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Mahjong 88 Slot Machine

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Play N Go
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2D/3D, Ancient

Mahjong 88 Slot Game Details

A traditional board game with a tile-style design, mahjong has been played since the 1800s. Now, Play n Go offers you the chance to play this timeless game online with a brand-new slot machine called Mahjong 88. The game is rather stunning and has a nice Chinese-inspired look that pays attention to the origins of Mahjong. This slot is enjoyable to play while you're settling down following a long day because of its general peaceful tone.

Mahjong 88's Return to Player rate is 92.28%, and it has a high level of volatility. Mahjong 88's Return to Player percentage is pretty respectable for the online gaming sector. However, if combined with significant volatility, it may be higher and offer you fewer but more valuable prizes. The minimum bet for Mahjong 88 Slot is $0.10 and the maximum is $25.00.

How to Play Mahjong 88 Slot

The game, which has been played for centuries in China, consists of 144 tiles, each of which has a letter or symbol that signifies an element, a dragon, or a season. Players keep drawing or discarding tiles until they have a set, however there are too many regional variations on what constitutes a qualifying set to describe them all here.

When a gorgeous wooden box is opened, the bright tiles of the Mahjong 88 online slots game are shown. After each "spin," the box is closed, and when it opens again, a fresh set of tiles is shown. It's a great design choice that gives the board game another connection. 

The Mahjong 88 slots game's tiles are surrounded by cards that show which season is in effect, the green Fortune Frog waiting to join in, and a win meter. Everything takes place in front of a tree's softly waving limbs in an Asian garden.

One of the best soundtracks is found on the Mahjong 88 slot machine. The Fortune Frog, who croaks in gratitude when you hit a winning combination, as well as the piano and the gentle clicks of the tiles all contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.

Mahjong 88 Features

There are four distinct wilds available to aid in forming winning combos. There is one of these for every season, and it is activated randomly on spins that don't pay out:

- Spring: up to 12 wilds appear

- Summer: up to 5 wilds can arise, and they destroy any nearby symbols.

- Autumn: up to 11 wilds might appear, and the screen's edge symbols are destroyed.

- Winter: When a win happens, up to 4 wilds remain on the board.

The seasons will change as the reels are spun. Look at the cards on the right-hand side of the screen to determine which season it is. In accordance with the season, the game's backdrop will likewise vary. Which unique wild bonus arises will depend on the season.

Another intriguing component of this slot machine is the Fortune Frog. It will turn on and reward one random feature once you get wins with 33 symbols on the same spin. All succeeding winnings are multiplied by 5 after 88 symbols have been used in winning combinations. The Fortune Frog perks are as follows:

- Croak: One symbol provides scatter payouts

- Spawn: One symbol changes into a different symbol.

- Tongue: Two edges are selected, and every sign in between is changed.

- Hop: One symbol is selected to convert, wiping out all nearby symbols in the process.

Mahjong 88 FAQs

What is the minimum bet for the Mahjong 88 slot game?

The minimum bet for the slot is $0.10 and the maximum is $25.00.

Who is the game provider ofMahjong 88 online slot?

The game provider of the slot game is Relax Gaming, a leading company in creating online slot games.

What is the RTP of Mahjong 88?

The Return to Player percentage of the online slot is 92.28%.

What is the biggest potential win for Mahjong 88?

The biggest potential win for the slot machine is $250,000.

Can I play Mahjong 88 Slot on mobile?

Yes, the online slot game is available on various mobile devices provided that you have an internet connection.

Play Mahjong 88 Online Slot at Spin Genie

Mahjong 88 slot machine is the ideal mobile slot because of its vibrant visuals and distinctive gameplay. Regardless of the size of the screen on your mobile device, it looks amazing and doesn't require any software to be downloaded. Since it is an HTML5 game that loads in your browser, it will work flawlessly on both a desktop and a mobile device. Come and join in on the fun Mahjong 88 has to offer at Spin Genie!

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