The Spin Up S2 Episode 6: Roll the Dice Pop Quiz

The Spin Up - Roll the Dice Pop Quiz

In a dice-rolling extravaganza that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, Blake Carter and Peter Kash return with Episode 6 of The Spin Up: "Roll the Dice Pop Quiz." Brace yourself for a riveting game that combines chance and knowledge as our hosts take the spotlight in a pop quiz showdown.

Knowledge is power, and in this episode, it's the key to victory. As Blake and Peter go head-to-head in a battle of wits, the questions cover a spectrum of topics, from the obscure to the downright tricky. With each correct answer, the tension rises, and the excitement reaches a fever pitch. The fate of the game hangs in the balance as the hosts accumulate points based on their quiz performance.

But here's the twist – the loser of the pop quiz doesn't just walk away with a bruised ego. In a daring culinary challenge, the defeated host must face the prospect of munching on crickets, adding a crunchy layer of consequence to the game.

Episode 6 promises to be a rollercoaster of unexpected knowledge and hilarious moments. Who will emerge as the quiz champion, avoiding the fate of a cricket feast? Tune in now for Episode 6 of The Spin Up, proudly brought to you by Spin Genie. Follow Blake and Peter as they roll the dice, answer tough questions, and bring a new level of excitement to Season 2.

The Spin Up S2 Episode 5: What’s in my Cup?

The Spin Up S2 Episode 5: What’s in my Cup?


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