Different Baccarat Types You Need to Know

Baccarat Types
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Baccarat is a card game with a long and fascinating history, which was somewhat overshadowed in Europe by the massive popularity of blackjack, but remained number one in Asia and South America. Thanks to the rise of the internet making us more connected than ever before, in the past few decades baccarat has started to reach a global audience and has soared in popularity in the past few years, now loved by players in both online and live casino settings. 

Because baccarat has such a rich history, many variants of the game have been created, many of which can be enjoyed at online casinos such as Spin Genie with just a few clicks of your mouse or taps of your touch screen. Keep on reading to learn more about the different baccarat types that you should know.


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1. Punto Banco

The history of Punto Banco dates back to the fifteenth century in Italy. During the Renaissance, Italian nobles were the first to play the game. It was said to have originated from a nine-god Etruscan rite from ancient times. It was claimed that this ceremony served as the model for Punto Banco's scoring system, in which the goal is to get a hand value as near to nine as possible.

Punto Banco is by far the most popular baccarat variant, and if a game doesn’t explicitly state what version of baccarat is being used, you can comfortably assume you will be playing Punto Banco.

How it works

Players (punto) vs the banker (banco) is the most played variation of baccarat. Bets are made on the hands of the banker, the player, or an "egalitie" (tie).

Each player and banker receives two cards in this variation, which has eight decks of cards. A player may draw one more card if their hand total is less than five.

winning punto bets that pay out 1:1. Banco payments payout 95:100 with a 5% house edge. Tie bet winners get paid out at an 8:1 ratio.

2. Chemin de fer

The term "Chemin de Fer" was initially used for baccarat played in France in the late 1800s. Because the version was faster than the original game and the railway was the fastest mode of transportation at the time, the game's name, which is the French word for "railway," originated from this fact. In France, it remains the most widely used variant. The game was frequently played in opulent, covert casinos called "salons privés." It developed into a symbol of wealth and status that drew in the upper class and society. Chemin de Fer was the name of the game played in these salons, at which players took turns being the banker.

How it works

In this version, players bet against each other rather than the casino placing any money on the games. As they run anticlockwise around the table, each player takes turns being the banker. In this variation of baccarat, players who have a hand score of less than five and six can draw an additional card. Six decks are utilised. Winning wagers from players are paid out 1:1. Since the banker wins when all losing bets are settled, payments for other scenarios vary. All bets remain available for the next round in the case of a tie.

3. Baccarat Banque

According to legend, Napoleon's conquest of Europe saw the rise of two baccarat forms, the first being Chermin de Fer (which we've already covered) and the second being Baccarat en Banque, also known as Baccarat Deux Tableaux, which is a banking version of baccarat like Punto Banco. In 1837 casinos were outlawed in France during the rule of French King Louis Phillip. Both variations of baccarat went underground in illegal gambling dens, ready to reemerge when the veto was lifted.

How it works

In Baccarat Banque, players usually bet against the banker. Even though they can pretend to be bankers, players never take on financial risk since the casino always has a stake in the result. The player who wagers the most will be recognised as the banker.

This version of baccarat has three decks. Three two-card hands are dealt in the Deux Tableau version. A player may draw an additional card if their hand value is less than four.

Because there is an additional hand, players can bet on the banker's or player's hands instead of a tie bet. Payouts for this version are standard.

4. 3-card

Although three-card baccarat originated in land-based casinos in the gambling mecca of Macau, it is now becoming more and more well-liked online.

Essentially, three-card baccarat is a more straightforward version of both classic and Punto Banco, which has increased player payouts.

How it works

This faster-paced variation of baccarat uses a single deck. Being the closest to nine isn’t the specific aim; rather, the best hand with the highest score is what matters. The player and banker each receive three cards; there is no way to get additional cards.

Winning player bets pay out 97:100 (with a 3% house margin) while winning tie bets pay out 25:1.

5. European

A popular version of the game that is now seen in casinos all throughout the continent is European Baccarat. Although it looks a lot like Punto Banco, it has different rules and modifications. Different "Draw Rules" are used in European Baccarat to determine when more cards are drawn, which affects how the game plays out. This version presents a novel interpretation of the traditional baccarat strategy.

How it works

Players in this form of baccarat have the option of standing if their hand value is five or drawing a new card. The banker may choose to draw a third card at any moment.

As with most variations, a winning player or banker hand pays out 1:1, with a 5% house edge on banker hand payouts. There is an 8:1 reward for ties. 

Popular Baccarat Games to Explore

Baccarat has really started to gain traction within the online casino space, and is particularly loved by players as a live dealer casino game that they can access on any device they choose, 24/7. You might want to explore some of the most-played live casino baccarat games at SpinGenie, such as those mentioned below:

  1. Baccarat Squeeze - One variant of the traditional Baccarat game is Live Baccarat Squeeze. The way the cards are handled is the only distinction. The dealer deals cards face down in Live Baccarat Squeeze as opposed to face up. The live dealer then gradually turns the cards on both sides.
  2. Speed Baccarat 3 - A typical Baccarat game round lasts 48 seconds, but Live Speed Baccarat moves much more quickly. Face-up cards are dealt, outcomes are returned quickly, and each gaming round lasts a snippy 27 seconds.
  3. Lightning Baccarat - With Lightning Card multipliers based on random numbers generated for each game round, Lightning Baccarat is a distinctive spin on a traditional casino game. In Lightning Baccarat, players can gain multiplied payouts on winning hands in addition to the excitement of live baccarat.

Play Online Baccarat and Live Baccarat Games at Spin Genie

With such a long and exciting global history it is understandable that multiple versions of baccarat have been created to provide players with subtle gameplay differences that mean playing baccarat never gets old. At Spin Genie you will find top online baccarat games and live casino baccarat games, so why not sign up today, try a few, and see what you like best?


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