The 10 Best Canadian Fashion Brands

Best Canadian Fashion Brands
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New York, London, Milan, Paris...and Canada?

Whilst Canada doesn't typically make it onto the list of the so-called "Big Four" fashion capitals, Canadian clothing brands have gained international recognition in recent years. A growing network of established designers and emerging talents is putting Canadian brands firmly on the fashion map, with everything from athletic wear and sports bras to premium leather bags and designer t-shirts popping up on the wishlists of some of the world's biggest fashionistas!

But what are the best Canadian clothing brands to have in your wardrobe this season?

To keep you on-trend, we've curated a definitive list of the brands that are at the forefront of clothes design and manufacture in Canada. Forget fast fashion; these are some of the best clothing brands that money can buy. From ethical brands with a focus on using sustainable fabrics and recycled materials to trendsetting designers with stores all over the world, you're sure to find statement pieces that'll quickly become your go-to items here.


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1. Canada Goose

Now one of the heavyweight Canadian brands, Canada Goose had humble beginnings. Sam Tick founded the brand in Toronto in 1957 with the goal of creating exceptional winter coats and outerwear for the freezing Canadian winters.

Every single piece is made using high-quality fabrics, including premium down insulation for ultra-effective heat-trapping, something that has seen the brand's apparel being used on official Arctic expeditions!

Even though Canada Goose is now a household name, exporting its jackets to stores globally and turning over hundreds of millions of dollars annually, it has remained true to its roots. The brand's clothing items are still designed and made in Canada to enrich the local job market and take a stand against unethical labour practices overseas. This sentiment is at the heart of statements made by the brand's CEO, David Reiss, stressing how they "are an ambassador for our country on a global stage."

As well as enjoying widespread recognition for the quality and ethics of its pieces, Canada Goose jackets are also a popular feature in the shopping baskets of celebrities. The likes of Rihanna, Daniel Craig and Angelina Jolie have all been spotted wearing outerwear with the brand's distinct Arctic Circle logo.

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2. Roots

When founding Roots back in 1973, Michael Budman and Don Green wanted to start a company that captured the essence of Canadian heritage and celebrated the natural beauty of their homeland.

Working to achieve a perfect blend of city life and cabin culture, Budman and Green began creating collections of high-quality leather goods and apparel from their Toronto-based leather workshop. This commitment to the "Made in Canada" manifesto continues today, with all of Roots' leather bags, footwear and accessories still being handcrafted by artisans in Toronto.

The brand has expanded since its inception back in the 70s, now offering a far wider selection of activewear, women's and men's clothing lines and kidswear, too. All Roots products remain united under the iconic beaver logo, which serves to represent the industrious, resourceful nature of Canadians.

As Canadian clothing brands go, Roots is one of the most eco-friendly and community-focused. It donates heavily to causes that support minority groups, sustainability projects and local growth through its 'Roots Cares' initiative.

You can purchase Roots clothing both online and in locations across Canada at the brand's flagship retail stores in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

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3. Lululemon

Straight out of the yoga studio and onto the catwalk! Lululemon was founded in 1998 by the self-professed yoga fanatic and businessman Chip Wilson. His vision was to create an athletic apparel brand that combined comfort and functionality with style, giving fitness enthusiasts and yoga practitioners the garments they needed to move and stretch with complete freedom.

Since opening the first Lululemon store in Vancouver in 2000, this Canadian brand has become one of the most well-known names in the fitness apparel industry. It now boasts an international network of close to 700 stores globally, enjoying widespread revere thanks to its longstanding commitment to quality and a clear idea of its purpose as a brand.

Lululemon's distinctive yoga pants are everything you need them to be - stretchy, comfortable and designed to flatter different body shapes. The natural fibers of the fabric keep you cool whilst active during workouts, allowing you to feel unrestricted and confident no matter how much you move.

This Canadian brand attracts professional athletes and fitness lovers alike by using premium materials and incorporating thoughtful features into its products. Its core product offering has also grown, now including specialist athleisure garments and accessories for golfers, runners and tennis players.

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4. Raised By Wolves

Raised By Wolves is a Canadian streetwear fashion brand that reflects the energy, diversity and artistic spirit of Montreal - the city that inspired the brand's founders back in 2008. Even though it's a relative newcomer to the Canadian clothing scene, Raised By Wolves has quickly risen to huge success.

Referred to by those in the know as RBW, this Canadian clothing brand designs and produces limited-edition graphic t-shirts that capture the essence of Montreal's street culture. Its bold and imaginative design quickly catch people's attention, and the brand is hugely popular among skateboarders, musicians and artists.

Just like the other brands already mentioned, RBW follows a "Made in Canada" mission. Its entire range of products, including streetwear essentials and accessories, is designed and manufactured in Canada, fostering an incredible sense of community among its followers.

The creators haven't forgotten where they came from, either. They actively support various charitable initiatives and collaborate with local artists, fostering creativity and promoting the growth of the artistic community in Montreal. RBW is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, joining an international community of sustainable brands to pledge a share of its profits to environmental projects and working to use eco-friendly fabrics wherever possible.

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5. Aritzia

Aritzia is a clothing brand for women seeking contemporary fashion that combines style, quality and versatility. Its boutique stores and online shop house a curated selection of tasteful clothing, ensuring that you can find something that resonates with your unique style and personality.

The first Aritzia store opened in Vancouver in 1984, quickly gaining attention for its elevated basics, effortlessly cool dresses and carefully-tailored garments. Women across Canada and beyond flock to purchase Aritzia's own-label pieces alongside items from a growing collection of big-name brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, New Balance and other footwear and accessory brands, too.

Aritzia takes great pride in collaborating with established designers and nurturing emerging talent. As clothing brands in Canada go, this is one that continually pushes the boundaries of design by introducing fresh perspectives and innovative concepts to its collections.

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6. OVO

International rap megastar, Drake, is one of the biggest names to come out of Canada. Period. But far fewer people know that he also founded his very own fashion label, OVO. And so, with a vision to create a brand that would reflect his unique style and artistic expression, he established OVO (October's Very Own) to bridge the gap between his two lifelong passions - music and fashion.

OVO is both a record label and a lifestyle brand. Collections feature limited-edition clothing, accessories, and footwear that reflect Drake's personal style and the aesthetics of Toronto. OVO's designs often incorporate the iconic owl logo, which has become a symbol of the brand's identity and exclusivity.

Each release is carefully curated, and the products are crafted using premium materials and craftsmanship. Their dedication to excellence is one of the reasons why the brand now has such a big and loyal following.

Celebrities including Halsey, Sofia Richie and Lil Wayne (some of the names in Drake's phonebook, no doubt) have all been seen wearing OVO pieces. The brand also partners with some of the biggest sports teams in Ontario, producing limited-edition items that sell for hundreds of dollars. If you want to shop for clothes that are just effortlessly cool, you'll struggle to go wrong with OVO.

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7. Naked & Famous

Brandon Svarc and his friend, Bahzad Trinos, founded the Canadian brand Naked & Famous Denim in 2008. Their mission was simple - to craft the highest quality jeans using traditional techniques and exceptional materials, all proudly made in Canada.

Naked & Famous embraces a philosophy of simplicity and authenticity. It believes that the beauty of denim lies in its raw, untreated form. As a result, it offers a range of raw denim jeans that allow you, the wearer, to personalize and shape your own unique fades and character over time.

The brand's commitment to transparency and authenticity is also reflected in its name. It aims to strip away unnecessary embellishments and gimmicks, letting the quality of its jeans speak for itself. Naked & Famous is also an incredibly inclusive clothing brand, offering a wide range of pants in fits and sizes to accommodate diverse body types.

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8. Frank And Oak

Another relatively new brand to the Canadian fashion scene is Frank And Oak. Founded by Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani in 2012 after they bonded over a love of fashion, this Montreal-based brand creates stylish, high-quality clothing with a modern twist.

Frank And Oak began as a men's clothing line with a focus on creating a wardrobe of timeless classics that would allow wearers to transition effortlessly from casual daytime activities to smart post-work drinks in the city. Now, the brand offers a wide range of both men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories, including beautiful linen pieces with a distinct androgynous feel.

Its entire clothing collection uses premium fabrics like organic cotton along with innovative dyeing technologies to preserve the colour of garments and keep clothes looking as though they've only just left the store.

Today, Frank And Oak is not just a clothing brand but a lifestyle destination that embodies style, sustainability and community. Its design studio champions a commitment to using sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes to create clothing that is "as beneficial to you as it is to our planet’s welfare."

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9. Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply Co. is a Canadian brand that connects with so many people because of how well it evokes a sense of wanderlust and embodies a real spirit of adventure. From skaters and street artists to backpackers and day trippers, Herschel Supply Co. inspires individuals to embrace new experiences and discover the world around them.

Founded by Vancouver-based brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel is known for its chic yet practical bags. Since 2009, it has provided a die-hard fanbase with backpacks, luggage, apparel and accessories that are crafted using sustainable fabrics to minimize the brand's environmental impact. Herschel also offers sought-after clothes and accessories alongside its core range of bags

Now enjoying worldwide success, this Canadian brand remains true to its roots, not least with the fact that the entire company is named after the small town where three generations of the Cormack family grew up!

Each iconic bag is thoughtfully designed, blending classic silhouettes with modern functionality. The brand drew inspiration from vintage mountaineering gear, incorporating timeless elements to appeal to any adventurous spirit.

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10. Ecologyst

Founded in Victoria, British Columbia, in 2013, Ecologyst follows a simple mission - to create sustainable, durable outdoor clothing that encourages people to connect with nature.

The brand's dedication to ethical and sustainable practices is unwavering. It prioritizes using organic cotton and merino wool in its clothing products, reducing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible shopping. Each garment is made in Canada, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards while minimizing its impact on the planet.

Ecologyst's popularity can also be attributed to its engagement with the local community. It collaborates with local artists, photographers and organizations, celebrating the beauty of the Canadian wilderness and supporting initiatives that protect and preserve it.

Additionally, Ecologyst offers a range of outdoor clothing and accessories that blend chicness and functionality. Its designs are inspired by the rugged landscapes of Canada's west coast, incorporating elements of simplicity and practicality in all its jackets, pants, t-shirts and lifestyle items.

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There you have it, some of the best clothing brands in Canada. If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your life with some timeless designer fashion, why not shop for your very own Aritzia dress or Canada Goose parka? Have a go at some online slots in Ontario, or check out the best online casino in Ontario to make your next shopping trip one to remember.

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What Are Canadian Brands Known For?

Given the country's cold climate and vast wilderness, Canadian brands are renowned for creating high-quality outerwear. Canada Goose, for example, is recognized globally for its durable yet ultra-stylish winter coats and jackets that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Canada is also home to a rich and diverse indigenous culture that has played an increasingly influential role in shaping the Canadian clothing industry in recent years. Indigenous designers incorporate traditional elements, patterns and techniques into contemporary designs, highlighting their cultural heritage and unique craftsmanship.

What Brands Are Famous In Canada?

When it comes to Canadian clothing brands, arguably the most famous is Canada Goose. It's renowned for its high-quality outerwear, particularly its iconic parkas. The brand has gained popularity worldwide for its commitment to producing garments designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Canada Goose has become synonymous with Canadian craftsmanship and is often associated with the country's cold climate.

For non-fashion brands, one of the biggest household names is Tim Hortons, the Canadian fast-food restaurant chain. It's known for its coffee, doughnuts and breakfast items. It has become an iconic brand in Canada, with a strong presence throughout the country. The brand has established a loyal following and is often seen as a symbol of Canadian culture.

What Is The Fashion Capital Of Canada?

Montreal is considered the fashion capital of Canada, as it's home to around 70% of the country's clothing brands. It was also recognized as a UNESCO City of Design, solidifying its position as a creative force internationally.

Montreal is a strong player in the Canadian fashion industry and a breeding ground for emerging designers of clothing, outerwear, accessories and footwear.

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