Where Are The Most Expensive Houses In Canada?

Most Expensive Houses Canada
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The definition of a comfortable home varies for each person. Some might prefer indoor and outdoor pools, a home theatre room, a tennis court, and a beautiful living space with a wine cellar. Others might choose a cosy apartment with breathtaking views.

What is your definition of a comfortable home? 

See how it stacks up compared to some of the most expensive houses in Canada!

Let Ask Genie deep dive into the most expensive homes in some of the most expensive cities in Canada with all the amenities one would ever need.

Chelster Hall

Could a hall ever be converted into a beautiful house? 

You don't have to wonder anymore because Chelster Hall has been successfully transformed into a very charming home adorned by vintage furnishings, which subsequently took the real estate market by surprise. But, make no mistake, this house is virtually a castle!

According to Multiple Listings Services, some have even hailed Chelster Hall as the crown jewel of Ontario, hence the highest asking price. Although the house is built on a concept that existed a century ago, it still blends in some modern features well to complete the fantastic look it has now.

Chelster Hall features amenities such as a media room, wine cellar, multiple indoor and outdoor pool facilities, and independent quarters for housekeepers. Its underground parking houses 12 vehicles, and the best part is that you can add more rooms in the fully-furnished attic, creating more space for even the largest of families.

The asking price remains at $59 million with a down payment of $11.8 million and monthly running expenses estimated at approximately $257,300.

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Saint George Manor

Located in the beautiful city of Mississauga, neighboring Toronto on Lake Ontario, there lies a gem of real estate property aptly known as Saint George Manor. The sheer grandeur of this palace-like property goes toe-to-toe with the Chelster Hall.

Saint George Manor's size is approximately 43,000 square feet and is nothing short of glorious! Apart from an indoor pool with a fireplace right next to it, Saint George Manor has a club, a movie theatre room, and a barbershop. Everything the rich and famous need to live a life free of paparazzi is in this house.

Potential buyers can buy it upfront or rent it to get a feel of the place first. The asking price of this slice of heaven is $50 million.

24 Park Lane Circle

How would you fancy being neighbors with Drake? Too bad the lofty home on 24 Park Lane Circle has recently been taken off the market. Unfortunately, this property did not last long on the market; perhaps it was the fanfare of sharing the same postal code as Drake, but the house was not even completed when it was sold.

This mansion is to feature 9 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. The parking space tallies up to 12 lots, and the entire property has the vibe of a resort in the woods with modern elements of a neighborhood fit for the rich and famous.

According to the listing details, the completed home was listed for $45 million upon completion. However, there was an option to buy the mansion for $25 million before its completion.

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Belmont Estate

Where are all the adrenaline junkie multimillionaires out there? 

Belmont Estate has all you could ever ask for and more! Forget about all the cliche amenities such as an indoor pool, theatre room, and tennis court. Instead, we are talking about a full-on ski resort chalet with a helipad!

Potential buyers had the option of making this their humble abode, but it winded up in the hands of a hospitality company with better plans. Although the asking price was significantly more than the $42 million it sold for, it still maintains one of the record highs in the Vancouver real estate market.

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68 The Bridle Path

How does a 50-foot pool and ballroom facility sound? Perhaps you would have jumped at this opportunity right away, especially considering that this house has 14 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms, and a tennis court.

Despite these attractive features that could have wet your appetite, the house was on the market for a solid year before selling at $39.5 million. In addition, the property is located in Toronto, the city with the most expensive house in Canada. Undoubtedly, Toronto is revolutionizing the Canadian housing market.

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1243 Chartwell Place, West Vancouver

The previous owners of 1243 Chartwell Place in West Vancouver decided it was high time to give their home a flip and take it to the market. This house features more than just a catchy address that might seem unbelievable on forms.

The entire exterior and interior do-over converted this property into something majestic similar to John Wick's mansion but with a bit of zing. Inside, you could use the state-of-the-art media room and spacious living space. But, of course, with all these bells and whistles, this house's asking price was set at $39.9 million.

Penthouse 2 – West Cordova Street, Vancouver

For some, the peace and quiet of a mansion or an estate aren’t that appealing, but city centers with a view are a much more plausible idea. If you share these sentiments, Penthouse 2 in West Cordova Street, Vancouver, delivers in droves!

For a modest asking price of $29 million, the buyers of this penthouse suite will get the luxuries of living in a hotel with 5-star service. Some more appealing amenities include access to the private rooftop deck, office space, and a 24-hour concierge service.

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“Real Life Downton Abbey”, Montreal

Enough of Toronto and Vancouver home listings. 

What does Quebec have to offer? 

The Real Life Downton Abbey in Montreal steps up and swoops the record high for Quebec. Its buyers made off with a house previously occupied by some important figures in Canadian history, Jules Timmins and Charles A. Smart before him.

With such a deep national heritage, it is no wonder that the asking price was set at $18.5 million, which was a deal both parties accepted.

Fawn Bluff Cove, British Columbia

Time for some country-living as we explore Fawn Bluff Cove in British Columbia. Fawn Bluff Cove exudes the vibe of a lodge located in a remote area where you can hear crickets at night.

For a retirement getaway or a holiday home, this property truly comes to bat. Although you might not give Fawn Bluff Cove enough credit, it has state-of-the-art amenities such as an entertainment system, hot tub, and a games room. Most importantly, this home has a high-end security system with international monitoring, with an asking price of $28.8 million.

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489 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville

489 Lakeshore Road East is a mixture of lavish living in a palace with world-class landscaping for morning runs and evening walks. The house itself is close to a fortress with durable steel beams holding up the 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms with so many more amenities in between.

Some of the most appealing amenities include an indoor pool and some neoclassic interior design elements that look vintage. But, surprisingly, the house was designed and built in the 2000s. That is why the occupants also get a splash of modern design elements that bond together an airy mood throughout the house.

Villa Florentine, The Gore Road, Caledon

Villa Florentine on The Gore Road in Caledon is a force to be reckoned with that satisfies almost every rich person's desires. The villa is versatile and suitable for most lifestyles but primarily families with young ones. Since it has equestrian facilities, younger ones can master the skill of riding and caring for horses.

Sotheby's International Realty priced this marvel of a home with 4 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a guest house at $12.5 million. These real estate developers are also responsible for some of the properties listed above, such as Belmont Estate. However, its pricing is much more lenient than the Belmont Estate and a bit more modest by comparison.

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Ritzy House, 4901-50 Yorkville Ave., Toronto

Neutral colors? Check

Consistent color scheme? Check

Modern design elements? Check

And check a bunch of other boxes you might have when searching for a high-end condo with a fantastic view. The interior is minimalistic, and the location is prime! You could honestly never ask for anything else at Ritzy House.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, the design is sleek, modern, primed, and ready for a progressive small family. Like most other expensive condos, Ritzy House offers 24-hour concierge service paired with glass walls providing the perfect view over Toronto. However, unlike Penthouse 2, you have your own home office instead of office space on the building.

This condo's home office also has an excellent view, just like all the other rooms. So naturally, therefore, it's natural lighting galore at this place! Get all of this and more for $18.2 million.

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Who owns the biggest house in Canada?

Fun fact, the most extensive house in Canada is vacant and never actually finished. Peter Grant Jr. built this house on the shoreline of Lake Temiskaming in the Northern parts of Ontario and is known as ‘The Peter Grant Mansion’. The mansion's dimensions measure up to a total of 65,000 square feet.

Which city is costly in Canada?

For a long time, Vancouver was famous as the costliest city in Canada. Still, according to the latest research, Toronto has exceeded Vancouver's living costs and effectively has a more expensive real estate market when compared with its predecessor.

On the other hand, this just means the quality of homes and Toronto's lifestyles have become more sophisticated by comparison.

What is considered a mansion in Canada?

The term mansion seems a bit subjective but not necessarily as the benchmark has been set by property developers. In most cases, a house above 5,000 square feet can safely be regarded as a mansion, whereas some homes are classified as mansions if they are 8,000 square feet or more.

Also, the house has to be built on an acreage with significantly more bedrooms than other houses, typically five to six bedrooms. Many might also have an indoor swimming pool or even access to a private lake.

What is the most expensive property in the world?

Unfortunately, the most expensive property in the world is not for sale as it houses the Royal Family in England. Yes, you have guessed that correctly. It is Buckingham Palace with a value of over $6 billion. Apart from being the residential abode of the world's finest, it is also the administrative headquarters of the United Kingdom monarch.

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Purchase One of the Most Expensive Houses in Canada With Help From Spin Genie

And that's a home run for us! This in-depth analysis of the high-end real estate landscape for the who's who of Canada. These properties are to die for with indoor and outdoor pools, wine cellar amenities, home theatre rooms, and sports facilities.

Although some of these homes are off the market, you might have got some inspiration on what to look out for when searching for your next forever home, a holiday abode, or a guest house to escape the daily rut. These expensive houses have solidified that with enough cash, you can secure yourself real estate that is out of this world.


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