for a business meeting, to celebrate milestone occasions, or just for a fancy fine dining experience with your loved one, there is a restaurant for every taste and mood in town. 

Our ultimate guide will take you through the best restaurants in Calgary with a contemporary twist or introduce you to old classic steakhouse gems that have enjoyed gold status for many decades and do not just convince you with signature dishes and impeccable service but also beautiful original interior decor and style.

30 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Calgary

What better way to celebrate milestone occasions than with a tasteful experience at one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Calgary?

No matter what your mood is and what vibe you are after - this list will provide you with restaurants in Calgary that will meet your every need in terms of taste, service, and overall experience, so let's dive right in:

1. Milestones

With great service and a long-term record of great food, Milestones has been one of the leading restaurants in Calgary since 1989 and can be found at three different locations in the city!

With a welcoming atmosphere that draws in businessmen and families alike, their global menu offers a wide variety of tasty comfort foods, which all come in a gluten-free version as well.

All their dishes have traditional roots but come with modern interpretations, such as their signature coconut-fried calamari or roasted garlic Ceasar salad.

2. Modern Steak, Kensignton

Modern Steak is a classic steak house with a modern take on its dishes which reflect culinary trends.

All of the ingredients are locally sourced, high-quality, and ethically produced and make for a wide variety of contemporary flavours. And yes, you can expect some of the best steaks you have ever tasted - it is a (modern) steak house, after all!

Another highlight of Modern Steak is the fact that you can book the restaurant for private functions and celebratory milestones with family and friends, and they are happy to arrange events ranging from weddings to business lunches over to fancy cocktail-style parties.

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3. Vero Bistro Moderne

If you are looking for a romantic and intimate dining experience, then you will find it at the Vero Bistro Moderne. With a cosy red and black dining room and modern interpretations of French and Italian cuisines, this is a fine dining restaurant in Calgary not to miss.

With fresh produce and a focus on healthy eating, you can expect creative and sustainable food. All of their ingredients are locally and ethically sourced and prepared into a small but stunning collection of antipasti-sharing platters followed by your choice of meat, seafood, or fresh pasta.

Try signature dishes such as the slow-cooked Berkshire pork ragu or their organic egg benedict with hand-whipped hollandaise and wild salmon.

4. CHARCUT Roast House

If you are seeking very good food in a highly energetic and bustling place that attracts business people and lovebirds alike, you are definitely right at the CHARCUT Roast House.

With Italian as well as French influences, your menu offers a selection of fresh salads, cheese, and charcuterie platters, as well as an eclectic variety of small and large plates. All are prepared with local ingredients, naturally.

One of the restaurant's signature dishes is their Pig Head Mortadella with Pistachios and Truffles!

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5. Hy's Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

Nestled in the heart of Downtown, Calgary’s Hy's Steakhouse is considered one of the best restaurants in the city.

Hy's Steakhouse is much more than just a classic steakhouse, although you will get world-class steaks served at this establishment! Beyond that, however, you will get a taste of contemporary dishes such as chicken-fried oysters or lobster mac n cheese croquettes.

The professional and incredibly friendly staff will serve you everything your heart desires and help you choose from the extensive menu.

6. Teatro

You will be able to enjoy an interesting mix of Asian and Italian cuisine at Teatro.

This restaurant offers a chef's tasting menu, which is a fixed four-course menu as a way to try their signature dishes without having to binge on food. You can also go a la carte and try some of their interesting take on dishes such as lamb shank or pork tenderloin.

The atmosphere of this unique eatery is relaxed yet elegant, and their food is definitely as good as it says on the tin.

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7. Osteria Chef's Table

Osteria Chef’s Table is located in Downtown Calgary and offers traditional Italian food and drinks of exceptional quality thanks to a revamped menu.

Expect a relaxed atmosphere and exceptional service that is focussed on offering customers all the pleasantries you can expect from an Italian dolce vita restaurant.

8. Deane House

Deane House offers classic but upscale French cuisine in an extremely elegant setting and is therefore perfect for a special occasion.

Run by Michelin star cook Sal Howell, this restaurant is a local gem that has been featured in many international magazines and newspapers.

The restaurant's very own garden provides many of the ingredients used for its seasonal menu, which is served in front of a cosy fireplace.

Make sure you try their chocolate truffle cake as dessert with coffee or tea during the day.

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9. Yellow Door Bistro

Yellow Door Bistro is an award-winning restaurant.

In an open and bright eating space, you will find this gem that offers bistro-inspired meals that come with a contemporary twist - fine dining at its best! The menu reads simple but comes with gourmet tastes and outstanding service.

On top of that, they have an incredibly tasty breakfast and brunch buffet that offers delectable pastries as well as extremely satisfying egg dishes.

10. Model Milk

Model Milk is a rustic but chic Canadian-inspired restaurant with dishes that are classic as well as contemporary and will satisfy your needs for some top-notch local cuisine.

All local ingredients are of the highest quality and prepared without much fuss but with lots of honesty. The same goes for their local catch: Model Milk only sources from sustainable and responsible fisheries. Expect a completely ethical dining experience.

Their dishes vary throughout the season except for some consistent all-time classics. Try their signature dishes such as the Model Milk Burger, which comes with house-cut fries, the Ikejime Sea Bream with Burnt Lemon, or the Model Milk Fried Chicken with tasty sides!

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11. Alloy

Visitors can expect a fine dining medley of Latin, Mediterranean, and Asian flavours in a Japanese-inspired setting, surrounded by cherry blossom trees and bamboo woodwork.

Alloy offers a seasonal menu with a range of salads, fresh seafood dishes, meaty bites, and their famous mustard-glazed pork belly or vanilla-braised beef short ribs!

Noteworthy is their Mealshare program, which offers someone in need a meal for every meal share menu item that guests order. Meaning you will not just be treating your belly to exquisite food but will give back to the community by doing so as well. That sounds like feel-good fine dining to us!

12. Rouge

Thanks to a long-standing relationship with local food growers, Rouge offers a menu that is also partially sourced from their on-site garden and represents some of the tastiest dishes the French cuisine has to offer.

The restaurant itself is cosy and very quaint, with a romantic ambience.

Don't miss their signature Truffle Beef Agnolotti, Roast Garlic Soup, or Wild Mushrooms on Toast!

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13. Klein / Harris

Located in Downtown Calgary, Klein Harris is a restaurant with an independent concept behind its menu and offerings.

Each dish highlights the story behind the ingredients that all come from local and sustainable producers. Expect to go on a culinary journey from one Canadian coast to the other via Klein Harris' dishes, and do not miss their seasonal mushrooms and fresh oysters once they are available!

14. Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant

This rustic and cosy restaurant is somewhat of a classic steak house that offers lots of vegetarian options and other alternatives on its extremely tasty menu. You can be sure that people with all diets and tastebuds will be more than happy to dine here.

The staff of Bow Valley Ranche are incredibly friendly and will make sure that all your needs are met while you meet up with friends or family in this western-style restaurant.

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15. Ruth's Chris Steak House

For meat lovers, Ruth's Chris Steak House serves some of the best steaks in Canada. But apart from great steaks, other tastes will definitely be satisfied here, thanks to the restaurant's extensive menu, dishing seafood as well as eclectic entrees.

Ruth's Chris Steak House is definitely not something if you are on a budget, but if you are planning to treat yourself and family or friends for a special occasion, then this is definitely the place to spend some money on good food and a lovely atmosphere.

One of the signature dishes is definitely their Steak & Lobster, but literally, any meal you will order at Ruth's Chris Steak House will make you feel like it's their signature dish!

16. River Cafe

River Café offers simple but extremely innovative and tasty dishes that are locally sourced and inspired by the Canadian style of cooking.

Their seasonal menu changes according to the produce freshest at that time, but an all-time available classic is their artisanal baked sourdough bread with house-churned butter and a selection of quality smoked meats or oven-roasted fish as well as vegetarian options.

Rather than one meal as a signature dish, this restaurant offers a seasonal tasting menu of six courses that can optionally be paired with its extensive drinks menu.

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17. The Lake House

Sitting on the shoreline of Glenmore Reservoir, The Lake House comes with stunning views of Sulphur Mountain along with amazing food.

Their menu is sourced from fresh ingredients and offers great steaks, wonderful pasta dishes as well as lovely seafood or side dishes.

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner or a special occasion, The Lake House is definitely one of the best restaurants in Calgary. Expect an open fireplace and picturesque dining.

You can also book the whole place for events such as weddings or private parties.

18. Vintage Chophouse Tavern

Easily one of the best restaurants and steak houses in Calgary for over 10 years, the Vintage Chophouse has been awarded the Birks Silver Spoon twice and is only one of two dining restaurants in Calgary to receive this prize.

Located in Victoria Park, this dark and cosy steak house offers amazing food and live music as well as an extensive drinks menu.

In addition to perfectly cooked steaks to your gusto, you will be able to enjoy seafood, lamb as well as their popular version of Lobster Mac n' Cheese.

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19. Anju

This Korean fine-dining restaurant offers a dazzling contemporary menu take on traditional Korean cuisine. Anju serves all its dishes in a tapas style, which creates a wonderfully fuss-free vibe alongside the open-plan kitchen, which lets guests watch the culinary masters work their magic.

20. Fleur de Sel

This French-European-inspired restaurant has been around since 1998 and offers guests hearty French cuisine with a rustic flair.

Fleur de Sel guests will be able to enjoy typical dishes such as French Onion Soup, or can try their signature dishes such as Cassoulet Grillé, Alsatian, or Seafood Choucroute!

The family-run restaurant also runs events on special holidays or can be booked for your own private special occasion.

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21. Cattle Baron

Cattle Baron is the more casual version of Wellington's fine dining and probably Calgary's premier steak house, where you will be served the finest beef in the whole of Alberta.

You can expect all soups and sauces of this restaurant to be sourced in long-kept family secret recipes, and even if you are not much of a carnivore, you will find something more than enjoyable to eat thanks to their eclectic seafood menu!

22. Bonterra

If you are looking for some Tuscan vibes in Calgary, make sure to visit Bonterra! Bonterra has been around for over 20 years and has become one of the local's favourites.

This restaurant offers upscale Italian cuisine but doesn't miss the Italian rustic charm while doing so. You will sit in a welcoming dining room or a lavish backyard patio and enjoy hearty but contemporary made Italian food that tastes like it's made with all the love of a real Italian Nonna.

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23. The Place Steakhouse

As one of the oldest Steakhouses in the city, you should definitely not miss The Place Steakhouse if you are into well-prepared meat.

This local institution is committed to serving only fresh ingredients and AAA locally sourced beef. Their local bakery makes wonderful fresh bread and buns, which are served with every dish.

24. LeVilla Restaurant

By now you have probably noticed that steak houses are quite a thing in Calgary. That is definitely due to the AAA beef from Alberta, which is easily one of the best meats you can get in the world.

LeVilla prides itself on serving a menu of global flavours that are packed into a hearty and traditional steakhouse vibe. You can therefore expect to eat some of the best meat but also seafood and vegetarian options in town.

Whether you want to arrive here in a group, as a couple, or book the restaurant for a private event, you can be sure that LeVilla and its staff are going to be delivering world-class quality and a contemporary take on what we like to call "comfort food".

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25. Flores and Pine

Flores and Pine prides itself on being a modern multi-functional venue that puts sustainable food at the forefront of everything they do.

As an upscale casual restaurant, you can come to Flores and Pine for a girls' night out, a romantic dinner, or a business lunch, and be sure to always receive top-notch dishes that come as shareable, flavourful entrees or wood-fired mains.

We recommend trying their Meatballs & Pierogies sharable or one of their signatures Rotisserie Half Chicken with a side of brown butter whipped potatoes.

26. Cassis Bistro

This little piece of France in the middle of Calgary offers its guests fine dining and an excellent experience.

Cassis Bistro is currently in the trained hands of French Chef Gilles Brassart and, therefore, definitely delivers when it comes to savoir vivre and good food.

Some of the most noteworthy dishes are the Ravioli du Chef, made with butternut squash and a chestnut confit, as well as the Moules Mariniere in a thick and creamy white wine sauce with shallots.

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27. The Living Room

The Living Room describes itself as an interactive kitchen and provides food that should be shared.

Their ever-changing and seasonal menu offers sustainably sourced produce that ranges from Sturgeon or Korean Short ribs to Cheese Fondue. The vibe is modern and alternative but the crowd is a wonderful mix of local businessmen and families and well-traveled tourists.

28. The Nash

The Nash offers a mix of high-end American and Canadian mixed cuisine served in a modern open space with extremely friendly staff.

It is definitely one of the more pricey restaurants in town, but that doesn't mean that it is not popular. Whether you want to have a lavish lunch or a romantic dinner, The Nash will deliver wonderful dishes in a classy atmosphere that will make you feel like a million bucks.

We suggest trying their Wild Trout Gravlax on Grilled Socrates Cucumber or Icelandic Cod Cheek Tempura with Braised Pork Belly. You can already tell by just reading the names of these two dishes that you will be in for a treat!

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What is the most expensive restaurant in Calgary?

The Nash and Ruth's Chris Steak House are definitely some of the more pricey restaurants on this list, but how much you pay always depends on whether you decide to go for a lunch menu or a lavish dinner and whether or not you decide to pair your food with expensive drinks.

How many restaurants does Calgary have?

Currently, almost 6000 restaurants are operating in Calgary with a wide variety of influences and origins. You surely will not go hungry in this city.

What food is Calgary famous for?

Based on this article, you might have already guessed it, but Calgary is famous for its beef. Alberta produces some of the top-rated beef in the world. Therefore it is no surprise that its capital will have some of the best steak houses in the world, too.

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This rundown of the most expensive restaurants in Calgary should prepare you well for your next trip to the city. From succulent steaks to irresistible Italian cuisine, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Calgary. 

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