The Canadian Influencer Rich List

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Influencers have been around since the early 2000s, however, in this modern era with platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, this is a booming industry. There are a vast array of influencers out there, ranging from beauty and fashion influencers to lifestyle and parenting, as well as gaming influencers and those who lip-sync songs on TikTok.

Typically, you tend to hear about American influencers the most. So, we at Spin Genie, Ontario’s best online casino, wanted to find out who the biggest Canadian influencers are. So, we looked at the most popular influencers in Canada, taking their YouTube, Instagram and TikTok stats to find out which of them sit at the top!

The most popular influencers in Canada


1. Kris Collins   

Instagram Followers: 2,100,000 | TikTok Followers: 45,900,000

YouTube Subscribers: 6,990,000 | Total Followers: 54,990,000

Before becoming a TikTok star, Kris worked as a hairdresser, even working on the set of CW’s Riverdale. However, in 2020 she quit and began to make TikTok videos full-time and since then, she has amassed nearly 55 million followers across Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. On TikTok, she mostly posts comedy skits, but these skits have led to her getting numerous brand sponsorships, as well as her huge following.

 2. Celina Myers

Instagram Followers: 1,800,000 | TikTok Followers: 25,800,000

YouTube Subscribers: 1,120,000 | Total Followers: 28,720,000

Celina Myers, also known as “Celina Spooky Boo” is a massively popular TikTok star, having 25.8 million followers on the platform as of August 2022. She is mostly known for her comedy skits, but she has also published three books and has a podcast named The Haunted Estate. She also often shares her own experiences as a sleepwalker.

 3. Lilly Singh     

Instagram Followers: 12,100,000 | TikTok Followers: 1,400,000

YouTube Subscribers: 14,640,000 | Total Followers: 28,140,000

Beginning on YouTube in 2010, Lilly Singh has come a long way since then. The Canadian influencer did a TED Talk in 2021, where she spoke about gender equity and how women and girls are conditioned to view success. Since starting her YouTube channel, she has now amassed 14.64 million followers, as of August 2022 and another 12.1 million on Instagram, making her one of the biggest Canadian influencers.

The Canadian influencers earning the most on social media


1. Kris Collins   

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $26,600 | Estimated TikTok Earnings per Post: $45,901 | Estimated YouTube Earnings per Video: $12,838 |

Total Estimated Earnings: $85,339

With the highest amount of total followers across the three platforms we looked at, it comes as no surprise that Kris Collins is also the highest-earning influencer. Across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, Kris amassed total estimated potential earnings of over $85,000. Which is surely higher, with the brand sponsorships she has acquired with Google Pixel 6 and Amazon Prime Video. She also has a makeup line, which she collaborated on with Celina Spooky Boo, called BeautyXBoo.

2. Lilly Singh     

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $39,890 | Estimated TikTok Earnings per Post: $1,400 | Estimated YouTube Earnings per Video: $9,207 |

Total Estimated Earnings: $50,497

Lilly Singh appeared on Forbes's top entertainment influencers list back in 2017, she’s written a New York Times best-seller and toured 27 different countries. Along with gaining a colossal following, she has also managed to garner a total earning of $50,497. This is made up of her estimated earnings per post/video on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

3. Celina Myers

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $6,194 | Estimated TikTok Earnings per Post: $25,800 | Estimated YouTube Earnings per Video: $2,070            |

Total Estimated Earnings: $34,064

Celina Spooky Boo, according to social media earnings calculators, earns a total of $34,064, made up of her earnings per YouTube, TikTok and Instagram posts. As well as those earnings from her social media platforms, she has surely earned money from her three books, as well as her continued beauty product endeavours. In 2021, the TikTok star released a vampire-inspired makeup collection aptly titled, “Bite Me”.

The most popular Canadian Instagram influencer


1. Lilly Singh - Instagram Username: lilly                             

Number of  Instagram Followers: 12,100,000

Lilly Singh, one of Canada’s biggest influencers and public figures has over 12 million followers on Instagram, one of those being Henry Cavill. On the platform, she tends to post about the struggles she’s faced during her journey as a content creator and influencer, along with some of the amazing experiences she has. Such as her recent appearance on Canada’s Got Talent and attending the season three premiere of the Netflix hit series Never Have I Ever.

2. Pokimane - Instagram Username: pokimanelol                           

Number of  Instagram Followers: 6,100,000

Pokimane is actually Canadian-Moroccan and best known for her gaming streams on Twitch, where she plays League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant. However, on Instagram, she mostly posts pictures of her daily life, plus events she attends and travel posts. In 2017, she won Best Twitch Streamer of The Year at the Shorty Awards, this combined with her League of Legends gameplay spurred her rise in popularity.

3. Josh Beauchamp - Instagram Username: joshbeauchamp                               

Number of  Instagram Followers: 5,000,000

Josh Beauchamp is a Canadian-American dancer, singer and model, and as of August 2022, he has accumulated around 5 million followers on Instagram. In 2015, he made a dance cover for Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry”, which Bieber then retweeted. This led to Josh getting an audition to join the dance group Now United, but having auditioned to represent the United States (his mother’s country) he narrowly missed. He later successfully joined this time representing Canada (his father’s country) and is now the group captain.

The highest earning Canadian Instagram influencers


1. Lilly Singh - Instagram Username: lilly     

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $39,890

Canada’s biggest Instagram influencer is also it's highest earning Instagram influencer, and by quite a margin. Lilly Singh earns an estimated $39,890 per post, as of August 2022. This is a truly amazing feat, when she has earned all her success herself, with dedication and hard work.

2. Kris Collins - Instagram Username: kriscollins

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $26,600

She may not have the most followers amongst Canadian influencers, however, her engagement rate is around 6.47% which is higher than average. As of 2022, Kris Collins earns an estimated potential of $26,600 per post on Instagram, where she posts many of her TikTok skits.

3. Pokimane - Instagram Username: pokimanelol

Estimated Instagram Earnings per Post: $20,370

This gaming streamer is estimated to earn more than $20,000 per post on her Instagram account. This coupled with her Twitch stream earnings, surely makes her the highest earning Canadian gaming influencer, at the very least.

The most popular Canadian TikTok influencers


1. Kris Collins - TikTok Username: kallmekris         

Number of TikTok Followers: 45,900,000  

Canada’s biggest influencer, Kris Collins' main platform is TikTok, where she has a little under 46 million followers as of August of 2022. On the platform, she mostly posts comedy skits, she also has a second account on TikTok called “@kallmewhateveryouwant” which has a further 10.6 million followers.

2. Celina Myers - TikTok Username: celinaspookyboo       

Number of TikTok Followers: 25,800,000

Another of Canada’s biggest influencers, Celina’s biggest platform is also TikTok, where she has 25.8 million followers. She often does comedy skits and collaborative videos with Kris Collins, two of Canada’s biggest TikTok influencers in one place!

3. Nutshell - TikTok Username: nutshellanimations

Number of TikTok Followers: 20,700,000

Nutshell is a Canadian animator who used to post more on YouTube but now uses TikTok to post their short animated videos. As of August 2022, they have accumulated 20.7 million followers on TikTok. The videos tend to run for 30 seconds and are comedic videos about popular songs. They also did a comedic version of Pokemon in 2019.

The highest earning Canadian TikTok influencers


1. Kris Collins - TikTok Username: kallmekris         

Estimated TikTok Earnings per Post: $45,901

With her huge following, it makes sense that Kris would be estimated to earn the most among Canadian TikTok influencers. As of August 2022, she is estimated to earn just under $46,000 per post on TikTok.

2. Celina Myers - TikTok Username: celinaspookyboo       

Estimated TikTok Earnings per Post: $25,800

Along with her regular collaborator, kallmekris, celinaspookyboo is up there with the highest earning Canadian TikTok influencers. Celina earns an estimated $25,800 per post on TikTok, as of 2022 and alongside her other endeavours, we’re sure that figure stands to rise even higher.

3. Nutshell - TikTok Username: nutshellanimations

Estimated TikTok Earnings per Post: $20,600

The Canadian TikTok animator obviously has a huge following, using their videos to make popular songs even more popular in their videos, so of course, they earn plenty too. As of 2022, their account earns an estimated $20,600 per post on TikTok.

The most popular Canadian YouTube influencers


1. Lilly Singh - YouTube Username: Lilly Singh      

Number of YouTube Subscribers: 14,640,000

Once again, Lilly Singh is back in the rankings, this time as the most popular Canadian YouTube influencer. She started her channel back in 2010, though back then she was called ||Superwoman||, which she then changed in 2019 to her current username. In recent times, Lilly seems to take more advantage of the new YouTube “shorts” as her main source of content on the platform.

2. Andre Rebelo - YouTube Username: Typical Gamer      

Number of YouTube Subscribers: 12,900,000

Andre Rebelo, better known as Typical Gamer, is a gaming YouTuber and was the first account to post live-stream only videos to hit 10 million subscribers. He usually streams alone but is also known to play games on his channel with his girlfriend, primarily playing Fortnite.

3. The Bee Family - YouTube Username: The Bee Family

Number of YouTube Subscribers: 9,820,000

The Bee Family are just that, a family, they started their career over on Vine, before moving over to YouTube and TikTok too. As of 2022, they have 9.82 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, where they post videos of skits and parodies, as well as compilations of their videos and reactions to their older videos.

The highest earning Canadian YouTube influencers


1. Luke Davidson - YouTube Username: Luke Davidson   

Estimated YouTube Earnings per Video: $20,046

Luke Davidson, at the age of just 19, is the highest-earning Canadian YouTube influencer. On his channel, he tends to post reaction and lifestyle videos, as well as gaming videos and more recently YouTube Shorts, which are mostly comedic skits. He earns an estimated $20,046 per YouTube video, as of August 2022.

2. Jeenie - YouTube Username: Jeenie.Weenie

Estimated YouTube Earnings per Video: $14,286

A former flight attendant, Jeenie’s videos of her during her time as a flight attendant are what she’s well known for. Primarily, she posts YouTube Shorts of various skits, some including her as a flight attendant still. She earns an estimated $14,286 per YouTube video, making her one of the highest-paid Canadian YouTube influencers.

3. Kat Buno - YouTube Username: Kat

Estimated YouTube Earnings per Video: $14,133

Kat Buno joined YouTube in 2013 and she mostly posts a variety of different challenge videos as well as reaction videos. However, like many YouTubers, she also makes plenty of use of the newer YouTube Shorts, which are mostly skits and couple videos. She earns an estimated $14,133 per video, which is just a little less than Jeenie. Despite that, it still makes her one of the highest-earning Canadian YouTubers!


To begin, we gathered the top influencers using lists such as StarNgage, Influencer Marketing Hub and Social Blade. We omitted the use of the political figures and sports teams that were featured.

From there, we gathered each of the influencer's usernames and follower counts from YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

We then used the earnings calculators on Influencer Marketing Hub to get the estimated earning potential for each influencer’s Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Where the results for this section read “0”, the calculator did not have data on those accounts.


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