The Spin Up Episode 1: Truth or Drink

The Spin Up Ep 1

Introducing "The Spin Up," a fun and entertaining 6-episode game show series featuring Blake Carter and Peter Kash,  brought to you by Spin Genie. 

Introducing "The Spin Up," a fun and entertaining 6-episode game show series brought to you by Spin Genie. Every Friday, hang out with beloved media duo Blake Carter and Peter Kash as they take a spin at The Spin Up wheel and determine their fate of which game they will play. You will laugh with them and at them as they play a series of mystery games that will test their friendship and their tastebuds.

Episode 1, "Truth or Drink," sets the stage for a suspenseful showdown. Brace yourself as Blake and Peter take on a daring challenge, where the power lies within a spin of a wheel. Each round presents them with probing, personal questions. But here's the catch - they have a choice: to bare their souls by answering honestly, unearthing hidden secrets, or down a mysterious blend packed with the most unpredictable ingredients. Will they opt for truth, or will they drink the mysterious concoction? 

Circle your calendars and get ready for a laughter riot with "The Spin Up" – the show that will leave you with aching sides and a thirst for more. Stay tuned for the premiere of this fun-filled spectacle, exclusively available on Spin Genie.

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