The Spin Up Ep 5: Guess the Movie by Emoji

The Spin Up Ep 5

Ready to put your movie trivia to the ultimate test? Welcome to Episode 5 of "The Spin Up", the enthralling 6-episode game show series, brought to you by Spin Genie. 

This week, Toronto's dynamic duo, Blake Carter and Peter Kash, bring their cinematic knowledge to the forefront in "Guess the Movie by the Emojis." They must decipher a string of emojis that cleverly spell out movie titles. The stakes? More than just the sweet taste of victory.

Every correct answer earns the winner the first pick between two mystery dishes. While one is an appetizing treat, the other is a gastronomic dare: a serving of crickets or mealworms. The suspense is palpable as each reveal could lead to a mouthful of bugs or a delightful snack.

Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions as this episode blends mystery, intrigue, and plenty of laughter! Tune in for a cinematic roller coaster ride that's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. This emoji-filled spectacle is exclusive to Spin Genie. 

For the latest #TheSpinUp updates, remember to subscribe and activate notifications. We'd love to hear your predictions - who do you think will be tasting bugs this week? Share your thoughts in the comments, and tag Spin Genie on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to spread the excitement. Prepare yourself for a guessing game like no other with "Guess the Movie by the Emojis."

The Spin Up Episode 4: Spicy Pop Quiz

The Spin Up Episode 4: Spicy Pop Quiz


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