The Spin Up Episode 4: Spicy Pop Quiz

The Spin Up Ep 4

Ready, set, sizzle. It’s time for Episode 4 of "The Spin Up," the sensational 6-episode game show series presented by Spin Genie. Join us this week as Blake Carter and Peter Kash embark on an epic journey of knowledge and spice in the "Spicy Pop Quiz." 

In this electrifying episode, Blake and Peter will face the ultimate challenge of pop quiz questions. They'll need to put their quick thinking and sharp instincts to the test as they attempt to guess the right answers. But here's the twist: when they miss a question, they won't just walk away empty-handed. Instead, they'll roll a dice and face the fiery consequences by devouring a hot wing with a spiciness level matching the number rolled. 

Prepare for an adrenaline rush like never before as the suspense builds with each question. It's a showdown of wit, nerve, and taste buds! Will they conquer the quiz and avoid the burning heat, or will they find themselves reaching for the ranch to cool down? Find out on the latest episode of "The Spin Up", your one-stop destination for excitement and entertainment. Exclusively available on Spin Genie, this episode promises to bring more heat than ever before.

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The Spin Up Episode 3: High vs. Low

The Spin Up Episode 3: High vs. Low


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