Autumnal Brainteasers

Autumnal Brainteasers
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With Autumn well underway, the team at Spin Genie have created a series of Autumnal brainteasers, celebrating everything from Thanksgiving turkeys to Halloween ghouls. 

Hidden Cats

Just 18% of participants were able to spot the 5 hidden cats in less than 30 seconds. Can you work out where they are hidden?

5 Hidden Cats

Happy Ghosts

Be quick! Finding the three happy ghosts may be less ghoulish than you think, with 42% of participants spotting them in less than 20 seconds. Can you beat this time?

3 Happy Ghosts

Hidden Pumpkins

How good are your brainteaser skills? You will beat 83% of participants if you are able to find the hidden pumpkins in less than 30 seconds.

5 Hidden Pumpkins

Hidden Turkeys

How fast can you find the 5 turkeys in this farmyard scene? 67% of participants took over 56 seconds to complete this tricky brainteaser.

5 Hidden Turkeys

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