The Spin Up Episode 3: High vs. Low

The Spin Up Ep 3

Fridays are all about fun with Episode 3 of "The Spin Up," an electrifying 6-episode game show series by Spin Genie. Get ready for an adrenaline rush as Toronto's dynamic duo, Blake Carter and Peter Kash, face off in "High vs. Low."

In this episode, Blake and Peter navigate a minefield of celebrity purchases, putting their wit and intuition to the test. They'll have to guess if the presented price is higher or lower than the actual amount a celebrity paid. This isn't just a game, it's a thrilling showdown of knowledge and nerve.

The suspense builds with every guess, and the stakes are high. Not only is their pride on the line, but the winner will enjoy the spoils of victory - a foot massage courtesy of the losing party. It's a battle of wits with a relaxation reward you won't want to miss!

Clear your Friday evening and prepare for a laughter-filled spectacle with "The Spin Up." Each episode brings more excitement than the last, exclusively available on Spin Genie.

To stay updated with #TheSpinUp, remember to subscribe and turn on your notifications. We're eager to hear your predictions - who do you think will win this celebrity price showdown, Blake or Peter? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and join the conversation using #HighVsLow.

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The Spin Up Ep 2: Sweet and Sour Jenga

The Spin Up Ep 2: Sweet and Sour Jenga


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