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Most Expensive TVs
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Televisions are generally expensive, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive TV might be? TVs can be super extravagant, from being gold-plated and foldable to producing light and fire shows… okay that might be a bit dramatic, but you’ll be surprised at how impressive TVs can be!

Here on the AskGenie blog, we’ll provide you with a rundown of the most expensive TVs in the world. Now buckle your seatbelts because you're about to read about some prices that will likely knock you off your seat!

The Top 12 Most Expensive TVs

The following list will tell you everything you need to know about the world's most expensive TVs and some of their unbelievable features:

12. Samsung UN105S9WAF

Price tag: $120,000

With a curved AMOLED display and a silver hue, this television exudes luxury. Samsung elevates television viewing by ensuring that no square inch of the screen is left unused to provide viewers with the highest possible picture quality.

Samsung clearly produces very expensive TVs, and this one can put you out of pocket for $120,000.

It is 104.6-inch in size and uses PurColour technology, which brightens the colour in the frame. It also includes 3D technology, a built-in WiFi feature, and game mode, making this Samsung smart TV a genius.

11. Panasonic Keymat Yalos Diamond

Price tag: $130,000

Up next on our list is the stunning Panasonic Keymat Yalos Diamond. This TV comes with a black diamond-shaped frame, which can help add some beauty to your home. 

When gazing at the Keymat Yalot Diamond from a distance, you can almost mistake it for a jewelry box. That is mainly due to the diamonds, but it probably also has something to do with the white gold-plated stand that comes along with it. 

This TV is truly out of this world!

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10. Beovision 4-103

Price tag: $140,000

With a 103-inch screen, the Beovision 4-103 is among the largest flat-screen televisions on the market. The design of this TV is simple and attractive.

With a 103-inch screen, the Beovision 4-103 is among the largest flat-screen TVs on the market. This innovative television comes with a motorized stand and pitch-perfect audio. 

Costing upwards of $140,000, the Beovision 4-103 comes with two speakers produced by the Danish company Bang & Olufsen. You can watch films with amazing soundscapes that will make you feel like you’re really in the scene. Viewers can also benefit from having a tilted screen, which they can move to a position that suits them, all with the push of a button. 

9. Samsung UN110S9VFXZA

Price tag: $150,000

Despite being one of Samsungs cheaper models,  the Samsung UN110S9VFXZA is still considered one of the most expensive TVs of 2022. This model is a 4K UHD TV and comes with an incredible 3840px by 2160px resolution and a 240 Hz refresh rate, which is well suited for its massive 110-inch screen.

This TV comes with multiple HDMI and USB ports and uses the same image processor speed, frame refresh rate, and backlight to help accentuate every detail in a series or film. It was among the largest TVs in the world in 2009, with a 3D version being released in 2011.  

The Samsung Un110S9VFZZA eliminates reflections by absorbing incoming light, and as a result, you can enjoy a more detailed and clearer image. Viewers can look forward to optimal picture performance!

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8. Samsung UA11059

Price tag: $152,000

The Samsung UA11050 comes at a whopping $152,000 and is another Samsung UHD TV. It has very similar features to Samsungs other TVs. This model was first released to the public in 2014 and is more suited to an affluent market. 

This is the sister TV to the previously mentioned Samsung UN110S9VFXZA…so what can you get for the extra cost? Motion control, meaning you can control the TV with your hands! 

7. Sharp LB-1085

Price tag: $160,000

The Sharp LB-1085 was launched in 2008. This specific TV was designed for 24-hour use, and its screen comes in Full HD to deliver the most outstanding images no matter the lighting conditions.

This expensive tv has a 176-degree viewing angle, meaning that images can clearly be seen no matter what angle you watch from. The Sharp LB-1085 also has an incredible colour palette of about 758 million colours; this means that the panel can produce extremely natural images with a very smooth and detailed colour scale.

By adjusting backlight brightness to match ambient brightness levels, the brightness sensor ensures unhindered visibility. Backlight brightness automatically decreases in dimly lit areas, so no matter the viewing conditions, you will get top-notch quality.

6. Samsung UN105S9B

Price tag: $260,000

The Samsung UN105S9B is the most expensive Samsung TV, costing $260,000 to purchase. You will be awed by its superb colour and panoramic impression, and it provides UHD Upscaling, UHD Dimming, and Auto Depth Enhancer. 

These fantastic features translate to a picture with an ideal level of clarity, natural colours, and picture performance. 

The bendability is the most amazing quality. By simply pressing a button, the screen can be transformed from flat to curved in an instant! It has a 105-inch screen. This TV is perfect for those who want the most cutting-edge and wonderful experience possible. 

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5. Panasonic TH-152UX1

Price tag: $500,000

The Panasonic TH-152UX1 has a massive 152-inch screen and stunning features and offers the ultimate experience that can top any cinema out there. The Panasonic TH-152UX1 has a 4K 3D plasma display, delivering the smoothest and most vibrant of colours.

This TV will completely change how you watch television and movies since you can see newly developed technology and rich textures across the screen.

Since this television is huge, it would be better to place it in a large meeting room or small theatre.

4. C SEED 201

Price tag: $680,000

This TV is over 1.5 tons in weight, and the C SEED 201 boasts a 201-inch Retina LED display with excellent resolution.

This expensive TV was explicitly designed for those who dream of having an outdoor cinema. It also has a storage station built into it for, you know... your stuff. And to top it all off, the TV can unfold into seven very big LED panels.

The C SEED is essentially your very own transformer, and it can transform into one of the biggest outdoor TVs in the world. 

The massive screen of this TV is hidden inside a chamber that has specifically been built into this television. The Porsche design studio designed this particular feature, and the screen has pixel power for ultra-high resolution images. 

No other technology in the world can generate such an incredible colour spectrum with such solidness and precision. It makes sense why it is one of the most expensive TVs in the world.

You will undoubtedly get the most out of this TV if you combine the 780,000 LEDs, 12 broadband speakers, and three subwoofers. This television is about $680,000.

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3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition

Price tag: $1.5 Million

Stuart Hughes is clearly coining it in the world of technology and televisions. The Stuart Hughes prestige HD supreme edition also deserves to be high on this list and is Hughes' second piece to be featured.

With a 55-inch display, this TV is smaller than its rivals. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of other, more stunning TVs. But do you want to know what this TV does have? This TV is encrusted with gems, alligator skin, and diamonds.

Since Stuart Hughes' prestige HD supreme edition is smaller but still incredibly lavish, it can easily fit into your living room - if you can afford to spend $1.5 million on a TV, that is.

2. The Titan Zeus

Price tag: $1.6 Million

The Titan Zeus is currently the biggest TV in the world, and it's no wonder why it’s so high on this list. The screen of this bad boy is 370 inches, so you better make sure you leave plenty of room for it. 

You can basically have the world's best cinema in the comfort of your home and enjoy the movie quality this massive TV offers.

One exciting feature of the Titan Zeus is a dynamic CGI aquarium that can be converted into a fish tank. Additionally, it has touch and motion tracking technology.

This massive launch by Titan occurred just before the 2014 FIFA World Cup, perfect timing to make those games even more thrilling. 

Fun fact: You can actually check out this TV at one of the oceanfront hotels in Cannes if you happen to pay a visit.

This expensive TV is ideal for those of you who live in a huge mansion with 20 of your closest friends or family members. You can set this tv up outdoors or indoors and watch around twenty different channels simultaneously.

The Titan Zeus TV has 65 million colours and is bright enough to display in full sunlight with clarity.

Not much could bring this bad boy down, and if you have $1.6 million to blow on a TV, why not? 

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1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

Price tag: $2.26 Million

The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition is number one on our list. This is currently the most expensive tv in the world. Twenty-eight kilos of gold and 18 karats of rose gold cover this TV. 

The most priceless gemstones you can imagine, like sunstone and amethyst, are included in the Rose Edition. Additionally, alligator skin is also included - because, as we all know, these are vital elements for any television!

This television stands out because the alligator skin was hand sewed into the inner screen layer, and it includes 72 round cut diamonds, just to sprinkle in some extra luxury.

This tv costs a whopping $2.26 Million and is for sure the most expensive TV tv to exist.

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