9 Most Expensive Perfumes Revealed!

Most Expensive Perfumes
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Is there anything more luxurious than wearing a pleasant fragrance? If you want to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you can't just have premium clothes - you've got to give off the right fragrance, too!

The more expensive the perfume, the less likely others will own a bottle. Not only that, but more expensive brands definitely have more luxurious bottles. So, which are the most expensive perfumes in the world?

Here at the Ask Genie blog, we know the importance of quality perfume. That's why we've compiled this list of the 9 most expensive perfumes in the world. Read on as we help you pick the best fragrance for you.

The 9 Most Expensive Perfumes in the World

If you want to invest in an ultra-rare perfume for your collection, here are the nine most expensive perfumes in the world. While we aim to highlight the most expensive perfumes in the world, we also want to show you the best fragrances with a significant price tag.

1. Shumukh

Price: $1.29 million (USD)/ounce

Shumuk is not only the most expensive perfume in the world currently but also one of the most recent contenders on the opulent fragrance list. It was released by The Spirit of Dubai (made by Nabeel Perfumes) in 2019 as a fragrance for women and men. This fragrance will set you back at $1.29 million per ounce - but it's worth it.

Overall, the perfume gives a totally unique smell of smoky incense. Specifically, the smell profile consists of musk, Indian rose, and sandalwood. This combination of scents is a nod to Eastern perfumes of old, while the bottle and presentation of the perfume are almost entirely contemporary.

It is the design of the bottle that makes this expensive perfume worth its cost. Since its release, Shumukh has set a Guinness World Record for the most diamonds found on a perfume bottle. More than 3,500 diamonds, gold, silver, topaz and pearls line the bottle of this perfume.

Not only is this expensive perfume amongst the most expensive and most diamond-encrusted, but it's also one of the most high-tech. The automated perfume spray is remote-controlled!

The fragrance inside it is incredibly long-lasting, too. When sprayed on the skin, this expensive perfume lasts for roughly 12 hours. When sprayed onto fabric, the scent can last over 20 days!

Shumukh is available to buy from Dubai Mall.

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2. DKNY Golden Delicious

Price: $1 million (USD)/ounce

While DKNY may be amongst the most common perfumes around, did you know that the company makes one that sells for $1 million per ounce? 

Like Shumuck, the high price of DKNY Golden Delicious is mostly due to the perfume bottle - not so much the orange blossom scent. The bottle is nothing short of a work of art, given that it comes encrusted with precious stones. These stones include 2,700 white diamonds, 83 yellow sapphires, 15 pink diamonds, and four rose-cut diamonds.

With this in mind, the perfume itself becomes less important. You're basically investing in a collection of rare gemstones rather than a fragrance!

However, the rich fragrance itself is worth considering. The smell profile of this perfume is often described as orange blossom with floral notes. Specific scents include vanilla orchids, Casablanca lilies, white roses, teak, and sandalwood.

If you just want to try out the perfume without the mesmerising bottle, you can find Golden Delicious online and in most health and beauty retailers.

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3. Baccarat Les Larmes Sacree de Thebes

Price: $6,800 (USD)/ounce

Given the price of this perfume, it may surprise you that Baccarat is not a perfume house exclusively. Baccarat, founded in 1764, is better known as a crystal and glass bottle maker. In 1998, the company turned its attention to perfume and released three limited-edition fragrances. The most limited of the three was the Les Larmes Sacree De Thebes.

The limited nature of the perfume is why it costs so much. That, and its rich smell and stand-out bottle design. For the scent, Baccarat aimed to evoke a Middle Eastern aroma. To achieve this, they combined scents such as myrrh, frankincense, amber, jasmine, geranium and plenty more.

Given Baccarat's background in crystals, it's no surprise that the Les Larmes bottle is one of the fanciest on this list. Egyptian-themed, the box is capped with a delicate fine crystal cut in the shape of a pyramid. On top of the main crystal is a smaller amethyst crystal. Inside, there's a yellow bubble crystal. Overall, this bottle showcases Baccarat's mastery of crystal design.

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4. Chanel Grand Extrait

Price: $4,200 (USD)/ounce

Also known as Chanel No.5, Chanel Grand Extrait has been long-standing in the world's most expensive perfume category. It was created way back in 1921 and stands as a collaboration between Coco Chanel and fellow master perfumer Ernest Beaux. It's the most iconic fragrance from Chanel, and its bottle exemplifies the company's minimalist approach to design.

At a time when expensive perfume bottles were designed in a complex fashion, Chanel Grand Extrait revolutionised bottle design. Its simple bottle design - featuring a rectangular shape, white label, and faceted cabochon - has stood the test of time. It looks elegant on any dresser and is an essential perfume to have in your collection.

Not only does this Chanel maintain cult status, but it also smells great. Its smell profile is made from two key ingredients: Jasmine from Grasse and May Rose. It is the quintessential fragrance of France. It's often described as a 'now and forever fragrance'.

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5. Saks Fifth Avenue Roja Haute Luxe

Price: $3,500 (USD)/3.4 oz

This modern scent has captivated both men and women for a decade now. Saks Fifth Avenue Roja Haute Luxe was created by British perfumer Roja Dove in 2013 to celebrate his birthday.

It is famous for having a complex profile and conveys a rich and unique taste in perfumes. Bergamot is the perfume's top note, while ylang-ylang and jasmine combine to create the middle note. The base note consists of the most diverse smells, including oak moss, cloves, iris, vanilla and labdanum.

Roja Haute Luxe is not only expensive but also very difficult to get hold of. Small batches of 250 bottles are released every year on September 25th, so you must fast to secure this fragrance!

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6. Christian No.1

Price: $2,150 (USD)/ounce

Clive Christian perfume dates back to 1872. In the century or so since, the brand has successfully upheld its image as a producer of quality and royalty-worthy products. Clive Christian No.1, released back in 2001, stands as its most regal. Two types of this fragrance are available - one for women and one for men.

The smell is nothing short of majestic. Clive Christian No.1 contains a woody amber scent mixed with exotic florals. Floral notes are created using heliotrope, iris, jasmine and rose.

The bottle is unique in that it features Queen Victoria's crown on the top - the only perfume ever to feature this. It also features an 18-carat gold collar and a five-carat white diamond.

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7. Caron Poivre

Price: $1,000 (USD)/ounce

The Caron brand dates way back to 1904, but this signature perfume wasn't released until 1954. Caron Poivre was made to celebrate 50 years of the French perfume house and was created by perfuming assistant Michel Morsetti. It formed part of Caron's Urn Scents series, which consists of several pure parfums containing high concentration levels.

What makes Caron Poivre stand out is its spicy and diverse profile. The top-level delivers the spice, with such flavours as red pepper, clove, and carnation. The middle notes include jasmine, rose, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. At the base, you have oakmoss, opoponax, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Caron Poivre's spicy edge has seen this perfume adored by both male and female wearers since its release. Vintage Caron Poivre bottles reflect the spicy smell profile, featuring a prickly peppercorn-studied exterior designed by Madame Bergaud.

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8. Joy by Jean Patou

Price: $850 (USD)/ounce

Patou is one of the oldest French perfume houses that are still relevant today, and Joy is its most lavish perfume offering. It is noted for its opulent floral notes and its interesting ingredient list. Rich ingredients include ylang-ylang blossom, jilt tuberose and aldehydes. A single bottle will contain the perfume of 10,000 jasmine flowers.

The combination of these ingredients creates a perfume that is light, vibrant, and expensive. Its vibrancy makes it the ideal perfume for spring and summer.

Since its release in 1929, Joy by Jean Patou has been widely recognised as one of the best perfumes of all time. In 2000, it was given the title of 'Scent of the Century' by Fragrance Foundation FiFi Awards.

The Joy by Jean Patou bottle could be compared to that of Chanel Grand Extrait in its simplicity. The Joy bottle was designed by renowned French architect Louis Süe. It consists of simple straight lines and a golden thread and top. The golden colour of the perfume brings this simple design to life.

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9. Nordstrom Les Royales Exclusives Jardin d’Amalfi Fragrance

Price: $132 (USD)/ounce

If you want a classy perfume but don't want to have to pay thousands of dollars for an ounce, consider this fragrance from Olivier Creed. At just $1,125, an 8.5 oz bottle of Nordstrom Les Royales can be yours. While this is a lot lower than some fragrances on this list, it's a lot higher than the standard perfumes you commonly see in stores.

Plus, it smells rich, fresh, and alluring.

Although Olivier Creed is an Anglo-French perfumer, the inspiration behind this fragrance is taken from Italy. Scents of the Italian coastline are combined in this premium perfume. Specifically, you'll smell fresh pink berries, lemon, mandarin, and bergamot.

Best of all, this expensive perfume requires low projection and lasts for a long time. With a single spray, you can smell like an Italian garden for over 10 hours.

In terms of the bottle design, the Nordstorn Les Royales comes in a majestic faceted glass bottle. The golden pattern gives off a royal vibe and reflects the high quality of the perfume found inside. While the design is slightly more extravagant than the likes of the Chanel Grand Extrait, the basic colour scheme ensures that it's not too flashy.

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What perfume do celebrities wear?

Chanel Grand Extrait is the perfume that has been most commonly associated with celebrities over the last century. Marilyn Monroe was noted to be particularly fond of the perfume. Other celebrities known for wearing the perfume include Catherine Deneuve, Carole Bouquet, and Nicole Kidman.

Is there a difference between Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette Chanel No 5?

Eau de Parfum features both top notes and heart notes, while Eau de Toilette only features top notes. Eau de Parfum lasts longer than Eau de Toilette. This is because the heart notes maintain the aroma of the perfume once the top notes have faded away.

Why is Clive Christian one of the most expensive perfumes?

Clive Christian perfumes, such as No.1, are expensive due to the costly ingredients required to make them. Clive Christian perfumes also often come in rich bottles plated with gold.

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From scents made using rich oriental flowers to sterling silver neck-plated bottles, there are plenty of expensive perfumes out there to choose from. But which to go for? Our top picks for the most expensive perfumes include Joy by Jean Patou, DKNY Golden Delicious, and Chanel Grand Extrait.

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