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Cash or Crash Slot Machine

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Produced by
Evolution Live
Min to Max Bet ($)
Game Theme
2D/3D, Game Shows

Cash or Crash Game Details

The gameplay loop of Cash or Crash is fast-paced, simple, and completely predictable. Once you pick your stake and the game round begins, you’ll get to watch a space rocket fly up, with the displayed bet multiplier increasing as it does. Your goal, of course, is to click the Cash Out button before it explodes, as that’s how you can grab the displayed bet multiplier.

The game features a 20-step, ladder-style paytable. The higher you climb, the greater the payouts. For each green ball drawn you climb one step up the ladder, taking you to greater heights and larger cash payouts.

If a red ball is drawn you crash and lose your winnings. But draw the gold ball and you get a shield that not only protects you from the next red ball but can also increase the payouts on the paytable. For each drawn green ball, you can decide to Continue, Take Half or Take All.

There are three types of coloured balls in the machine.

  • Green Ball – This allows you to take the next step up the paytable ladder.
  • Red Ball – Causes the blimp to crash and you lose all the money you still have on the ladder.
  • Golden Ball (of which there is only one) – provides a protective shield against the next red ball and increases the payouts on the ladder after the next green ball.

The Golden Ball, of which there is only one in the ball machine, holds a special significance during the game.

When it is drawn it gives you a “Life”, which can be used the next time a red ball is drawn. If this happens this protective shield will save your life, the game will not end and you stay in for the next ball draw.

If the next ball drawn is a green ball, all the payouts on the ladder are increased.

When the Golden Ball has been drawn, the game enters a quick mode, where no decisions are required by the player until after the next red ball has been drawn.

The game is suited to all player types, with all sizes of bankroll. Everyone has an equal chance of winning or losing, and it’s all down to the decisions that each individual makes.

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