The 11 Best Sunset Spots in Toronto

Best Sunset Spots Toronto
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Watching sunsets is one of life's simple pleasures, and Toronto is a city that boasts some breathtaking sunset views. Whether you're an Ontario native or visiting the area, you'll be in awe of this vibrant metropolis's magnificent sunsets.

If you're a bit of a sunseeker, let Spin Genie guide you through 11 of the best places to witness the glorious Toronto sunset, which paints the sky with dashes of orange, pink, and purple.

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1. Humber Bay Arch Bridge

Nestled in the heart of the Humber Bay Shores area, the Arch Bridge is an architectural marvel and a prime sunset-viewing location. With its distinctive curved design, this pedestrian bridge offers unobstructed views of the setting sun over Lake Ontario.

As you stroll along the bridge, you'll be treated to a breathtaking display of colours reflecting off the water's surface. It's a perfect spot for a romantic evening stroll or a leisurely bike ride along the adjacent Martin Goodman Trail.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

2. Riverdale Park East

If you're seeking a quintessential Toronto sunset experience, Riverdale Park East should be at the top of your list. Perched atop a hill along Broadview Avenue, this expansive park has panoramic views of the city skyline, with the sun dipping behind the towering skyscrapers.

Grab a blanket, pack a picnic, and find a cosy spot on the grassy slopes to soak in the stunning scenery and orange skies. As the sun sets, the city's silhouette becomes a majestic backdrop, creating a picture-perfect moment.

3. Lake Ontario Shoreline

Toronto's proximity to Lake Ontario provides numerous opportunities to get a front-row seat to witness the sun's descent over the water. One of these is the Martin Goodman Trail, which hugs the lake's shoreline, offering uninterrupted views of the lake and the Toronto skyline. 

Perfect for cycling, jogging, or an evening walk, the trail treats you to a breathtaking display of colours reflecting off the water.

4. Tommy Thompson Park (Leslie Street Spit)

This urban wilderness park is located on the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto's East End, which extends into Lake Ontario. To get the best sunset views, walk about 5 km to the western edge of the spit.

From the far western point, you get an unobstructed view looking back over the Toronto islands and skyline as the sun sets over the lake. Most people don't venture all the way to the end of the spit, making this spot a bit of a hidden gem and a unique vantage point to see the sunset in Toronto.

Tommy Thompson Park

5. Sunnyside Bridge

The Sunnyside Bridge, spanning the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard, is a photographer's dream. From here, you'll experience the sun's rays casting a warm glow over the gently pulsing highway, creating a mesmerising contrast between the urban landscape and the sunset's natural beauty.

6. Trillium Park

Nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, Trillium Park is a hidden gem that offers stunning sunset views. This picturesque park features winding trails, lush greenery, and a boardwalk that extends into the lake, so it's the perfect spot to watch the sunset dance across the water. The park is a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can relax and soak in the natural beauty.

7. Lake Shore Boulevard

If you're looking for an urban experience, Lake Shore Boulevard boasts several prime sunset-viewing spots. One such location is Sugar Beach, a unique urban beach with pink umbrellas and Muskoka chairs, providing a whimsical setting to watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Alternatively, you can head to Polson Pier, a multi-purpose entertainment complex that boasts unobstructed views of the Toronto skyline and the lake, creating a glorious backdrop for your sunset experience.

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Polson Pier View

8. Chester Hill Lookout

Located in the East York neighbourhood, this small park has an elevated view looking west over the Don Valley toward downtown Toronto. The lookout offers a different perspective from most other spots, with the sun setting behind the city skyline rather than over the lake.

Chester Hill View

9. Underpass Park

This urban park is actually tucked underneath the Gardiner Expressway near Fort York, but it provides an interesting and industrial location where you can watch the sunset against the once grimy concrete highway.

This area is an excellent place to get a unique view of the sunset against Toronto's skyline and experience dusk away from the more common waterfront views.

10. Jack Darling Memorial Park

Found in Mississauga just west of the city, this waterfront park gives a different perspective of the downtown Toronto skyline as you look east towards Lake Ontario. If you visit to watch the sunset, you'll see the CN Tower and downtown silhouetted against the colourful sky reflecting off the lake.

11. Brickworks Quarry Gardens

This vantage point is at the top of the hill at Evergreen Brick Works in the Don Valley. From here, you can see the beautiful sunset over the historic quarry and surrounding natural beauty without dealing with the crowds some of the more popular areas may attract.

Toronto is a city that truly comes alive during the golden hour, with a diverse array of locations to witness the sun's daily descent. Whether you prefer a natural setting, an urban landscape, or a combination of both, this vibrant metropolis has something to offer for every sunset enthusiast.

So, pack your camera, grab a cosy blanket, and get ready to be mesmerised by these breathtaking Toronto sunsets. 

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