10 Best Restaurants in Montreal Today

Best Restaurants Montreal
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Seeing as the French province Montréal has the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada, it’s no wonder that billions of foodies flock to the city every year to try out the culinary delights.

Spin Genie has listed the 10 best restaurants in Montréal right now!

So whether you’re passing through, or are staying for a while, you can be sure to dine out on some of the most talked about joints in the city with this guide.

And, when you’re done, be sure to head over to the Ask Genie blog for more tempting treats. But first, let’s dine - Montréal style.


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Best Restaurants in Montréal

1. Île Flottante

With creative French dishes, served in a chic setting with captivating local art - Île Flottante is one you don’t want to miss. Translating to Floating Island, and laced with charm, this restaurant was formerly known as Les Deux Singes de Montarvie, and has very quickly made a name for itself. 

Dine at Île Flottante and expect beautiful handcrafted classics from chef Sean Murray Smith, with a raw focus on vegetables. 

They provide a tasting menu with a focus on fresh produce, along with a variety of meats and seafood - enhanced with an expert wine pairing. The kitchen produces dishes that showcase a harmony of flavours and emanate elegance.

The seasonal tasting menu is available for $110.

2. Le Mousso 

The emphasis at this cutting-edge restaurant is on creative presentations and distinctive tastes. It offers a tasting menu that is always changing to highlight the chef's talent and inventiveness.

Located on the outskirts of the east-end area, Le Mousso was founded by chef Antonin Mousseau-Rivard with the intention of showcasing a Québécois interpretation of neo-Nordic cuisine. The menu at Le Mousso continually evolves and is built around a multi-course tasting experience. The restaurant highlights the tastes and ingredients of Quebec through its seasonal and locally sourced menu. 

Founded in 2015, this restaurant underwent huge changes in 2018 and since has seen it rise to be one of the city's most talked-about spots and a true modern Montréal classic.

You’ll wish you’d gone sooner!

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3. Joe Beef

Joe Beef is well-known for its outstanding seafood, meat dishes, and creative innovations - it also boasts a vast wine and liquor range.

The restaurant is built in a historic structure that goes back to the 1880s and is located in Montreal's Little Burgundy neighbourhood. Joe Beef's food is frequently described as "rustic yet refined." The menu at Joe Beef showcases a variety of meals derived from local and seasonal ingredients. 

Over the years, Joe Beef has won various honours and critical praise. It has appeared in high-profile magazines such as The New York Times, Bon Appetit, and Gourmet Magazine. The restaurant has also been honoured by major worldwide culinary publications including the Michelin Guide.

Reservations are advised! 

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4. Hélico and Hélicoptère

The name for this restaurant-café combo is a Québécois term for the samara fruit, a winged seed which floats down from trees. Owner and chefs Mélodie Perez-Mousseau, David Ollu, and Youri Bussières-Fournel use the term reminiscently as they remember watching the seeds fall from the maple trees during their childhood. 

Hélico café serves luxury coffees and pastries by day, and restaurant Hélicoptère takes care of brunch services on Sundays, with dinners curated around locally-sourced wines by night. 

Set in the Hochelaga neighbourhood, diners can expect a menu filled with colourful, creative plates with plenty of seasonal flare and international flavours. What’s more, they can immerse themselves in a fine-dining experience without the price tag. 

Be like the seeds and float into the culinary wonderland that is Hélico and Hélicoptère!

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5. Toqué!

Considered one of the finest dining establishments in Montréal, Toqué! offers a sophisticated menu showcasing seasonal ingredients and innovative flavours. Founded in 1993 by Chef Normand Laprise, has garnered several accolades and has long been a fixture in the city's culinary scene.

The menu strives to accentuate the flavours and textures of each ingredient, with tasting menus frequently available to allow diners to sample a range of dishes. The wine list has been carefully crafted to suit the food, and it includes a variety of both local and international wines.

This opulent, modern French restaurant, located across from the Convention Centre and Jean-Paul Riopelle Park, has been on everyone's culinary bucket list for years.

Add it to yours!

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6. Au Pied de Cochon

Known for its indulgent and hearty Québécois cuisine, Au Pied de Cochon is a lively and vibrant restaurant, with a bustling atmosphere and rustic yet stylish decor.

Although the restaurant has received worldwide acclaim for its inventive and sumptuous food, it is crucial to remember that the meals are rich and heavy, which may not suit everyone's taste or nutritional requirements.

Foie gras poutine - an extravagant blend of French fries, cheese curds, and creamy foie gras sauce - is the restaurant's trademark dish. This meal represents the restaurant's idea of taking conventional comfort cuisine to new heights.

Au Pied de Cochon proudly showcases Québécois cuisine in all its decadence. What’s more, it has an open kitchen for those who love to marvel at the chef's talent and finesse. 

Reserve a table today, and make sure you’re hungry!

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7. Yokato Yokabai

What’s more comforting than a warm bowl of broth amid the arctic temperatures of Montréal? Located in Chinatown, Yokato Yokabai is a Japanese restaurant specialising in warm, flavourful ramen: serving tonkotsu, miso, and shoyu. The menu is small but refined - with the pork from the tonkotsu being served in small melt-away lumps as opposed to slices, it’s no wonder this is deemed the best ramen in Montréal! 

On top of this, there are vegetarian and vegan options and a smorgasbord of side dishes including burdock fries, fried noodle salad, octopus fritters and more. With everything being made in-house and service being swift and efficient, Yokato Yokabai has the ability to transport Quebecers all the way to Tokyo. 

Experience a touch of Japan, right here in Quebec. 

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8. Restaurant Moccione 

Situated in the Villeray neighbourhood, this cheerful and welcoming Italian restaurant will transport you to the heart of Italy. 

The handcrafted pasta-focused menu rotates monthly to emphasize the freshest ingredients. Luca Cianciulli, the chef, delivers an italo-Montrealer menu centred on excellent ingredients, as does traditional Italian cuisine. Catherine Picard, the sommelier of Restaurant Moccione, is constantly expanding the wine range, which leans towards natural options.

All the wines you try at Moccione are handpicked, whilst the bar boasts delectable creations and heartfelt cuisine. That’s what keeps the spirit of this place unique and a must in Montreal.


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9. Bottega

Bottega Pizzeria is a well-known, family-run eatery in the centre of Little Italy. The pizzas here are roasted in a Vesuvius oven at 900 degrees (imported directly from Naples, brick by brick), giving the perfectly blistered, dalmatian-spotted crust that is synonymous with Neapolitan pizza. This is truly an eatery authentic to the area.

Not only does it serve a broad variety of classic Italian foods, ranging from true Neapolitan pizza to sfizi, or Neapolitan-style tapas, the bar is famous for its knowledgeable classic cocktails. 

So, if you’re heading to Bottega - make sure you order a Negroni (or a Maradona Spritz)! 

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10. Restaurant L’Express

L'Express is a popular and well-regarded Parisian-style bistro in Montréal. For many years, it has been a fixture on the city's eating scene, recognized for its traditional French food and classic bistro ambience. 

The restaurant is frequently commended for its authentic and high-quality cuisine, with many customers praising the flavours and presentation of the meals. L’Express is dedicated to utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as providing meticulous attention to detail in the creation of each dish. 

The menu features a range of French meals, including classics such as steak frites, coq au vin, escargots, and a selection of seafood dishes. 

Some might call it, the crème de la crème of eating out. 

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Dive Into a Life of Luxury With Spin Genie

These are just a handful of some of the best restaurants in Montréal, Quebec. Each establishment has its own distinct charm and culinary options, so be sure to explore and discover the ones that best align with your palate.

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But, don’t stop there - take a look at some of the other luxury lifestyle blogs we have to offer:

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What Are the Best Restaurants in Downtown Montréal?

Including the above list, these are what we would consider some other honourable mentions for must-eats in Montréal:

  • Garde Manger is the restaurant of celebrity chef Chuck Hughes, presenting innovative seafood-focused cuisine.
  • Le Club Chasse et Pêche is an elite French-Canadian restaurant specializing in game and seafood.
  • Damas is a well-known Syrian restaurant that serves a variety of delectable Middle Eastern meals.
  • Kazu is a lively Japanese izakaya known for its genuine and delicious meals.
  • Olive & Gourmando is a little cafe and bakery noted for its delicious brunches, sandwiches, and pastries.
  • Lawrence is a pleasant British-inspired restaurant that serves substantial, well-executed cuisine.

What Are the Best Italian Restaurants in Montréal?

Life in Little Italy revolves around Dante Street, and if you’re in Montréal, you’ll want to check out these Italian restaurants:

  • Impasto is known for its genuine and exquisite Italian food, with a menu that emphasises classic flavours and fresh ingredients. Their wood-fired pizzas and handmade pasta dishes are highly praised.
  • Nora Gray is influenced by southern Italian cuisine, serving a variety of delectable delicacies, such as handmade pasta, seafood specialties, and inventive antipasti.
  • Da Emma is a prominent Italian trattoria in Old Montréal noted for its classic meals and welcoming ambience.
  • Pizzeria GEMA is a must-visit if you're seeking great, authentic Neapolitan pizza in Montréal.

What Are the Best Indian Restaurants in Montréal?

If you’re in Montréal, don’t skip on the Indian food there is to offer, here are just a few notable mentions: 

  • Maison Indian Curry House is well-known for its tasty curries and extensive menu of Indian foods.
  • Thali Cuisine Indienne serves a wide range of Indian foods, including thali dinners with a variety of flavours. It's an excellent spot to sample a variety of Indian dishes.
  • Pushap Restaurant & Sweet Shop is popular among residents for its wonderful meals and an extensive assortment of Indian sweets.


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