7 Most Expensive Piaget Watches

Most Expensive Piaget Watches
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You've probably heard of Rolex, Cartier, and Omega watches, but what about Piaget? Piaget watches are amongst the most luxurious and expensive in the world. So much so that they tend to be found exclusively on the wrists of the rich and famous.

The Piaget story starts much like that of other premium watch brands. Forged in the tiny hamlet of La Cote-aux-Fees in Switzerland, the Piaget brand started as a premium pocket watch manufacturer. Georges Edouard Piaget created pocket watches that were intricate, stylish, and ahead of their time.

The company was taken over and carried on by Georges Piaget's children and eventually turned its focus to wristwatches in 1991. Today it stands as a symbol of wealth, exclusivity, and style.

Interested in owning your very own Piaget status symbol? In this article, you'll find a list of the most expensive Piaget mechanical watch designs. For more luxury goods inspiration, visit the Ask Genie blog!

The 7 Most Expensive Piaget Watches

Piaget watches offer magnetic resistance, high durability, and accuracy, but which Piaget watches do the celebrity class wear? Here's our list of the 7 most expensive Piaget watches. 

7. Piaget Polo Watch

Price: $47,000 (USD)

The Piaget Polo Watch has a timeless elegance to it, with a brown and rose gold colour theme. With minimal diamonds, it's also one of the least flashy watches in Piaget's luxury jewellery range.

The main watch face and chronograph functions are placed against a crisp whiteness. This face is then encircled with a single-row diamond border. Rather than having several rows of diamonds, the watchmaker keeps this model minimal with only 40 brilliantly-cut diamonds.

Despite how luxurious it is, it isn’t over the top. The 18K rose gold case is 43 mm in diameter. Other features that add subtle touches to this watch face include the silvered dial, fixed bezel, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The coolest feature, however, is the chronographic faces. You'll find three, taking up the lower half of the watch face. One sub-dial for 60 seconds, one for 30 minutes, and one for 24 hours. These functions are great for those who like to tell the time in various ways. The whole watch has a power reserve of 50 hours - one of the biggest in the Piaget range.

This is also one of the best Piaget watches for water resistance. While the brand's other expensive watches can only offer a water resistance of 30 meters, the Polo Chronograph can resist an impressive 50 meters. This means that it's safe to wear this watch for short recreational swimming sessions.

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6. Piaget Rectangle a L’Ancienne White Gold on Strap - Diamond Encrusted

Price: $110,000 (USD)

One of the most uniquely shaped Piaget watches, this Piaget rectangular watch has an art deco charm to it. Across the 31 mm x 46 mm case size, hundreds of tightly packed diamonds are on display. 

The pink-gold shine of the diamonds ensures that the watch is only minimally flashy. The colour combination creates a muted glow, which gives this watch a more casual appeal.

Like other Piaget models, this watch features self-winding automatic movement. This means that you don't have to wind the watch daily. The Piaget Rectangle a L'Ancienne harnesses energy from your movement to operate. If you wear this watch daily, you shouldn't have to wind it up too regularly.

The hour markers are solid gold numerals, which stand out boldly against the pink gold diamonds. The Swiss brand has added several unique features to the face of the clock. This includes two small indicators: one for power reserve and the other for retrograde seconds.

The tang clasp and alligator strap pull all these features together and create a highly stylish addition to Piaget's Black Tie collection.

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5. Piaget Polo 40 mm White Gold Diamond Watch

Price: $160,000 (USD)

The Piaget Polo White Gold Diamond Watch is all about diamonds, with rows upon rows covering almost every stretch of the watch.

The watch face has the most dazzling display of circularly arranged 490 diamonds. These brilliant-cut diamonds act as the base for the 18K white gold hour markers, which stand boldly above the diamonds. The outer casing features 68 brilliant-cut diamonds, which grant the face of the watch an extra shine.

The diamond theme is continued with 576 brilliant-cut diamonds, which are neatly ordered along the watch strap. The Piaget Polo is fastened on with a folding clasp and is also water resistant. 

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4. Piaget Gouverneur Tourbillon Ultra Thin Watch

Price: $185,000 (USD)

The Piaget Gouverneur Tourbillon is a mechanical watch with an 18-karat white gold casing and a diamond-set bezel.

This white gold diamond bezel boasts two rows of gems, which gives this elegant watch a subtle shine. Completed by hand, the flying tourbillon calibre features lots of exquisite details. On closer inspection, you'll see hand-drawn bridges and the hand-drawn tourbillon carriage.

The main stand-out feature of this watch is its scale. As far as tourbillon watches go, the Piaget Gouverneur is one of the thinnest in the world. The watch features a thickness of just 4 mm! It's no wonder that Piaget labelled the watch as being 'ultra-thin'. Despite the thinness, this model has one of Piaget's biggest watch faces, measuring 43 mm in diameter!

This watch has many unique features, from its moon phase indicator to its impressive 30-meter water resistance. High water resistance is rare for watch pieces so intricate. Plus, the watch features a transparent backing, allowing you to look in and admire its complicated mechanisms.

At just 0.2 grams and featuring an alligator wristlet, this watch is sure to add boldness to your refined and luxurious look.

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3. Altiplano High Jewelry Watch 

Price: $227,000 (USD) 

The Altiplano High Jewelry Watch comes with a solid white watch face boasting 361 diamonds. Totalling up to 18 carats, you'll find 191 diamonds in the dial and 24 around the strap wristlet.

Brilliant-cut diamonds can be found in the watch's center and around the outside of the hour markers. In between the hour markers, there are single-file baguette-cut diamonds. This diamond layout elevates and emphasizes the solid-black hour markers. This not only makes the watch easier to read but also adds more balance to the diamond arrangement.

The clock hands also come in black, which stands out against the gem set finish. Like most luxurious watches from Piaget, the Exceptional Altiplano features self-winding automatic movement. This ensures that your watch keeps ticking along without needing to wind it up daily as long as you wear it often enough.

Other benefits of this self-winding watch include its 44-hour power reserve and durable crocodile strap.

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2. Piaget Emperador Cushion

Price: $567,543 (USD)

The Piaget Emperador Cushion is a skeleton watch that displays all of the intricate inner workings. If you're fascinated by how watches work, the Piaget Emperador Cushion reveals all its secrets to you!

Despite all the visible mechanisms, the watch face itself is surprisingly thin. 48 mm in diameter, it is also one of Piaget's largest watch faces.

Encasing the various silver dials and cogs, this watch features a diamond-encrusted border. Across the watch face, you'll find a total of 332 diamonds. These diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, including baguette, round, and emerald-cut diamond shapes.

The diamond pattern continues onto the buckles of this watch, which feature 26 baguette-cut diamonds. This shine contrasts superbly with the black alligator strap.

Another popular Emperador Cushion watch consists of the same watch face but features a brown tint and brown alligator strap.

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1. Piaget Emperador Temple Watch 

Price: $3.3 million (USD)

At $3.3 million, the Piaget Emperador Temple Watch is one of the most pricey timepieces in the world. For this price, you're not merely paying to wear Piaget as a status symbol. You're investing in a highly intricate time-keeping tool that only a few master watchmakers could design.

Let's start with the watch mechanism itself. The Emperador features not one but two watch faces. The top one boasts a small hatch in its center. This slight door protects a tiny mother-of-pearl watch face. This outer face is connected to another hatch, which opens up to reveal an even more delicate and sparkling watch.

This inner second watch comprises a power reserve indicator and a one-minute tourbillon. On the chronograph, you'll find an extravagant emerald-cut diamond.

With all these hatches, it's no wonder that Piaget included 'temple' in this watch's title. Both the large watch face and the daintier one are protected in a temple fashion. This ensures that the expensive timepiece is securely protected.

And let's not forget the diamonds. Completing this temple theme, Piaget has encrusted literally hundreds of diamonds all over the Emerador Temple. On the outer case of the watch, you'll find 481 brilliant-cut diamonds and 207 baguette-cut gems. Inside and around the central watch, there are 162 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 baguette-cut diamonds.

Lastly, the elegant bracelet is studded with 350 baguette-cut diamonds.

With over 1,200 diamonds in total, it's safe to say that this Swiss luxury watchmaker spared no expense when decorating this Piaget timepiece!

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Why are Piaget's watches so expensive?

Piaget watches use premium materials and has more complex mechanisms than other watch brands. There is more attention to detail and care towards Piaget, which helps make them last longer. The quality is second to none. 

Since the 1990s, Piaget has also branded itself as a high-end luxury company with a wealthy clientele.

Is a Piaget diamond watch a good investment?

Piaget watches can have a high resale value but less than the likes of Rolex and Patek Philippe. Rolex is better known and, therefore, tends to have a higher resale value than a Piaget Polo Chronograph, for example. So, if you're looking to make a diamond watch investment, go with Rolex or Patek Philippe diamond watch models.

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