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Serial Slot Machine

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No Limit
bonus, free spins, gamble, respin
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Game Theme
2D/3D, Death

Serial Slot Game Details

In the game Serial, players are thrust into a haunting crime scene teeming with unsettling symbols like forceps, chains, gloves, and shovels, all stained with the ominous mark of blood. The cast of characters includes a tenacious detective, a stoic morgue worker, the unfortunate victim, and the enigmatic "Bodycam Killer," whose nightmarish mask is a sinister creation forged from the flesh of their victims.  

As players navigate this twisted narrative, they must unearth the darkest secrets hidden within this grim tableau. Each discovery leads them deeper into the chilling depths of suspense and horror, ultimately culminating in a heart-pounding showdown with the unfathomable evil that lurks in the shadows. Your choices and investigations will determine your survival in this bone-chilling tale of suspense and terror, where the line between sanity and madness blurs with every step you take.

How to Play Serial Slot

In the intricate gameplay of Serial, the pursuit of victories hinges on the art of aligning three or more matching symbols across adjacent reels. To embark on this thrilling quest, players are initially presented with a canvas of 243 ways to achieve triumph, but the landscape of opportunities can evolve dynamically as the enigmatic xSplit symbols come into play, potentially expanding the avenues for success.  

One of the game's captivating facets lies in the notion of Respawns, an intriguing mechanic that enters the scene after each successful win. When fortune smiles upon the player, the symbols responsible for the victory are magically locked in place, casting a tantalizing spotlight on their significance. Meanwhile, the remaining reels spin fervently in anticipation, opening the door to the possibility of further wins that can multiply the excitement and rewards.  

Adding an extra layer of complexity and unpredictability to the gameplay experience are the Enhancer Cells, discreetly lining the upper and lower borders of the reels. At the inception of each spin, these cells remain shrouded in mystery, their latent potential concealed. However, as the respins come into play, these Enhancer Cells awaken from their dormant state, revealing a treasure trove of features to enhance the player's fortunes. Among these are the mysterious xWays, the elusive xNudge Wilds, and the tried-and-true regular wilds, each offering a unique twist to the unfolding narrative of suspense and chance, enriching the gameplay with a tapestry of choices and possibilities. In Serial, every spin tells a tale, and every respin unfolds a new chapter, making the pursuit of wins a captivating journey through a maze of mysteries and rewards.

Serial Features

Serial offers two exhilarating bonus rounds: "The Search Free Spins" and "The Kill Free Spins." To trigger "The Search Free Spins," you need three scatters, which also unlock additional enhancer cells, expanding your winning possibilities to a minimum of 1125 ways. Excitingly, if two xSplit symbols make an appearance during "The Search," they act as a key to unlock "The Kill Bonus Round," heightening the suspense and anticipation.  

Now, let's delve into "The Kill Free Spins." This bonus can be initiated by landing three scatters, whether during the base game or by securing two xSplit symbols during "The Search Bonus." It kicks off with 1125 ways to win, setting the stage for thrilling prospects. What makes it truly captivating is the introduction of a dynamic jumping xSplit wild symbol, ready to pounce into action on every spin, adding a touch of unpredictability and a potential whirlwind of wins to your gameplay.  

These bonus rounds also introduce three exciting enhancer features. First up is the xWays, a feature that artfully crams two to four matching pay symbols onto the reels, each revealing the same randomly selected matching symbol, promising a plethora of potential wins. Then, there's the xNudge Wild, a wild symbol that enjoys nudging itself into place to envelop entire reels while steadily boosting the wild multiplier with each nudge, ensuring the excitement never wanes. Beyond the enhancer cells, you'll also encounter the trusty Wild symbol, a reliable companion ready to step in for pay symbols, as well as the elusive Character symbol, an enigmatic element that bestows one of the premium character symbols, adding a layer of unpredictability to the Serial narrative of suspense and intrigue.

Serial FAQs

What is the minimum bet for the Serial slot game?

  • 0.20

Who is the game provider of Serial online slot?

  • No Limit City

What is the RTP of Serial?

  • 96.07%

What is the biggest potential win for Serial?

  • 74800

Can I play Serial Slot on mobile?

Are you ready for an adrenaline-charged gaming experience that will keep you engaged and entertained on the go? Serial, the captivating crime scene-themed slot game, is now conveniently accessible on your mobile devices. Whether you're waiting for a friend, taking a break from work, or simply enjoying some leisure time at home, Serial is there to provide you with the ultimate gaming thrill.  

Serial's mobile compatibility means you can step into the immersive world of crime-solving and suspense at any moment. Its gripping storyline, coupled with its intriguing bonus rounds and innovative features, ensures that each gaming session is a memorable adventure. Plus, by playing on your mobile device, you can turn those idle moments into exciting opportunities to uncover clues, solve mysteries, and win big.  

So, don't miss out on the excitement. Install Serial on your mobile device today, and let the suspenseful journey unfold in the palm of your hand, no matter where life takes you!

Play Serial Online Slot at Spin Genie

Are you craving an electrifying gaming experience that will have your heart racing with excitement? Look no further than Serial, the spine-tingling crime scene-themed slot game, now exclusively available at Spin Genie!

Serial is not just any slot game; it's a thrilling journey into the heart of a haunting crime scene, where mysteries abound and untold fortunes await. With its dark and immersive storyline, Serial promises to keep you on the edge of your seat as you uncover clues, solve puzzles, and chase down the elusive killer.  

Don't wait any longer; immerse yourself in the world of Serial right here at Spin Genie and prepare to be captivated by the game of thrills!

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