The Spin Up S2 Episode 1: Guess the Lyrics

The Spin Up - Guess the Lyrics

The Spin Up returns for Season 2, promising more laughter, surprises, and jaw-dropping moments. Join Toronto's dynamic media duo, Blake Carter and Peter Kash, every week as they take another whirl on the revamped "Spin Up" wheel, determining their fate with every spin.

If you couldn't get enough of Season 1, we're back to bring you even more twists, turns, and unexpected guests that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This time around, we're taking the show to the streets to meet new friends and take on daring challenges that will test their friendship and their tastebuds.

In Episode 1, "Guess the Lyrics," Blake and Peter engage in a showdown to see who knows Drake's lyrics better. With each round, the songs get progressively harder, and there are consequences to face! The loser will find themselves on the receiving end of a delectable dessert to the face.

Mark your calendars and prepare for Season 2 of "The Spin Up," the show that will have you laughing until your sides ache and eagerly anticipating more. Don't miss a moment of the most fun and entertaining 6-episode game show series brought to you by Spin Genie.

The Spin Up Episode 6: Real vs. Gummy

The Spin Up Episode 6: Real vs. Gummy


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