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The Best Online Roulette Games in Ontario at Spin Genie


When it comes to online casino games, Spin Genie offers an expansive collection, ranging from slots to table games and live casino options. However, one casino game that Spin Genie is best known for is roulette. As a result, gamers visiting the site will find 84 different roulette games to enjoy, including options like Speed Roulette, American Roulette, and Lightning Roulette. Additionally, Spin Genie offers an exceptional live dealer suite with over 30 live roulette options for players to discover.

Live dealer roulette enables players to engage in authentic casino games, where a live dealer spins the wheel and accepts bets. Spin Genie live-streams these games in real-time, making it simple for players to watch and participate. As a result, gamers visiting Spin Genie can play various forms of live roulette, including European, American, London, and Dutch Roulette.


Roulette Game Rules

Roulette comes with several rules that differ slightly according to the style chosen. However, the rules are often similar and are not hard to follow.

Firstly, players need to decide what kind of bet they're placing. For example, an inside bet sees a player choosing an exact pocket number the ball will land in or a selection of pockets based on the table's layout. However, an outside bet sees a player wager on the ball landing on odds or evens or the pocket colour.

Additionally, roulette tables impose rules in terms of minimum and maximum wagers for inside and outside bets.

Once the croupier has spun the wheel and declared "no more bets," players may not place a new bet until the current spin is over. Once the wheel has stopped spinning and the ball lands firmly in a pocket, the croupier places a marker, known as a Dolly, on the winning number on the table, clarifying the final result for players.

The croupier then pays out any winnings before players can place new bets.

How To Play Online Roulette


Playing online roulette is relatively straightforward. The aim of the game is to bet on the correct pocket number the ball will land on when the wheel comes to a stop.

Roulette consists of a table with numbers on which bettors place their chips, signalling that they bet on that number. Then, a wheel features alternating red and black pockets, each with a number from 1-36. Additionally, there is a green pocket for the number 0, or in American Roulette's case, there are two zeros.

Each round of roulette sees players betting on the number or numbers they believe the ball will land on, as inside or outside bets. Gamers can bet on more than one number and place inside and outside bets simultaneously for each round.

Then, once all bets are placed, the croupier spins the wheel and releases the ball at the outermost edge of the wheel so that it can fall into a pocket.

Once the ball rests in a pocket, the croupier announces the winning number and pocket colour by placing the marker on the corresponding number on the table. They then clear all wrong bets from the table and pay out the winners.


Popular Roulette Games you can play on Spin Genie

  • American Roulette

    While similar in style and rules to other roulette variations, American Roulette features a slightly larger wheel. Instead of featuring 37 pockets, this wheel features 38 pockets, the additional pocket for the second 0.

  • European Roulette

    European Roulette features the same wheel as French Roulette, with pockets numbered 1-36 and 0. However, the table layout differs slightly from French Roulette, and the la partage and en prison rules do not apply.

  • French Roulette

    French Roulette features two additional rules, la partage and en prison. La partage sees a player gaining back half their wager if they lose an outside bet because the ball landed on zero. Similarly, en prison sees the player winning back their money if the following spin wins.

  • Live Dealer Roulette

    Live dealer roulette sees a casino live-stream a chosen roulette game as it plays out in real-time. Players can watch the game, participate, and wager their bets by communicating with a croupier over live chat.

FAQ about Online Roulette

  • Is online live roulette the same as land-based casino roulette?

    Online live roulette follows the same principles and rules as land-based roulette games. However, in this instance, players sit at a virtual table and bet on the wheel simultaneously.

  • Do you need to download software to play live roulette?

    Spin Genie plays live roulette games in your internet browser, so you won't need to download any software to play.

  • What is an RNG roulette game?

    An RNG roulette game has no live dealer and instead uses a Random Number Generator to select the pocket number the ball lands on, ensuring the same odds and fair play found in a live casino.

  • Can you play online roulette for real money in Canada?

    Yes. Since you bet using the money you deposited, you can withdraw winnings as real money.

  • Why are Roulette Games so Popular?

    Roulette is popular for several reasons. Firstly it features few rules and relies primarily on chance, building excitement and fun. Additionally, it is quick and easy to learn and comes in several variations.

  • Can I Play Online Roulette Games on Mobile?

    Yes, Spin Genie has optimised its website to offer all games on mobile platforms.

Play Online Roulette Games on Spin Genie

Gamers who love a game of roulette will find no better place to visit than Spin Genie. In addition to offering several RNG versions of roulette, the online casino provides over 30 live online roulette games, including American, French, and European Roulette.

Although you can spin the roulette wheel as often as you like, Spin Genie suggests limiting play time for safe gambling.

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