The Spin Up S2 Episode 4: What Are You Listening To?

The Spin Up - What Are You Listening To

In the latest episode of The Spin Up, Blake Carter and Peter Kash ditch the studio again to roam Toronto once again, this time with a musical twist. In Episode 4, the dynamic duo stops strangers in the streets to find out what they've been listening to lately—favorite songs, top artists, and what's currently trending. 

The streets of Toronto become a stage for an impromptu celebration of music, connecting people through shared interests. From pop anthems to indie gems, hip-hop rhythms to classic melodies, this episode sees it all.

Join Blake and Peter as they uncover the soundtrack to people's lives, revealing the tunes that inspire, comfort, and energize them. Whether you're a music enthusiast or just looking for a new jam, Episode 4 promises to bring the fun.Brought to you by Spin Genie, The Spin Up continues to break new ground in entertainment. 

Follow Blake and Peter on their musical journey through Toronto, and don't miss a single moment of Season 2. Tune in now!

The Spin Up S2 Episode 3: What Would Blake & Peter Do?

The Spin Up S2 Episode 3: What Would Blake & Peter Do?


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