The Spin Up S2 Episode 3: What Would Blake & Peter Do?

The Spin Up - What Would Blake and Peter Do

In this latest episode of The Spin Up, we're thrilled to reunite with Blake Carter and Peter Kash, as they take on the bustling streets of Toronto!

In Episode 3, our hosts venture outdoors for an exhilarating game of "What Would You Do?" This segment unfolds as they present impromptu scenarios to unsuspecting passersby, prompting quick thinking and delivering candid, often amusing, and consistently surprising reactions.

As you enjoy this episode, we also invite you to consider a question: If you were to win a jackpot, what would YOU do?

Tune in to discover! Don't miss Season 2 of The Spin Up - catch all of the episodes weekly! Don't miss a moment of the most fun and entertaining 6-episode game show series brought to you by Spin Genie.

The Spin Up S2 Episode 2: What’s in the Box?

The Spin Up S2 Episode 2: What’s in the Box?


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