World’s Biggest Sports Crushes 2024

Biggest Sports Crushes 2024
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Sports are a massive part of our culture, whether you like to watch or play, and because of this, many of us hold elite athletes in high esteem. When exhibiting characteristics like resilience, dedication, and physical fitness, it is hard not to find athletes attractive.  

In 2023, our expert team at Spin Genie analyzed two years' worth of data to determine the world's biggest sports crushes, but have our preferences changed since then? Here's what we found.

The world’s biggest female sports crushes

Biggest Female Sports Crushes

1. Alisha Lehmann - 728,500 Google searches

Swiss soccer player Alisha Lehmann retains her title as the most prominent female sports crush, with over 728,000 ‘hot’ Google searches in the last two years. Based on her position in this ranking, it may be unsurprising that Lehmann also remains the most followed women’s footballer on Instagram, having gained an additional 3 million followers since our original publication.

2. Emma Raducanu - 229,800 Google searches

Next on our list is British tennis sensation Emma Raducanu. In 2021, she won the US Open at just 18 years old. Unfortunately, since then, Raducanu has often been absent from the tennis scene due to injury setbacks, but that hasn’t affected her popularity. Raducanu remains in the second spot on our list, with 229,800 Google searches since 2022. 

3. Smriti Mandhana - 184,500 Google searches

Taking the bronze medal on our list of the world’s most prominent female sports crushes, with more than 184,000 Google searches, is Smriti Mandhana. Since her debut in 2013, Mandhana has cemented herself as a cricketing great at both domestic and international levels.

India’s vice-captain is no stranger to awards. In addition to her third-place medal in this ranking, she has twice held the crown of Women’s Cricketer of the Year, first in 2018 and then again in 2021.

The world’s biggest male sports crushes

Biggest Male Sports Crushes

1. Neymar da Silva - 174,900 Google searches

Regarding the men, Neymar remains the most fancied sports star, with over 174,000 searches in the last two years.

Currently competing in the Saudi Professional League, the Brazilian forward has earned a reputation as one of soccer’s greatest, with many awards and honours throughout his sporting career.

2. Travis Kelce - 68,500 Google searches

Even if you don’t follow American football, you have likely heard of Travis Kelce, as the Kansas City Cheifs’ tight end has been in the spotlight since it was revealed his relationship with singer-songwriter Taylor Swift in 2023.

The recent press has earned Kelce some new admirers, as he has accumulated the second-highest number of Google searches, totalling 68,500 in the last two years.

3. Charles Leclerc - 64,500 Google searches

Monégasque racing driver Charles Leclerc has bagged himself a podium spot on this ranking after falling short of a top-three spot last year. Of all his achievements to date, Leclerc’s victory in the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year has likely contributed to his increased popularity.

Biggest global sports crushes by sport:


Biggest crush in Soccer

Alisha Lehmann - 728,500 Google searches

As the most popular sport worldwide, soccer stars have big shoes to fill. For two years running, Alisha Lehmann has made her mark as the most fancied player, male or female.

Lehmann plays in the Women's Super League for Aston Villa and the Switzerland national team. Her home nation is set to host the 2025 UEFA Women's Euro, so there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to catch this striking forward on your screens.

American Football

Biggest crush in American Football

Travis Kelce - 68,500 Google searches

After appearing as one of the top three overall sports crushes, it may be no surprise to see Travis Kelce take the title of American football's biggest crush.

Despite last year's winner, Joe Burrow, securing more searches than he did previously, more is needed to pip Kelce to the post, securing 68,500 'hot' Google searches in the last two years.


Biggest crush in Tennis

Emma Raducanu - 229,800 Google searches

With almost 230,000 searches since 2022, Emma Raducanu remains the biggest tennis crush in the world.

Earlier this year, Raducanu chose not to attend the French Open, instead focusing on preparations for Wimbledon, where she hopes to make her mark on home soil. 


Biggest crush in Basketball

Caitlin Clark - 179,340 Google searches

Aged just 22, Caitlin Clark is an American point guard who has already cemented herself as a sporting great. Among her accolades, she was recently selected as Indiana Fever's first overall pick in the 2024 Women's National Basketball Association draft.

While Clark has been the centre of some controversy recently, she appears to have earned many fans as she takes the title of basketball's biggest crush. 


Biggest crush in Golf

Lexi Thompson - 28,910 Google searches

Florida-born Lexi Thompson has amassed nearly 29,000 'hot' searches in the last two years, which makes her more popular than any other golf star on our list.

In addition to her title as the world's biggest golf crush, Thompson has earned 15 wins in her professional career as of 2024, and we do not doubt that she has much more to come!

Formula One

Biggest crush in Formula one

Charles Leclerc - 64,500 Google searches

With more than double the number of searches compared to the next most popular Formula One athlete on our list, Charles Leclerc comfortably retains his position as the biggest crush in the sport.

Alongside winning the hearts of people across the globe, Leclerc has recently become a legend on home soil after being the first Monégasque racing driver in 93 years to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

The biggest Canadian sporting crushes

biggest Canadian sports crushes

1. Eugenie Bouchard - 44,300 Google searches

Former Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard retains her title as Canada’s most loved athlete. In addition to tennis, Bouchard has delved into pickleball, where she recently debuted in the Professional Pickleball Association.

Irrespective of the sport, it is clear that Bouchard is a fan favourite as she takes the top spot on our list of Canadian sports crushes.

2. Brooke Henderson - 21,250 Google searches

Currently competing in the Ladies Professional Golf Association, Canadian-born Brooke Henderson won her first major trophy in 2018 at just 18 years of age. 

Since then, she has taken the golfing world by storm and won over the hearts of many, taking second place in our ranking. 

3. Leylah Fernandez - 20,720 Google searches

Female tennis stars dominate this ranking, as Leylah Fernandez completes the top three biggest Canadian sporting crushes with almost 21,000 searches in the last two years.

In addition to her reputation as a tennis superstar, Fernandez has hit the headlines after establishing the Leylah Annie & Family Foundation. This non-profit organization aims to provide families with better-quality education and sports opportunities.

Biggest Canadian sports crushes by sport:


Biggest Canadian crush in Tennis

Eugenie Bouchard - 44,300 Google searches

After claiming the title of the most significant Canadian sports crush, it may be no surprise to see Eugenie Bouchard at the top of this ranking. Aside from the 44,300 ‘hot’ Google searches for this tennis star since 2022, Bouchard is also popular on social media, boasting around 2.3 million Instagram followers as of June 2024.


Biggest Canadian crush in Golf

Brooke Henderson - 21,250 Google searches

With more than 21,000 searches in the last two years, Brooke Henderson is revealed as the most prominent Canadian sports crush. If you would like to see Henderson in action, she competes in the LPGA Tour, where she hopes to perform tee-rifically in the Tour’s milestone 75th season this year.


Biggest Canadian crush in Soccer

Adriana Leon - 7,340 Google searches

Mississauga-born Adriana Leon is revealed as the most prominent Canadian soccer crush on our list, with 7,340 searches in the last two years. Following teammate Alisha Lehmann’s footsteps, it appears their club, Aston Villa W.F.C, is a fan favourite regarding crushes. 


Biggest crush in Hockey

Mitch Marner - 4,820 Google searches

Canada’s most-loved hockey player is Mitch Marner, with more than 4,800 searches since 2022. Marner has been recognized on and off the rink, with sporting notorieties including his selection to represent Canada in the annual National Hockey League All-Star game for the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons. 

Which athletes’ relationship statuses are we most obsessed with?

We have used some of the most popular relationship-related terms to reveal which athletes receive the most searches about their relationships.


Female athletes relationship statuses - most obsessed

1. Venus Williams - 154,390 Google searches

After not appearing in any of our previous lists, it seems people are just curious about Venus Williams’ love life. The vast majority of searches have been related to her marital status.

Despite always being in the spotlight when it comes to tennis, Williams is quite private regarding her personal life, but she is not married as of now.

2. Simone Biles - 78,740 Google searches

Simone Biles takes the second spot on our list, with almost 79,000 relationship-related searches. After meeting on a dating app in 2020, Biles and her American football player partner, Jonathan Owens, have been inseparable. The pair tied the knot last April with not one but two stunning ceremonies, which were shared with their millions of social media followers.

3. Leah Williamson - 35,350 Google searches

British soccer star Leah Williamson completes our top three, tallying up more than 35,000 relationship-related searches in the last two years. 

Williamson is not married as of now, and while many Arsenal fans have speculated that she and former teammate Jordan Nobbs were in a relationship, neither soccer player has ever confirmed the rumour. 


Male athletes relationship statuses - most obsessed

1. Travis Kelce - 597,000 Google searches

Travis Kelce makes another appearance on one of our rankings, this time concerning relationships. As mentioned in an earlier ranking, Kelce and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift sparked months of dating rumours in 2023. Since then, many Swifties have been keen to learn more about the American footballer’s dating history.

2. Neymar da Silva - 264,560 Google searches

Brazilian forward Neymar da Silva is in second place, with almost 265,000 searches in the last two years. The soccer star has been quite open over the years regarding relationships. He recently hit the headlines following his break-up with Bruna Biancardi just a month after the birth of their child.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - 253,800 Google searches

Considered by many as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo completes our top three. Although the Portuguese star isn’t currently married, he has been in a relationship with social media influencer and model Georgina Rodríguez since 2016.


Using a range of online lists and articles, we created a seeding list comprising 671 of the best and most well-known active athletes.

We used Google Ads Keyword Planner to find the total number of Google searches for the following terms between May 2022- and April 2024:

  • Sports star’ hot
  • Sports star’ relationship status
  • Is ‘sports star’ single
  • Is ‘sports star’ married
  • Sports star’ dating history

We added the results of the later four terms, creating an overall total to show which athletes have received the most searches about their relationship status.

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