Michelin Dining Cost Index

Michelin Dining Cost Index
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Holding a Michelin star is one of the rarest honours in the culinary world, as it is one of the most prestigious culinary awards a restaurant can receive. 

From exquisite, mouth-watering flavours to exceptional cuisine, we explore the cost of Michelin-starred dining across the globe, spotlighting hidden gems and iconic eateries with the most expensive and best-value fine dining.

Looking closely at factors such as customer satisfaction, social media presence, and price range, we’ll uncover the most unparalleled dining experiences that will leave you savouring every moment.

Whether you find your excitement in fine dining or enjoy the thrill of online slots, our online casino team takes a deep dive into some of the world’s most esteemed restaurants to unveil the crème de la crème of Michelin-starred destinations worldwide.

How has Michelin-starred dining changed in the past year?

Looking back at last year’s Michelin Dining Cost Index, we’ll reveal this year’s countries with the most expensive Michelin-starred establishments and how much the culinary scene has changed since 2023.

Last year, Canada topped the list with a whopping 9.76 out of 10 for the average cost of a meal, followed by Hungary and Luxembourg, while Hong Kong was named the most affordable country for Michelin-starred dining.

Finland took the lead this year with a perfect 10 out of 10 score, while Canada and Hungary trailed closely behind. Hong Kong has also been knocked out of first place as the most affordable country for Michelin-starred dining, with Malaysia taking its spot after scoring 7.50 out of 10.

Regarding countries with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, France took home the trophy, while Macau received recognition as the nation with the most starred eateries per 100,000 people. Both countries have retained their first-place positions and have seen an increase in Michelin-starred restaurants yearly. France witnessed a rise of under a fifth (19%), while Macau grew almost a quarter (24%) per 100,000 people.

Most expensive countries for Michelin-starred dining

Most expensive countries Michelin-starred dining

1. Finland

Michelin dining cost score: 10/10

Pushing Canada out of the top position with a perfect score, Finland is the most expensive country for Michelin-starred dining. The majority of Michelin restaurants in the country can be found in its capital city, Helsinki. The Palace restaurant is one of the most popular among visitors. Not only does it have stunning views over the city, but it was also the first Finnish restaurant to receive a Michelin star in 1987.

One of the main reasons Finland tends to have higher meal costs is that the country prioritizes premium, sustainable natural ingredients that come straight from waters, fields, and forests, allowing for fresh, locally sourced delicious dishes.

2. Canada

Michelin dining cost score: 9.90/10

Canada follows closely behind, scoring 9.90 out of 10, making it the second-priciest country for Michelin-starred dining. For visitors looking to wine and dine, the Michelin status comes with a hefty price tag. Not only are virtually all of the country’s Michelin restaurants located in major hotspots such as Toronto and Vancouver, but they are also in the luxury and premium categories, the most expensive price ranges for Michelin-starred dining.

3. Hungary

Michelin dining cost score: 9.72/10

Moving down from second position in our study last year, Hungary ranks as the third most expensive country for dining in a Michelin-star establishment, scoring 9.72 out of 10. The majority of the country’s most prestigious Michelin restaurants can be found in its capital city, Budapest, which has one of the costliest tasting menus on average in Europe. However, there are plenty of creative traditional Hungarian dishes to indulge in.

Most affordable countries for Michelin-starred dining

Most affordable countries Michelin-starred dining

1. Malaysia

Michelin dining cost score: 7.50/10

Malaysia serves up some of the best value Michelin-star restaurants in the world, scoring 7.50/10, the lowest compared to all other countries. The country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, has the most Michelin establishments, followed closely by George Town.

With such a vibrant culture, there is a selection of delectable dishes from traditional to contemporary European cuisines. If you’re a foodie looking for an exciting way to taste Malaysia's rich culinary heritage, Beta KL is a Michelin restaurant that offers just that. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Beta takes you on a journey where ‘each dish tells a story.’

2. Singapore

Michelin dining cost score: 7.85/10

Scoring 7.85 out of 10, Singapore is the second most affordable country for Michelin-starred dining. It is also in the top five with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000. Although the country has many restaurants in the $$$$ price range, it also has lots in the $$$ and $$ price ranges, meaning there are restaurants to suit a range of budgets.

Therefore, if you’re looking to delve into the world of fine dining without draining your wallet, Singapore has plenty of hidden gems where you can explore a diverse range of exquisite cuisines made with the finest ingredients.

3. Hong Kong

Michelin dining cost score: 7.87/10

Though still in the top three most affordable countries for Michelin-starred dining, Hong Kong no longer takes the crown as the cheapest country for fine dining. Now in third place with a score of 7.87 out of 10, Hong Kong still has a lot to offer food lovers, with 88 different high-quality, affordable Michelin-starred establishments to choose from.

However, in the past year, approximately 19 new restaurants have been awarded a Michelin star in Hong Kong. As a result, the average meal cost in the country has slightly increased (3%), implying that more high-end restaurants are making their way onto the scene.

best country luxury Michelin dining France

The best country for luxury Michelin dining: France

Luxury Michelin-starred restaurants: 433

Retaining its first-place position with an impressive 433 Michelin-starred restaurants in the most expensive price category, France is again the country with the highest number of high-end ‘luxury’ Michelin establishments. This comes as no surprise due to its rich cultural heritage and culinary expertise, making France a global leader in fine dining and a hotspot for Michelin-starred restaurants.

The three Michelin-starred restaurant Plénitude - Cheval Blanc Paris, with a 4.9-star rating out of five on Google, is one of the world’s best restaurants. Located on the first floor of the five-star Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, Plénitude boasts stunning views and an unrivalled gastronomic experience.

best country premium Michelin dining Japan

The best country for premium Michelin dining: Japan

Premium Michelin-starred restaurants: 254

Like France, Japan maintained its position by having the highest number of 254 Michelin-starred restaurants in the ‘premium’ category. With exceptional eateries in the country’s tourist hotspots, including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara, you can find just about any cuisine you crave.

Fostering meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to excellence in sourcing and preparing food, it is no wonder the country has been recognized for its culinary craftsmanship. Sazenka is ranked as one of Asia’s best restaurants, which offers a fusion of Chinese-Japanese dishes in the comfort of a formal yet minimalistic setting. Its influences come from ‘Chinese techniques infused with Japanese spirit.’

Countries with the most Michelin-starred restaurants

most Michelin-starred restaurants Countries

1. France

Michelin-starred restaurants: 660

France has the most Michelin-starred restaurants, with a whopping 660, an increase of almost a fifth (19%) since 2023. As a pioneer in the evolutionary food culture, the French have mastered the art of using new, innovative ingredients to promote a unique and creative food culture centred around a strong sense of individuality, which has gained popularity worldwide.

2. Italy

Michelin-starred restaurants: 401

With an increase of a tenth (10%) in Michelin-starred restaurants in the past year, Italy retains its position as having the second-highest number of establishments with this prestigious award. From pizza and pasta to focaccia, lasagna, and risotto, Italians have brought some of its most iconic traditional dishes to the mainstream. Hence, it's no wonder the country has established 401 Michelin-starred restaurants and counting.

3. Japan

Michelin-starred restaurants: 396

Japan completes the top three with 396 Michelin-starred restaurants. With an increase of almost a sixth (15%) since 2023, it's clear the country continues to influence the culinary landscape. Japanese restaurants dominate the food scene, whether due to the quality of fresh ingredients or the intricacy of dishes.

Countries with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per population

most Michelin-starred restaurants per population Countries

1. Macau

Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000 people: 2.6

Macau maintains its first-place position as having the most Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000 population, with an average of 2.6. This autonomous region is located on the south coast of China and is well-known for its unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture. Macanese cuisine is a fusion of various cuisines, including Cantonese, Portuguese, Malaysian, and Indonesian influences, which create a wide range of fine-dining options.

2. Switzerland

Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000 people: 1.6

With 1.6 Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000, Switzerland stays in second place. The country’s reputation as having an affluent population makes it a global tourist destination for fine dining experiences. As a result, there has been an increase of almost a seventh (13%)  in Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000 in the past year, with new restaurants such as Mammertsberg and The Japanese being awarded two stars at the first attempt. In addition, Switzerland is also in the top ten for having some of the most established eateries with this reputable award in the world.

3. Luxembourg

Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000 people: 1.5

Luxembourg is ranked third, with 1.5 Michelin-starred restaurants per 100,000, an increase of over a fifth (22%) compared to 2023. Despite its small size, the country boasts a rich culinary heritage influenced by neighbouring countries, including France, Germany, and Belgium. This allows for a diverse and vibrant food scene and includes flavours and styles that attract both locals and tourists.

Most popular three Michelin-star restaurants

Most popular three Michelin-star restaurants

1. El Celler de Can Roca, Spain

Popularity score: 9.05 /10

Run by three brothers, El Celler de Can Roca is the most popular three Michelin-star restaurant, with a score of 9.05 out of 10. This chic bistro is known for its innovative take on traditional Catalan recipes.

Not only has this establishment received a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Google, but a very pleased customer has also described it as “absolutely exceptional! extraordinary flavours, exquisite wines and impeccable service.” No wonder this restaurant has accumulated over half a million (637,000) followers on Instagram and over 23,000 hashtagged posts.

2. Villa Crespi, Italy

Popularity score: 8.81 /10

Described by visitors as having “super high-quality food in a charming villa,” Villa Crespi has gained much attention for its remarkable flavours and superb setting. With over 28,000 Instagram hashtagged posts and almost 300,000 followers on the popular social media platform, Villa Crespi is a signature restaurant offering a treasure trove of exquisite cuisines and an unforgettable experience. No wonder it is ranked second with a popularity score of 8.81 out of 10.

3. Arzak, Spain

Popularity score: 8.46 /10

Arzak completes the top three most popular three Michelin-star restaurants, scoring 8.46 out of 10. Dating back to 1897, this elegant, family-run restaurant specializes in modern Basque cuisine. What customers have described as a “lifetime experience to remember,” Arzak is worth its hefty price tag. Its popularity is also seen on social media, with nearly 20,000 Instagram hashtagged posts and 180,000 followers.

Most popular three Michelin-star restaurants table

Chefs that have earned the most Michelin stars

most Michelin stars Chefs

1. Alain Ducasse

Number of Michelin stars: 21

Named one of the greatest chiefs in the world, Alain Ducasse has received a total of 21 Michelin stars. From Paris to Tokyo, the French-born Monégasque chef currently operates 34 restaurants offering authentic flavours and a splendid selection of unrivalled contemporary French cuisine. The multi-Michelin-starred chef continues to create unforgettable dining experiences by pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation and experimenting with new ingredients and techniques.

2. Gordon Ramsay

Number of Michelin stars: 17

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay follows behind after accumulating 17 Michelin stars. Founded in 1997, his restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, has become a successful global chain. His most successful restaurant to date is the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, located in Chelsea, which has been awarded an impressive three Michelin stars. Beyond his restaurants, he has made numerous TV appearances, authored several cookbooks, and launched his own line of kitchen products.

3. Pierre Gagnaire

Number of Michelin stars: 14

Pierre Gagnaire is the third chef to have earned the most Michelin stars, totalling 14. The French chef, who owns the eponymous Pierre Gagnaire restaurant with three Michelin stars, is widely recognized for being at the forefront of the fusion cuisine movement, which celebrates bringing together diverse culinary traditions to create a unique blend.

most Michelin stars Chefs table


To unveil the best countries for Michelin-starred dining, we looked at the official Michelin Guide website and scraped data on all the restaurants with a star rating ranging from one to three stars. This data was scraped on 08/05/2024.

We then calculated the number of Michelin-starred restaurants by country to determine which countries have the most. To determine the countries with the most restaurants per 100,000 people, we took the population data from the OECD’s latest available population figures (2022) for each country.

For the average price value for each country, we converted each restaurant’s price value based on their price range from $-$$$$ to one- four. This was then calculated as an average for all the Michelin-starred restaurants in a specific country to determine the average price value.

To reveal the overall Michelin dining cost score out of 10, we multiplied the average price range by 2.5 to generate a score out of 10 and reveal the most expensive and affordable countries for Michelin-starred dining.

Using Google Maps and Instagram, we gathered data on only the three Michelin-star restaurants. We looked at their Google Maps review rating out of 5, the number of Instagram followers, and hashtagged Instagram posts they have accumulated over the years to determine their overall popularity out of 10. This was done using a per cent rank calculator, which calculates the average score out of 10 for each factor before calculating an average score out of 10 for each restaurant.

Please note that we only used restaurants where we could get all the data to keep the ranking as accurate as possible. This data was completed on 13/05/2024.

Data on the chefs with the most Michelin stars was collected using sources and articles such as Statista and 1000 cookbooks, which account for the number of Michelin stars each chef has accumulated throughout their career. Please note this does not include chefs who are no longer alive to keep the data as current and relevant as possible. Data collection for this section was updated on 13/05/2024.

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