Labouchere Strategy in Roulette

Labouchere Roulette Strategy
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The Labouchere Strategy is a betting strategy with over 100 years of history that was specifically designed for even money roulette wagers. Since then this roulette strategy has become popular in other games like blackjack and baccarat, but is it the best roulette strategy? We’re examining this system more closely in today’s article, so read on to learn more.


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What is the Labouchere System: A History and Overview

The Labouchere System is a popular roulette betting system also sometimes called the Cancellation System or Split Martingale. The Labouchere System is named after Henry Labouchere, a British nobleman from the 19th century, who is credited with creating the original Labouchere betting method. In addition to being a politician, journalist, and writer, Labouchere loved playing casino games. The game of roulette was his favourite, and he went on to create a unique betting system that bears his last name.

The Labouchere System involves creating a sequence of numbers and cancelling out specific values when specific outcomes are achieved. This is a more complex system than those of the Martingale or Paroli Systems, but is still relatively straightforward and is explained in the following section. 

A Closer Look at How the Labouchere System Works 

The Labouchere System was specifically designed for roulette gameplay but has since expanded its use to other casino games too. The idea behind the Labouchère system is that even though the player does not have to win as much as anticipated for this to happen, by crossing out two numbers from their sequence list when they win and adding a number to the sequence when the player can eventually complete the list and be in the black. Even/Odd, Red/Black, and 1–18/19–36 are examples of even money roulette propositions that can be used with the Labouchère System.

The following steps outline how to get started with the Labouchere System:

  • Step 1: Set Your Desired Outcome
    Decide on a value you’d like to win, for our example, we’re selecting $10. Next, you divide this number into random values so for our 10 we’ve gone with the sequence; 1, 2, 4, 1, 2.
  • Step 2: Combine Numbers to Form your Wager
    In this system your wager value is the combination of the first and last numbers in the sequence. In our example this is 1+2, which makes 3, meaning your first bet is $3.

  • Step 3: Make a wager

This strategy is only optimal for even money wagers (red, black, odd, even, 1-18, or 19-36). Select your wager and place a $3 stake.

  • Step 4: Respond to the Outcome
    If your $3 bet wins, you will mark off the numbers 1 and 2 from your sequence, leaving us with 2, 4, and 1. Add together the first and last number to decide your next bet (which in this example is 2+1, so $3), and make your wager. If this time you lose, add the $3 wager (represented as just 3) to the end of your sequence meaning it now reads; 2, 4, 1, 3.  By following step 2 once more with this amended sequence, your next wager will be 2+3, making a $5 bet.
  • Step 5: Continue Until You Cancel Out the Sequence

Players then need to repeat steps 2 and 4 until their sequence is cleared off, and/or their predetermined winnings goal has been achieved.

The Problem With the Labouchere System

All casino games are games of chance, meaning that their outcomes are always completely random, and cannot be predicted with anywhere near 100% accuracy. For example, in roulette, there are some outcomes with increased likelihoods, such as the colour of the winning number being red, because there are 18 chances per spin to achieve this, compared to a single number straight-up wager which has 1 chance in 37. But, due to the randomness of chance, you could see two spins which achieve the same result back to back or 5 spins in a row where the winning colour alternates. Therefore, no betting system can promise you guaranteed winning outcomes, and view any source which states so with extreme suspicion.

The Labouchere System is by no means a perfect betting system, and it has a variety of drawbacks. Firstly, it can only be used on even-money wagers, which limits the range of bets you can make when using the system. Secondly, while the Labouchere system isn’t hugely complicated, it does require more attention to manage when compared to other systems like the Martingale which has a simple doubling metric. One of the beautiful things about roulette is how simple the game is, and a system which requires tracking a sequence can distract from what is at the core of roulette gameplay.

The Labouchere system can also lead to irresponsible gambling practices. For example, something we recommend to all our players before settling down to play is to set a budget and a playtime for your session. The Labouchere System requires players instead to state the amount of winnings they’d like to achieve. This means that you could end up spending far more than you intended to try to hit your ‘goal’, and means that the play session could be far longer than you’re expecting, as the system only concludes when all numbers have been marked off. This could lead to chasing losses, and negative emotions like frustration, not to mention time wasting and overspending.

Our Three Simple Rules For the Best Roulette Experience 

Just like how the game of roulette is beautifully simple, at Spin Genie, we believe that all you need to do to have great gaming experiences is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Play Responsibly: When engaging in any kind of gambling game, it is imperative to follow responsible gaming guidelines and as we’ve mentioned, the Labouchere System toes a dangerous line which can lead players to make irresponsible betting decisions. We always recommend setting a time and budget for your gaming session.

    If you want to use the Labouchere System we suggest adding your own caveats to the system such as a cut-off time where you end your session even if the sequence is incomplete, a budget for the session where you stop playing even if you haven’t reached your goal, and also a win or loss limit, for example, you stop playing if you’ve won a certain amount even if your sequence hasn’t been marked off.

  2. Only Experiment with Strategy If You're Inspired to: It's crucial to remember that you don't need a betting system in order to enjoy playing roulette. Every player is different which is why there is a huge range of strategies out there, but most players play without any system too. A betting strategy can be a fun way to shake up your gameplay experience if you’re a seasoned player looking to try something different, but it isn’t a prerequisite for gameplay.

  3. Have Fun!: Having fun is the most crucial piece of advice of all. Playing at online casinos is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, and winnings are just icing on the cake. You can play a wide selection of well-known roulette games at Spin Genie in both online and live casino formats, including the well-known titles listed below:

    1. Auto Roulette - This live roulette game uses an automated reel to play authentic roulette games in real-time. Created by Evolution, Auto Roulette can be streamed in HD quality to your chosen device.
    2. First-Person Roulette - This Evolution Live innovation aims to create the most immersive live roulette experience possible, outside of visiting a real-world casino, by positioning the camera from the perspective of the player.
    3. XXXTreme Lightning Roulette - Evolution Live is best known for its innovative ‘Lightning’ live casino game series. This live roulette variant adds random multipliers to gameplay, and in XXXtreme Lightning Roulette the multiplier values are increased.

An Important Disclaimer 

Betting Strategies can be fun to use, but it can be easy to get swept up in events or feel overconfident because you feel like said strategy will give you the edge over the casino. Here are some vital things you need to know when playing casino games such as roulette:

  • You might feel more in control or like you're "beating the system" when you use a betting strategy. But since all casino games—roulette included—are games of chance, it is impossible to forecast results or achieve a perfect success rate.
  • The house always has the edge. This is why the house-edge statistic exists. The house edge, expressed as a percentage, represents the edge the casino has over the player. The term "return to player," or RTP refers to the remaining percentage. Although some factors, such as playing European Roulette instead of American Roulette can lessen the house edge, there is no method to lower the house edge below its stated figure.
  • While they are not a must for playing, betting strategies can be useful for players who wish to go deeper into the more technical aspects of the game (such as tracking spending, managing bankrolls, understanding RTP and optimal wagers, and so forth). It is entirely up to you whether you wish to use one.
  • Always exercise caution when gambling. This should be the cornerstone of your entire gaming experience since it is the pinnacle of casino gameplay. Don't chase losses, set a time and money limit for your session, and end the session early if you’re not having fun. Explore the links to responsible gaming at the bottom of each page on our website for additional details and resources.

Play Our Extensive Selection of Online Roulette and Live Roulette Games at Spin Genie 

While the Labouchere system was invented for roulette games, it is not a perfect system, nor is it a prerequisite for a positive gaming experience. Feel free to experiment with strategies if you like, or experiment with what you prefer to play by testing out our huge variety of live and online roulette games. Sign up and play our online and live casino games at Spin Genie.


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