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Top Online Blackjack Games in Ontario Canada at Spin Genie


When it comes to online blackjack games, Spin Genie is the place to be. Ontario gamers will find that this online casino features over 90 exciting blackjack options for them to explore, from RNG options like Italian Cashback Blackjack to Blackjack Party and European Blackjack. Gamers will also find over 50 live dealer blackjack games that provide players with an authentic casino experience.

So, whether you want to compete against software or live against a dealer or other players, you have the option to do so at Spin Genie.

Further, Spin Genie partners with leading software developers like Evolution, NetEnt, and Pragmatic Play to design its blackjack games. So, players can always be sure to find high-quality games with stunning visuals and exceptional performance.


What is Online Blackjack?

Easily one of the most popular table games found at brick-and-mortar casinos across the globe, blackjack is a unique card game that sees players attempt to acquire cards to the value of 21. Since it has few rules and is relatively easy to learn, it is a favourite among players.

Online blackjack is much the same and comes in two forms, RNG blackjack, which sees the player compete against software, or live dealer blackjack. Live dealer blackjack is where Spin Genie live-streams a blackjack game as it plays out in real-time. Gamers can watch the game's live feed and participate and place bets by communicating with the croupier over live chat. In this version, players gain an authentic casino experience and compete live against other players and a dealer.

Online blackjack comes in several exciting versions, too, with slight twists to keep things interesting.

How To Play Online Blackjack


Playing blackjack online is similar to playing it in person. Since the rules are easy to follow, new players can quickly learn the game.

The aim is to get your hand's score as close to 21 as possible. While reaching 21 is optimal, you don't have to get that exact number to win; a score nearer to 21 than the dealer is all you need. For instance, if the dealer draws a seven and a ten, achieving a score of 17, but you draw a ten and a nine, you win. However, keep in mind a number over 21 is a loss or 'bust.' The King, Queen, and Jack are worth ten. However, the Ace can count as an 11 or one, depending on your cards. For instance, if you already have two tens, you can use your Ace as a one or combine it as an 11 with a nine to make 20.

Players are dealt two cards face up. If you feel the sum of these two cards is as close to 21 as you can get without going over, you can 'stand' or 'stick.' But if you need another card to increase your score, you say 'hit."


Our Guide to Blackjack Terms

  • Hit

    When you receive another card from the croupier.

  • Stand

    When you don't add any new cards to your hand and take no additional action.

  • Bust card

    The card that increases your hand over a score of 21, causing you to bust.

  • Insurance

    Insurance sometimes becomes an option if the first card drawn by the dealer is an Ace. It allows you to place a side bet that the dealer's next card will carry a value of ten and hit a natural blackjack.

  • Double Down

    Once you have looked at your hand, you can double your initial bet. However, you must place an additional bet equal to your initial wager and draw another card.

  • Push

    This is when the player and the dealer draw hands of the same value of less than 21. For instance, if both the dealer and the player draw cards totalling 19.

  • Split

    When a player is dealt two cards of the same value, it is called a split. In this case, the player can play each of these cards individually with a wager for each. So, essentially, the player ends up with two hands.

  • Natural

    Achieving a score of 21 on your first two cards.

FAQ about Online Blackjack

  • Can you play online blackjack for real money in Canada?

    Yes, you can play online blackjack for real money in Canada. Despite being online, bets are placed and paid out using real money.

  • Is online casino blackjack legal in Canada?

    Yes, since there are no formal laws prohibiting players from using offshore international online casinos, players can legally play online blackjack using one of these sites.

  • How many decks are there in online blackjack?

    Live online blackjack typically uses between six and eight decks. However, the number of decks varies according to the blackjack variation played, like Multihand Blackjack.

  • Does online live blackjack have the same odds as in a casino?

    Yes, live online blackjack offers the same odds as a land-based casino. Although the location is different, the rules and processes remain the same.

  • Why are Blackjack Games so Popular?

    Online blackjack offers the same fun as in-person blackjack but from the comfort of home. Further, players enjoying online blackjack on Spin Genie have various blackjack options to explore.

  • Can I Play Online Blackjack Games on Mobile?

    Yes. Spin Genie has optimised its website to offer seamless functionality on mobile devices, making it simple to play online blackjack.

Play Online Blackjack Games on Spin Genie

eGamers looking for an exceptional online blackjack experience will want to head to Spin Genie. In addition to offering over 90 blackjack options, the casino features nearly 50 live blackjack games for players to discover.

While gamers can play to their heart's content at Spin Genie, we recommend limiting play time for safe gambling.

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