Genie's Guide: How to Play Online Bingo

How to Play Online Bingo
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Since the early days of the internet, online Bingo has been going from strength to strength. Allowing players to experience the fun of the bingo hall from the comfort of their own homes, online bingo has become increasingly popular in recent years alongside other live casino games. But what exactly is online bingo, and how do you play it? We’ll answer this and more in today's article.


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What is Online Bingo? 

Played on websites or mobile applications, online bingo is a digital rendition of the classic bingo game. Through a chat function in their game, gamers can communicate with other players just like they might at a traditional bingo hall. 

Players purchase bingo cards, which are shown on the screen, in order to play online bingo. Players can buy a single card or play with multiple at once. The online bingo software uses RNG technology to ensure that outcomes are completely randomised and fair. The game begins when the first number is declared. A player can check a number off their card if it matches one on theirs. The winners of the game are the first people to complete designated patterns on their cards, most commonly a line. The top prize is awarded to the first player to mark off all the numbers on their card; which is known as a bingo.

Traditional Bingo vs Online Bingo: Is Original Best, or is Virtual Bingo Top Dog?

If bingo were a family, then traditional bingo would be the grandparent, online bingo the parent, and live bingo gameshows being the new young gun. In terms of popularity, bingo halls saw their heyday in the 60s and then had a revival in the late 90s and early 2000s. However, with the rise of online gaming, and unprecedented world events such as the pandemic, it feels as though traditional bingo halls are in their twilight years - though, with the way trends cycle around, bingo halls may become the ‘new’ hot thing in the future. 

Online Bingo on the other hand has had an upward trajectory since its inception in the late 90s, only improving and enhancing player experience as technology has become faster, more reliable and more advanced. At its heart, online bingo always aims to mimic the experience of the traditional bingo hall as closely as possible, the social aspect of a real-world bingo hall is emulated in the live chat feature, and players can purchase as many cards as they like and mark off numbers manually just like traditional bingo (though online bingo does come with the benefit of auto daubers!) Probably the stand-out feature of online bingo is the fact that a multitude of different variants can be played wherever you are in the world direct from your chosen device.

Different Variants of Online Bingo: More Balls, Fewer Balls, It’s a Bingo Bonanza!

As we alluded to earlier, the best thing about online bingo is the broad range of variants you can experience. Most ON bingo halls will host either 90 or 75-ball bingo games. Online bingo allows players to choose their preferred game style ranging from 30 all the way up to the 90-ball format. 

90 Ball Bingo

Ninety-Ball variations of bingo are probably the most prevalent kind of online bingo games that you will encounter. Additionally, these are the game varieties that are most played in physical bingo halls. There will be 15 spots on a 90-ball bingo card. In a standard 90-ball game, there are three prizes available. The first player to finish a single horizontal row will win the reward. The player who successfully completes two horizontal rows will win the next prize. When all the numbers on a player's ticket match, they will finally have a complete house.

75 Ball Bingo

75-ball bingo variations are the next most played category of online bingo games, right after 90-ball bingo. Though many players in the UK also like these variations, it is especially well-liked in the US market. The primary objective is to match every number on your card in order to obtain a full house.

However, matching horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines will also get you prizes in the majority of versions. The 5x5 card will have a total of 24 numbers on it, with the middle square being a blank ‘free’ space.

50 Ball Bingo

One of the newest games to hit the internet bingo scene is 50-ball bingo. It's played very quickly, and because there aren't many numbers on each card, games move very quickly, much like the 30-ball bingo variation. Ten of the numbers, which are randomly selected, are contained on each of the five tickets that make up the strip of numbers 1 through 50.

In every game played, there are two opportunities to win. The objective is to first mark off one whole line, then both for a full house. The structure is somewhat similar to the older, more traditional 90-ball bingo format, however it operates a little bit faster.

30 Ball Bingo

Many gamers enjoy being able to play games as quickly as possible when playing them online. Because of this, games that are far faster than typical bingo variations have been developed.

With just thirty balls in the pot, the games will conclude much faster than traditional bingo games. There will be nine numbers overall on each card, arranged in a 3x3 grid. Usually, there is only one winner; the player who obtains a full house first.

Online Bingo Equipment? What You Need to Get Started

Essentially, as all of the elements are virtual, all you need to get started playing online bingo is a registered account with funds, and a device that can reliably access the internet. At Spin Genie, our site and bingo games are fully optimised for play on all devices, including mobile phones and tablets, and signing up can be completed in a few simple steps. 

Before you can take part in an online bingo game, you’ll need to buy your bingo card(s). You can buy just one card or multiple, and the game information will specify the maximum number. While in a real-world bingo hall, you’d be lost without a dauber to mark off your matches, with online bingo you have the choice to make use of the auto dauber feature which will mark numbers off for you automatically which is particularly handy if you’re playing with multiple cards. In online bingo games, the virtual bingo machine is run with an electronic random number generator to ensure that all outcomes are completely random and fair. The last key element of online bingo is the live chat, which you can use to hang out with other players during or between rounds. 

Online Bingo Rooms

Being able to chat even after 'eyes down' is one of the main distinctions between traditional brick-and-mortar bingo rooms and virtual ones. Through the bingo chat box, which enables all users to interact with one another and read what other players type, you can converse with other players as well as the chat host (CH).

The chat host (CH) is there to greet and greet bingo players, make the rooms cosy and welcoming, and engage them in lighthearted conversation games. Moreover, the CH will gladly and quickly help you with any questions you have.

Play Online Bingo Games at Spin Genie!

At Spin Genie we offer a broad range of top online bingo games from the classic 90-ball bingo to the speedy 30-ball bingo variant. So if you love bingo, or have always wanted to give this iconic game a try, then sign up and play today. Good luck, have fun, and always gamble responsibly.


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