What Are The Most Expensive Cakes In The World?

Most Expensive Cakes
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Whether you are planning the wedding of the century or you're generally a cake connoisseur with a sweet tooth, you've probably asked yourself what the most expensive cakes look like.

Well, you are in plenty of luck today as we unpack the most expensive cake list, including some of the most expensive wedding cake selections in the world. Perhaps, you have heard about chocolate ganache, cakes with chocolate truffle cream, or triple Belgian chocolate, but these don't even come close to what you're going to explore below.

So sit back and relax. You're in for a treat!

Princess Diana's Wedding Cake

"Royalty consists not in vain pomp, but in great virtues" - this is absolutely true when it comes to the cake designed and baked for Princess Diana's wedding. So it is no surprise that this cake made it to our list of the most expensive cakes ever made. Although this cake was created decades ago, Moyra Smith preserved it in its original state for years.

It went up for auction and was valued pretty high. Just one slice fetched more than $2,000 at auction. The cake was a fruit cake without many extravagant design details, since it was designed and baked back in the early 80s. The original cake was 5 tiers high and weighed around 225 pounds.

You might not be thrilled at this cake... but it was designed for royalty after all!

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Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara's Wedding Cake

Speaking of 5-tier wedding cake designs, we have a more modern and exciting cake design that is much more recent than the antiquated Princess Diana's wedding cake. Joe Manganiello and Sofía Vergara tied the knot in 2015 and had an extravagant 5-tier wedding cake at their nuptials. The cake fetched an easy $50,000 with its intricate design details of flowers.

The flowers flowed from the base until the last tier, bonding in all the decks nicely. Sylvia Weinstock is the brilliant mastermind behind the Joe Manganiello wedding cake design, and she has made a name for herself ever since. She can pretty much make any design, and if you are looking for a world-class cake designer, she's your woman.

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Keyshia Ka'oir and Gucci Mane's Wedding Cake

Still on celebrity weddings, Gucci Mane tied the knot with Keyshia Ka'oir in 2017. The cake in this star-studded event stood 4 tiers and 10 feet tall. Pictures of Gucci Mane cutting this cake with a sword have circulated the net, which is just a mere representation of how huge it was!

The design in itself was awe-inspiring, and we could never expect less from this hip-hop powerhouse. It took approximately 3 months to plan this cake with 8,000 handmade flowers. In addition, the total amount of Swarovski crystals estimates at 2,500. The couple was set back $75,000 to get this work of art.

A confectionary company called Edda's Cake Designs took on this challenging Swarovski crystal cake project and evidently made a success out of it.

Prince William and Kate's Wedding Cake

Alright, we might not have done much justice to the Royal Family's patisserie collection before, but Prince William and Kate Middleton have a sweet comeback for the Royal Family. The multi-tier cake with an extensive base weighed approximately 225 pounds and stood 3 feet tall.

The grandeur of this couple's cake was not in height but in the details and width. Prince William did not deviate much from the traditional fruit cake flavor that his ancestral lineage went for. In essence, it was a traditional cake with a hefty price tag of $80,000. Fiona Cairns wielded all her efforts into making this cake nothing short of a masterpiece.

Nobue Ikara Platinum Cake

Looking at what Asia has pitched in the confectionery industry, we are compelled to be amazed at Nobue Ikara's cake with expensive precious metals. This Japanese cake designer changed the game by designing and baking a cake costing $130,000, which featured platinum pins, necklaces, and chains.

Honestly, the cake isn't much to look at, but the precious metals skyrocketed the cake's value justifying why it is valued at such an exorbitant price. One of the selling points of Nobue Ikara's cake is that it features edible foils that add the feel that you are eating platinum. Also, it was showcased at Platinum Guild International for all the platinum lovers out there.

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Masami Miyamoto's Chocolate Cake with Diamonds

Another talented Asian cake designer that took the world by storm is Masami Miyamoto. She designed a cake made from ganache, which ranked as one of the most expensive cakes in the world. The design was not that tall, but it was a sight for sore eyes. It was intricately designed with branches bearing beautiful fruits.

However, this was not the centerpiece of this $850,000 piece of pastry. Instead, the devil is in the details, and in this case, the 100 diamonds weighing 50 carats differentiated this cake from any other chocolate cake you would get from your local deli!

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The Luster Dust Cake

Perhaps you have heard about the luster dust cake, and your first thought might be that it shouldn't be that expensive. However, after seeing some recipes online for this cake, it might be a little lackluster for you but believe us not, Butch Stivers once exhibited a luster dust cake at the Dallas Bridal Fair valued at $1.3 million (USD).

After seeing some pictures of this masterpiece, it makes sense why it would cost so much. The cake was 9 tiers in height, with each slice costing $3,125. The cake served 360 people, and cake connoisseurs like yourself bought in! This wedding cake featured silver dust and 1,200 diamonds.

The total weight of the luster dust cake reached 160 pounds. Since then, the Delicious Cakes team has pulled some crazy stunts within their wheelhouse of playing around with ganache, fondant, and other pastries.

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Nahid Parsa's Luxury Bridal Show Cake

A quick snapshot of the Luxury Bridal Show in 2006 features a $20 million work of art by Nahid Parsa from La Patisserie Artistique. This masterpiece's price tag made it the world's most expensive wedding cake at that time. Of course, as years went by, some cakes got more costly than this, but it is still a force to be reckoned with.

Nahid Parsa took California by surprise, with the cake standing eight tiers tall with gold flakes at the bottom and diamonds for that extra flare from top to bottom. The middle tiers were coated with ruffles that took a texture similar to satin and flower designs.

This cake definitely melted in the mouths of whoever's taste buds were delighted to try it, with the thick fondant covering the soft sponge layers. At a value of $20 million in '06, Nahid Parsa's Luxury Bridal Show Cake goes down in the history books!

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Devorah Rose Diamond Gala Cake

Let's talk about cakes that cost more than the average sports car. Devorah Rose's Diamond Gala Cake was designed and baked by none other than the genius minds from the reality show Cake Boss. One day, Devorah Rose woke up to the great idea that she wanted a $30 million cake at her event.

Without flinching, Cake Boss took this task up to themselves and came up with a cake that had stones from the sapphire family, rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. This cake stood 6 tiers tall, with each deck quite wide and thick.

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Dimuthu Kumarasinghe Pirates Fantasy Cake

Just a few million dollars more than Devorah Rose's Diamond Gala Cake, Dimuthu Kumarasinghe's Pirates Fantasy Cake with 10 layers dropped jaws as it was unveiled in Sri Lanka.

Valued at $35 million, this Pirates Fantasy Cake has a different flavor for each layer consisting of the finest ingredients. In addition to the edible parts, the cake has jewelry and precious stones adorning it. One of the finest from the Sapphire family, King Sapphire, was also featured in this work of art.

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Debbie Wingham's Runaway Cake

Debbie Wingham's Runaway Cake, designed and baked for the birthday and engagement party, cost a whopping $75 million. This cake runs away with the title of the most expensive cake in the world and goes down in the history records.

The cake weighed 1,000 pounds with a breathtaking height of 6 feet. So what made this cake rack up such a budget? Debbie's design had 4,000 multicolored diamonds. The buyer of this masterpiece remains unknown, but we all know that it was designed for a wealthy unnamed Arab couple's daughter.

Where to Find Expensive Cakes and Desserts in North America

Expensive cakes and desserts are served in some of the finest establishments with a uniquely personalized dining experience. One such restaurant is over the border in New York. The NYC Serendipity 3 restaurant has desserts reaching $25,000.

There might be high-end restaurants within your vicinity you can explore to unearth some of the finest treasures of the local pâtisserie field. Visit some fine dining establishments with a unique interest in pâtisserie to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Here are some frequently asked questions to prepare your mind for the task ahead!

What's the most expensive cake to make?

Cakes with hand-sculpted fondant with crystals or other gems, either edible or not, are undoubtedly the most expensive cakes to make. The Swarovski crystal cake is the epitome of this and is the perfect example of one of the most expensive cakes to make.

Customizing your own cake of this caliber or similar to the Joe Manganiello wedding cake might just be the most expensive cake you can make.

What's the most expensive slice of cake?

Although it might be hard to pinpoint which restaurant has the most expensive cake within your vicinity, if you are looking for some heavenly indulgence for a premium dollar, fly out to Sri Lanka at the Fortress Resort and Spa.

You can get a slice of The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence, which might as well be the most expensive slice of cake available to buy. It'll set you back a cool $14,500!

What is the tastiest cake in the world?

The tastiest cake in the world's most expensive cake bracket depends on preference. However, cakes with chocolate ganache made from triple Belgian chocolate might be a universal preference. 

What's the most expensive dessert in the world?

If you are looking for any other expensive dessert, the Opulence Sundae served at Serendipity 3 ranks amongst the most expensive desserts in the world, at $1000.

But, be that as it may, it ranks far less than some variations of the Strawberries Arnaud that cost millions when served with some precious metals and high-end ingredients in some restaurants.

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So, Now you Know All About the Most Expensive Cakes in the World

Are you looking forward to trying some of the most expensive cakes or desserts mentioned above? If you've got a sweet tooth, there are tons of other variations of dessert to try that might not necessarily cost millions. Some luxury resorts, hotels, and restaurants offer some prized possessions that could set you back a couple of thousand dollars.

For couples planning luxury weddings, your expensive wedding cake will have a price tag contingent on the ingredients used as well as the complexity of the design.

Also, it will pretty much revolve around the pastry chef handling your request. For example, cakes with edible white and ivory flowers could cost significantly more than a standard luxury bridal cake design.


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