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Zillard King Slot Machine

Biggest Win
Produced by
Red Tiger
bonus, win multiplier
Min to Max Bet ($)
Game Theme
2D/3D, Adventure

Zillard King Slot Game Details

We did a quick online search to educate ourselves in the unlikely event that the name "Zillard" had some obscure cultural connotation that we were unaware of. However, it appears Zillard King from Red Tiger is essentially a Godzilla wannabe without going through the trouble or money of securing a licensing, unless the connection is obscured deep on page 2 of Google. Therefore, even if Zillard King isn't a branded slot in the traditional sense, it surely makes you think of a huge lizard emerging from the water to annihilate a coastal city. The game's simple rules call for collecting coins to strengthen the wild symbol and open a second reel. There are no further bonus games in this area; that is it.

How to Play Zillard King Slot

On a day like the one in Zillard King, a gigantic lizard would probably emerge from the sea with the intention of wreaking havoc. Dark, pulsating clouds, crackling lightning, powerful gusts, and a rough sea indicate that a storm is developing in more ways than one. A generic city can be seen in the backdrop, blissfully oblivious that it is about to be destroyed, while the sea appears nothing short of ominous. Even if everything is a little bit of a rip-off, Red Tiger did a good job at copying it, and the game was entertaining for a while.

Given how simple it is, you will probably pick up this game quickly. Simply follow these crucial steps.

  • You may find "sound settings" at the top right corner. If you would rather, you can use these to alter the audio.
  • Use the + and - buttons on the main game screen to change your bet level.
  • Press the start button as soon as you are prepared.
  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and always play responsibly. Set realistic boundaries for yourself and abide by them.

This is a summary of the information you will need to get started. Despite having an easy-to-understand interface and plain gameplay, this slot machine is incredibly unpredictable.

Zillard King Features

The sixth reel of Zillard King begins as a progress meter where coins are stored when they are acquired. Zillard King is played on a 5-reel, 4-row game grid. Any device can be used to play the game, and stakes can range from 0.10 to 20 per spin. Additionally, with a 96% return to player value, it has a medium volatility. At 3,800x, potential isn't particularly high, but given how Zillard King is set up without a bonus game rewards aren't too awful.

Players have 30 fixed paylines at their disposal to create winning combinations that include at least three of a kind. If you keep playing long enough, the sixth reel—which only has high-paying symbols—will become available. For five of a kind, these orbs, choppers, compasses and gas masks are worth 3–15 times the wager; for six of a kind, they are worth 6–30 times the wager. The four card suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades) make up the low pays, which pay out 0.6 to 1.5 times the stake for five of a kind. Low payments never appear on the sixth reel. 

The primary goal of Zillard King is to gather gold coins in order to acquire Zillard Wild improvements. Any symbol on the game grid may randomly have a gold coin in the bottom right corner. Gold coins that land on the same spin as a Zillard Wild are collected and move the Zillard Wild Progress Bar forward.

  • Zillard Wild: The wild replaces any paying symbols to complete winning lines
  • Thunder Wilds: There is a potential that when a Zillard Wild symbol lands but there is no win, he will roar and bring Thunder Wilds onto the game grid to ensure a win. If five reels are in play, you receive 3-6 Thunder Wilds, or 3-9 if the sixth reel has been unlocked.

Zillard King FAQs

What is the minimum bet for the Zillard King slot game?

The minimum bet for the slot game is 0.10.

Who is the game provider of Zillard King online slot?

The game provider of online slot is Red Tiger

What is the RTP of Zillard King?

The Return to Player Rate of the slot is 96%.

What is the biggest potential win for Zillard King?

Once you get to the finish and have seen everything, there is a chance that your interest will wane. Though it was a savvy idea to only drop high-paying symbols on the sixth reel, six premium symbol wins were worth twice as much as winnings from combos of five symbols. Although this slot game doesn't have a bonus game and its maximum wins are limited to 3,800 times the bet, its potential isn't horrible either.

Can I play Zillard King Slot on mobile?

On your phone or tablet, the online slot game can be played without restrictions. Since the game is based on HTML5 and JS, it works with both current Android and iOS mobile devices. Once you begin playing, the slot's mobile version will load automatically. To navigate and manage the gaming experience, use simple controls like tapping and scrolling

Play Zillard King Online Slot at Spin Genie

Zillard King offered a fun playthrough for what it is. Red Tiger has created a slot with a video game-like atmosphere by fusing an upgrade element with a touch of cinematography. Red Tiger has a soft spot for slots that progressively improve over time as you play them, unlocking new features. There are benefits and drawbacks to this strategy, but overall it works well for Zillard King. Some people will say that making an effort to reach the better parts isn't always worthwhile, and although they may have a point, Zillard King's trip was fun in and of itself, and it didn't take a long time to advance through the improvements.

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